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  1. If the official says he can take a drop, he cant be DQ afterwards. thats why they are there = to make rulings
  2. Yeah, thats the black in the picture. But when u put in the driver it does not look that flasy. the whole bottom part is black and the silver graphics on top go under the grip. It also has a very slim tip look...
  3. Well I have a pretty good set now, but i had to buy everything blind, not a lot of demo clubs for us. mostly though im like you all, i would just love to be able to try out some friends clubs. some of them have swsome miura clubs with matrix shafts and i cant even try. sooooo bad
  4. Have just made a whole change to my shafts, im pretty proud of it. so here goes: driver: Miyazaki Kusala Black 72 in S flex, just put it in woods: Aldila VooDoo NV7 in S flex hybrid: Aldila VooDoo SV8 in S irons: True Temper Dynamic Gold with SenSicore in R400 wedges: True Temper Dynamic Golf in S300 well i dont plan any changes now, i am very happy with all of them!!
  5. I think this might be the "soft" version of the Idea Black. Just like the A7 and A7OS. There were critics who said the original Black was to hard to hit for all but the best players so they might be coming out with a more user-friendly one!
  6. Did anyone try the new Miyazaki Kusala shafts? Miyazaki has been bought by the Cleveland company and they have gone out with the KUSALA series of shafts. There are 3 models, blue which promotes a mid trajectory, silver with high and black with a low penetrating trajectory. All shafts come in 3 weights. I have bought the Kusala Black series 72 S. I have instaled it in my R9 460 driver with 45inch.
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