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  1. Your first name: Gratton Home state: Virginia Current driver/shaft/shaft weight: Ping LST 8.5 RH, Tour AD DI 6x Current swing speed 108-110
  2. Gratton New Kent, VA GHIN 8.9 Currently play MTB or ProV1 I get lots of iron spin. High Spin Would like to try the new MTB Black. (I have already purchased the Red and have two rounds with them)
  3. Hi, I am Gratton Stephens from Quinton, VA. I currently use an old school Bushnell (2007 model) and would love to try the newer model.
  4. Gratton Stephens in Quinton, VA. HC is currently 9.7 I play anywhere from 50-80 rounds per years. I usually buy golf balls via the internet. I would be very interested in trying Snell's My Tour Ball! It is good to see new companies getting into the market.
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