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  1. This is my gamer at the moment, a great Xenon from Lumpy
  2. I work as an operator at a uranium enrichment facility. Yeah I know I glow in the dark haha. Before that I spent ten years as a macinist mate in the us navy working on the nuclear power plant on an aircraft carrier.
  3. Yeah I taped it off so only the red was removed.
  4. Needs cleaned up a bit but looks pretty good for my first try at this.
  5. As numerous folks have said on here the taping was the toughest part. Also don't be dumb like me and not wear gloves with the paint remover.
  6. I'm still not sure i have the skill to pull this one off. The top was easy, the bottom is going to be a pain in the butt. I am really pleased so far though.
  7. Ok reading this forum made me take the plunge and paint my Nike covert 3w. She found a screw yesterday in the club cleaning bucket at the driving range so I had to try and save her. It looks good so far. I will post more when I finish the bottom of the club.
  8. Got my second quarter treasure chest. This one included a pair of board shorts, a light jacket, sunscreen and sunglasses. The glasses are really nice.
  9. I have been playing a k grind for a few months and I love it. I am just now getting really comfortable with it. I actually had my first chip in today with it.
  10. Well I got my first "treasure chest" a few weeks ago. Overall I am very happy with it. I got a pair of welcome to the jungle shorts. These were green and black tiger stripes. Also got a very nice green pull over wind jacket. A lmx club hat. And a beach bag that my wife claimed for herself as soon as she saw it. Also got a charter member lmx poker chip ball marker. Over all very nice stuff.
  11. Youngs double chocolate stout goes great with a nice dark maduro.
  12. I am almost 6 hours drive from Santa Fe and abq, I tend to play more in tx or at the local course here in Hobbs.
  13. I am actually in south eastern New Mexico and its been mid to low 60's great golf weather. Thanks for the warm welcome everyone.
  14. Well I figure if there are going to be any quarters worth the money it will be the first 2 as they try and get folks to join. I went ahead and signed up so when I get my stuff I will let you all know what I got
  15. Hey just found this site looks like lots of great info. I live in New Mexico right now. Hope to be able to add some good comments to the forums
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