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  1. xmassacrex welcome I'm in PA too but a while east of you, closer to the jersey boarder. Are the X's in your screen name edge of just a hardcore fan? You will love this site and trust me there are many amazing people here to interact with...the list is endless. Enjoy
  2. Agree 100%. Once you own YOUR GAME you can finally unlock your potential. Looking forward to following this thread.
  3. Had PT today and I got the ok to hit wedges this weekend at range. 40 ball max. 55 degrees here this weekend. HEAVEN
  4. No doubt. Rehab has been fantastic and I am back to lifting weights, albeit much lighter then before. Baby steps
  5. I finally was able to take a full swing with a lob wedge yesterday, after 6 weeks of recovery following shoulder surgery to repair my labrum and re-attach it to my bicep. I just wanted to share as I have not been happier since surgery occurred. P.S The ball went straight and there has been no follow up pain. P.P.S I hit 5 balls P.P.P.S They did not go far
  6. Sounds like my team. But having a student with 5 clubs would elevate him to a varsity starter. I take anyone who shows up, is breathing and can walk. Whiskey, best of luck to you this season. My golf team starts its season in august as we play through the fall up here in the northeast. Intramurals for us will start in may once the courses are fully opened. I enjoy this thread, please keep us up to date on your playing. HS golf is an amazing sport and great time in your life. Enjoy every round
  7. Love all the masters themed items this time of year. My question is why hasn't Cobra sent me one yet considering my title screams GREEN
  8. Read it to interact with the great people I've met in the forums.
  9. Snowblower twice so far. 8" in 10 hours.
  10. As far as pace of play...it is 100% player dependent. I play with plus handicap guys take five hours to play. And I have kids on my golf team that shoot 120 in four hours and 15 minutes. Wish there was a free golf for dummies class everyone was mandated to take before they get on course
  11. I have yet to play with a carter than is faster than me walking. Unless the cart paths are in the middle of the fairways, no ninety degree rule and you can park on greens .
  12. Sounds like an amazing experience
  13. Yup. It's just a big net and a room with all my golf stuff in it but I can take full swings and there is a 10 foot putting green on one side. Now with shoulder I just sit in there and sulk
  14. Hey guys. Please disregard everything I posted before. This was from MGS (I did not know at the time). I posted a new thread with some more pics of it. I stare at this thing every time I'm in the basement. This is a conversation starter. Want to feel like a pro...get one of these with your name on...I cannot fathom how TMAG outdo themselves next year unless a pro personally delivers clubs to you. (When TMAG does that next year just remember where you heard it first, and pray DJ doesn't deliver hulks clubs) 😀💪
  15. I first must apologize for giving out false info. The TAYLORMADE tour preferred locker came from MGS. I had originally thought it was from TAYLORMADE themselves for being a TMAG connection member. I should have known that only the greatness of MGS could have done this. The locker arrived one day after I had returned home from shoulder surgery, so to say I was SURPRISED would be an understatement. This thing is enormous. My wife and the fed ex guy had to bring it in bc I cannot lift anything. The box is bigger than me (which is not saying much) but it was big. I opened it and said WTF is this (I blame pain meds for my verbal outburst). 1 awesome TMAG hat, 3 TP IRONS and a custom locker later and I have my answer. The new TP clubs look amazing an cannot wait till I can compare to my ROCKETBALLZ gamers. MGS you have outdone yourself and this is truly the shining spot of my basement driving range
  16. Much thanksYou're not the first person who says I may pick up yardage due to the fact that I have been playing injured for so long. Sounds like a good trade off to me. Just hoping I'll be able to move it soon since I am no pain. Can't wait to get started on rehab
  17. Love hearing all the talk about coming back better than before. It really is motivating and makes me feel better being off all these months
  18. My wife would love you . I am realizing that this is not an injury to mess with. Slow and steady this time
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