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  1. Thank you guys for the welcome messages. RP - we will look around the warehouse for the '09 Burner TP Tour Issue driver and see what we can find and let you know. The +3 is a +3 Bruce Lietzke. I never get to play and somehow I still find it on the course. I have been saying this for two years and know the game will catch up with me soon, so if anything it will be a 3 the other way soon.
  2. Hi guys, I wanted to introduce myself. I have been an active reader for sometime now, but have never joined. I live in MN and though the season is short, I play as much golf as I can. I am a former college golfer, enjoy the game and enjoy getting my two little ones involved with the game. I also wanted to introduce a new company; Lyons Golf & Associates (www.lyonsgolf.com). Our business has been around for 8 years, but we have always been a distributor buying directly from the manufacturer and supplied other retailers with golf product. We only carry name brand clubs and buy in such bulk that our prices can afford to be a little lower than most. We won't have the latest and greatest stuff, but we do carry a lot of last year's product or even the company's last model of a particular product. As we adding a new facet of our business (retail golf via the web), we look forward to partnering with not only the golfers, but MGS as well.
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