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  1. Has anyone played Grizzly Ranch golf course in california. If so did you like it?
  2. Thanks for the advice, I'll try the wrost ball today.
  3. Give me any tips, drills, or advice. IMG_2157.MOV
  4. http://www.golfwrx.com/forums/topic/511931-tm-2012/page__st__600
  5. From Golfwrx "nellycrock" "The "Burner" name is being dropped for 2012. R11 is staying and the Burner Superfast 2.0 is being replaced with a new name ".........." not even the reps have been told the new name. It will be the same price point as the Superfast 2.0 but shorter in shaft length and will have a fully adjustable head. 5 Piece Penta is staying but will have a new name and there will also be a new 3 piece ball that will be a copy of the ProV1 but at a fantastic £29.99 rrp. New wedges will still have interchangeable face plates but will also have interchangeable bounce!" More rumors.
  6. I have heard that going around, but don't know how true it is.
  7. From Fore Golf: Some of the latest whispers from Taylor Made HQ is that the R11 is set to continue, but with a range change to incorporate a completely new driver head design. We would still bank on seeing a "super-deep" Tour styled head. The white will stay and R11 will get a whole new refreshed look in 2012 and by all accounts is set to be even better! The CB iron will get the bullet with the R11 iron taking over its spot for next year. The MC and MB head will also stay We're glad the MC and MB heads are staying, we love those two heads. We are still hanging our coat on the white iron story and reckon you'll be pretty surprised what 2012 will bring. But the biggest news for Taylor Made fans in 2012 is that the beloved Burner is now gone. Yes, that's right The Burner has been officially retired with a whole new name and range of clubs to replace it. The word is it will be the biggest success story in golf equipment in 2012. It will be an "adjustable" line of heads at the same price point as the current Burner range. By all accounts, the performance is off the map. This is really exciting news with a whole new franchise name with new driver, fairway, rescue, irons and wedges. There is also a rumour of some really interesting shaft developments to go with the new club heads. We are digging deeper to see whether what we saw recently in R+D is actually going to market and if is, all I can say is WOW In another bit of "nugget news" is that Taylor Made are going to have a real go at the Titleist ball market domination with the launch of two new golf balls in 2012. "Ball 1" will be a "Tour" style ball with lots of feel and great flight dynamics, like a pumped up, leaner Penta. "Ball 2" will come out in 2012 to go head to head with the ProV1. We've been told it will be just as good but at a much lower price point. Brave statement we know, but with so much success this year and everything Taylor Made touch turning to White-Gold it makes good sense. By the way they're not actually called Ball 1 and Ball 2. All these newbies are set to launch worldwide around February 1st 2012.
  8. Where and when are the taylormade 2012 pics and info coming?
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