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  1. My Pings, I started at green dot many years ago, and the last fitting I had, I was a little stiff that day and coming over the top. They wanted to put me into red dot just to negate the over the top pull I had going on that day. I'm 6'2" and have never needed a flat lie angle. It felt like a total bandaid fix to me. I ordered blue dot and they've been great. Soft stepping AND more swingweight to soften the flex? Which shaft? Are they SURE its the right shaft? I used to grip down. I am much happier playing the proper length now. I agree that consistency goes up. Especially if you have a shot you really need to grip down on the club. You get onto the steel that much faster. Soft step and more weight to soften the flex sounds like they're fighting the shaft's characteristics quite a bit? D4 is not super heavy (my PW is D4) but once you get up to the long irons, it can get heavy. I keep it D3 these days. I used to play as heavy as D8, but over the top tendencies were worsened. I much prefer the lighter SW now.
  2. To be clear: there is no reason this program can't "work." But, all the risk is on YOU as the consumer. How much backlash was there when all the risk was on the seller on Ebay? A lot. So I'm surprised when a similar scenario gets any amount of support. Having lived in this world for a while now, not everything always runs just as planned, and if it means having a headache to then contend with, I think we can all agree there are enough headaches in life. The potential risk, to me, is not worth doing Bstone's job for them to get their product in my hands. They are a huge corporation. Tell them to cut loose with the purse strings already instead of championing their cheapskate end-around of the retail market. Granted, the retail market largely is dying on the vine, but its all about sending a message about what you will accept as a consumer. Bstone irons are nice. They're forged. But others make forged irons too, and you can see them in person and maybe even be fit for them. I haven't any affiliation to Bstone so strong that I'll support this model over the more serious committment other OEMs have made to the American market. Bstone has needed to crap or get off the pot for a long time in the U.S. with respect to clubs. Would you rather see annoying David Feherty commercials, or see them use money for getting product out there for people to actually demo? You know my vote.
  3. You guys said it was a great program based on what? Nothing. You didn't even read it. So its time to call the one guy who DID read it and pass along the correct info a "conspiracy theorist?" How's that work?
  4. You didn't read any of the terms, obviously. Its not a SET of golf clubs. Its two 7 irons and two 5 irons with two different shafts. A $700 hold on your CC is atrocious, as is not having any legal ground to stand on if anything goes wrong in the process. 21 days includes transit both ways. So that whittles down your window considerably. Cause I sure as heck wouldn't push the envelope there. And in that span of time, you have to get them adjusted on your own dime, with the outstanding caveat that they could declare them "damaged" as part of that process. Sounds like a potential nightmare at minimum.
  5. I like it when I have a good product in hand already and don't have to upgrade. Thanks.
  6. Entering into mandatory arbitrtion services like this automatically waives your traditional right to class action if they do screw people over. Do you want to waive all your rights? Because you have none under this program. Its why I call it complete s***. And all arbitration actions are covered by confidentiality clause. So you'll never know if others are getting screwed.
  7. Hitting off astroturf for the fitting by any chance?
  8. As always, read the terms. http://testdrive.bridgestonegolf.com/corporate/terms Your 21 day rental period starts the moment you click yourself through checkout. Shipping times back and forth are included. If your demos are not received by 5PM on the 21st day, you get charged the full hold amount on your card, which is nearly the cost of a full set of irons. Then, if you have any disputes, you will be ironically using "JAMS, Inc." a mediation firm of their choosing to do battle with. Caveat emptor. Holy s***. Pathetic. Didn't notice any privacy terms outlined either. They get to sell your data, more than likely to make more money, given they have all your info after checkout. Perusing some complaints over the years against "JAMS" and how they stack everything in the favor of their corporate partners with hand-picked arbitrators and contractual obligations to find in favor of their clients, you'd be well-served to avoid this.
  9. I have the 59's already. The shafts in them currently are no longer an option for me, so looking to do a re-shaft on them. But, if the 15's were a patent improvement in forgiveness and maybe the cavity insert feels a little better, I may have considered just trading them in and having the a set of the 15's built. After eying up the 15's in the local big box, I didn't see a huge difference from my 59's, so I just wanted some feedback on these areas I mentioned if someone had a chance to hit both. Sounds like your experience kinda backed my impressions.
  10. I have a fitting coming up on Tuesday. Haven't swung a club since my last round circa November 8th I want to say. I've been in poor health, slept on my left wrist wrong, and have no idea how I'll be swinging. This is as "blind" a scenario as I can think of going into a fitting. My chances of swinging well I put at next to none, but I'm gonna give it a go and see what happens. (I need the specs to order a G30.) At least if my health continues to suck, I'll have a driver appropriate for my new feable swing. (I'm guessing; can't wait to see what my SS is these days. #Sarcasm.) It's gonna be interesting. I've known the fitter for over 10 years. They used to just chuckle at my carry distances. They'll probably wonder what the hell happened to me.
  11. So 8 year olds having smart phones is the justification? This is the norm? Sad. I cringe when I see 8 year olds indoctrinated so early in life. But, its getting to the point some can't remember what life was like even a couple decades ago. This is not progress you're witnessing. Its a technologically-fueled societal regression. And everyone thinks they're so much "smarter" for it. Because you've been told you are. When they show you primates can operate the things, does this make humankind "smart" for being able to use a "smart" phone? Hardly. When the iWatch is attached to your wrist with a steel band you can't cut off, it won't seem quite as fun. Until then...
  12. 39. Old enough to know better. Many whom have been playing the music were older than myself, so you'll have to put away the age card. That's like asking how old are you if you have an iPhone in this day and age. People older than me play lots of video game and whatnot. I use a laser rangefinder. My Jeep has satellite wifi, bluetooth, and can probably scratch my ass for me with a button push I have yet to discover. I worked I.T. for over a decade. I am not anti-technology. I am pro on-course ettitquette.
  13. I've always liked their irons, but this is pretty blatantly a cost-saving measure on their part to skip the retail model. You do too many things like this and people start to feel every cent is measured for profit. That's kind of the way the biz has been going for a while, and peoples' reactions to such practices will be mixed. Considering the global Bstone fortune, it feels cheap on their part. Don't call people "pissy" for having well-formed opinions. That is unfair.
  14. Lack of money is the issue with participation. This music thing only adds expense. Golf is the best game I've ever played. It makes me sad that people insist that it change for reasons other than the true issue, which is financial access for many. People aren't avoiding taking up the game because they can't do whatever they please out there. Its just too expensive. And I'm not banging away on my keyboard with a frown. Sorry to burst that image for ya. See how far from the truth you get protecting your own self interest here? Again, this is the reaction you get in person when having to ask people to change their behavior. Human nature. Don't put people in that position.
  15. Nice way to not supply irons to retailers. Definitely limitations. The only overlength options I saw were +1 inch. Cost savings for Bstone marketed as being for your benefit. Have a head go flying during testing and take out your buddy? Who's responsible at that point? Bstone? The fitter that bent them? They're pushing a legal envelope there. Surprising it got the green light.
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