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  1. First name Bill City & State Dallas/Fort Worth Do you currently walk the majority of your rounds Roughly 50%. By myself, walk-customer golf always riding. Do you use a push cart now, if yes which one More of a pull cart, one at the course Had an opportunity to use these type of carts in Scotland, Ireland for 8 rounds a couple of years back. Absolutely was great! Hope I get the chance on this.
  2. Bill, Dallas Fort Worth Start with iPhone 8, probably purchase iPad Pro if chosen to test Testing Outdoors Will be using net, have backyard practice bay and will test at local driving range as well.
  4. Bill, DFW, Texas 20, 105 Bobby Jones, 9 degree Ping G400, 9 degree, Ping Tour 65, Regular Flex Thanks for the opportunity to test.
  5. Bill, DFW 15 handicap Truthfully, I need to learn how to play the same game without beer as I do with beer. Probably has something to do with alcohol stopping my mind from getting in the way. I often think that I know what I am doing wrong, just can't stop my self. Have a couple of training aids I use often. Weighted Medicus, Tour Striker, the one with the ball sliding on the shaft to understand hitting through the ball, not at it. All have helped over time. Give a shot with the Compressor Set. It may be the magic in which I am looking-either way you will hear the story of the results.
  6. Bill Wilkins (amiwew) Currently play the new Hogan irons. Seem to be a bit short compared the to set of Snake Eyes I played for 14 years. Gave them to my son, may soon ask for them back or look for another set. Play 8 times per month, current handicap 15. Would certainly be interested in testing this set.
  7. I have been a subscriber to My Golf Spy for a number of years and this is my first post. I would be interested in testing the Carbon Ringo Putter. I am in Texas and play often here as well as Tucson several times per year. I have putted, since the mid 90's, with a Wilson Kirk Currie IV mallet putter with both bottom and top adjustable weighting. Probably close to 20 years this has been in my bag. So, to test another putter would be interesting to me and, hopefully, I will make the review interesting to others. Bill Wilkins Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas
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