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  1. You can buy a custom shaft directly from TM. The problem is that You can buy it only from TM, if you buy a shaft somewhere else or You would like to put the one You had in Your previous driver, TM says its not possible. And also the range of shafts is limited in TM. I bought a shaft and had a local clubmaker do it, because TM did not want to help. It turned out very good.
  2. Joined a new golfclub! With two amazing 18hole parland courses!!

  3. "As you're playing, you can switch between matches after each hole. It really becomes part of the strategy because you're trying to figure out which match you want to switch to. So if you're playing as Tiger and you see Anthony Kim is down against Ian Poulter, then you can jump to Kim in between holes, play a few holes as Kim and hope to get him back in the match. Then once you take the lead with Kim, you might want to switch back to somebody else." "This definitely has a death-match feel to it where you go into the online team play lobby and hop in and play and you can play anywhere up to 12 versus 12," Sailer said. "You're totally connected and all of the matches are going on concurrently and you see streaks of your team's balls and the other team's balls and they're colored specifically to each team. And then you can also talk to your team the whole time over voice, so you can strategize about whether you should play aggressive or safe, and there will also be tournament updates going on as you play so you always know where you stand throughout the match" this is from Travis Sailer, an associate designer for the game. Sound VERY GOOD to me. I always wanted to play online with matchplay but that it is simultanious!
  4. Most drivers today dont give any feedback when You mishit, the FT Tour is a refreshing change to that. I like it because of that, not inspite of it!
  5. I use 4 47 PW Titleist 910 AP2 52 GW Vokey Custom Design TVD 56 SW Vokey Custom Design TVD 60 LW Vokey Custom Design TVD The 52 was the last on i added and that was for the distance gap, i am happy with that decision. I did start using it when i have a chip close to the green but the flag is far away. The 56 is my go-to club, if i have to improvise i will usually go for it. the 60 i also really like, no fear of hitting flops with it, can be agressive and know it will produce
  6. They were done over the Vokey website. It is a limited edition of 50 pieces, and suppousably they were grinded by Bob himself, although i dont buy that, they do seem like they were grinded by hand. The grind is a mix of his T, V and D grinds, which he combined in the TVD or Tour Van Design how the pros call it. I know Adam Scott uses one like it. It is very good for me because i like to play around with shots close to the green and this allows me to open or close the face as much as i want and the leading edge will always be snug to the ground. It helped me get more control when the lie is hard and since You can vary the amount of bounce with how much You open the face it amazing from the sand. I am very happy with it. I used a Miura Forged Blade before switching, and although the Vokeys might not match it 100% in feel on full shots, they are much better clubs if You like to improvise on the course. I have the pics, just cant find the stupid cable to conect my camera, the photos from the phone are all blurry.
  7. Yep You are right, the only problem is that u cant put on the fringe sometimes. The fact that You cant pitch with irons is very good because lets face it, it is a much easier shot, so it would be stupid to pitch with a 3 iron just because it is easier then an full 6 iron. Another thing from earlier in the forum, the Ryder cup will be only Euro and US players. What You saw on the trailer is the new and improved online system which will now let You play simultanious on all formats and not only strokeplay like now. This is very good for me becasue the simultaneous is the only way i like to play and it will be much better to play team events with that. I wish they put more than 10 courses on it this time, I would like to see Wolf Creek back, it was my favourite in 9.
  8. I love it. I like it much more than the F2 and with the VooDoo shaft You really get a nice low trajectory. Very very happy with it! Will post some pics sooon
  9. You should all try the VR in the small version. A better club than the FT Tour with a far superior shaft! (ProjectX Graphite)
  10. No the shaft was not done at Taylormade, they do not let You change shafts with their adjustable hosel. Shame on them! The work was done by a clubmaker who usually works with Miura and Wishon and I ahd confidence in him. He did a great job. I chose it because i had a chance to try a demo a couple of months ago, but not the one i got. The reason was that it offered a very stiff tip but still with high tourque. I will try to put a pic on soon, and I will put a bigger review of the shaft when i play with it some more. right now it is working great.
  11. I have the Titleist in my bag and its very very good. I am tempted to try the Idea Black Pro, they look mean
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