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  1. Sorry Jbones I meant RPJ II. Lack of sleep. I actually finished my fitting on Friday and order a set of Adams CB3. The fitting was outside so it was easy to tell the difference between the clubs. Also I know there is talk about fitting whether it is useful or not. I fell so confident in buying those clubs that I know they are right for me. If anyone is in the KC area I recommend going to Robin Nigros and ask for Dustin. Testing was done on a flight scope as well.
  2. Jbones, damn man those meds are awesome. I had no clue that there was even a possibility of wind speed in those launch monitors. Oh well I didnt purchase anything from them and I will actually be going to a range to get fitted so there will be no artificial wind.
  3. Ok this is not an official review of the irons them selves but I did go and test them out at golf smith on their launch screen. I am being fitted tomorrow for irons so I wanted to know before going in which irons I might like. The Callaway X Hot 6 iron was beyond hot. I have Callaway Big Bertha Fusions right now and I always adjust my 6 iron off 180 yds to start with. When I picked up the X Hot I noticed how good the club looked. I could do without the Red X but at least they toned it down a little. On to the numbers. This was with me warming up and I have not played in 3 we
  4. Does anyone play in this? My Dad and I have been going for the past three years as our golf outing. We discovered it through a buddy of his who was driving through Nashville and was invited. The rest of the story is history and we go every year. We ended up winning 1st place in our flight (14th) last year. You cant really beat four days of golf for 250 bucks. But I figured since this forum has people from everyone maybe someone on here goes to it.
  5. Odessey pro type #2 all the way. Loved the milled face http://www.odysseygolf.com/odyssey-protype-black-2-putter/putters-2013-protype-tour-black-2,en_US,pd.html
  6. Oh man the story about taking the prescription glasses and getting shot just pretty much tops it off. I consider my self lucky that they didnt try to break in the house but such is life. A watch is only material after all. Now time to take the frustration out to course . Good golfing to everyone.
  7. So walked out to my car this morning and noticed right when I opened my door that I have been robbed. Now normally when this happens there are a range of emotions one person goes through. At first I was like s*** you have got to be kidding me. The second was to survey the area and see how it even happened. It looks like the egg is on my face as I must of forgotten to lock my car door. I'm in a nice neighborhood and normally didn't think this would be a big issue. Apparently I put too much trust into my world. So after looking through my truck and seeing what they took I looked straig
  8. This is what I love about this site. Everyone chips in, thanks to everyone. Im not wanting to close this but I am not wanting people to feel that I am not paying attention either. I have actually decided to move away from the lessons for now, baby girl is on the way, (feb 21) so I can not really dedicate the time to take lessons and then practice, its easier to just go to the range or try to get 9 holes in. I would like to say that the mental comment for each shot, although im not perfect at it, actually has helped me calm down. Im sure I look a little crazy doing it but I just
  9. You are right that it would be hard to duplicate. At least to my knowledge that area has the 1st or 2nd largest party school in the US. ASU does it right when it comes to the parties. I think it is awesome for the sport but apparently they are starting to find out how hard it is to keep everyone quite around hole 16 and follow the old (quite) rule when a player is swinging. Watching a guy on the speaker system say quite please was kind of funny. I heard a comment on the golf channel the other night that on an average they are kicking 5 - 10 people out a day around those stands for being
  10. It looks like Singh just withdrew from the WasteMGMT open. I was really looking forward to seeing people in the stands with deer antler hats on when he got to hole 16.
  11. Thank you Mr Theoo and Matt. Matt, what you said makes a lot of sense. I will over over my game and look at what I need to focus on. I know from the range and my sometimes fade that i have a slight outside-in swing. When I try to put a little draw into the swing moving from (clock reference) 6:30 to 12:30 I either hit it dead straight or pull it. I believe now this might have something to do with my left elbow placement (Right Hand golfer). Thanks again.
  12. My quest this year is to break into the 70's. I hit 81 last year and but I am really wanting to be more consistent. One of my co-workers said to skip the lessons and just spend time on the range to work it out. I can see that hitting the range would never hurt but would it be beneficial to get some lessons to maybe iron out an issue that I am not noticing? My theory is that no matter how much I spend on the range if I keep doing the same swing without tweaking it over and over nothing will be fixed. Just reaching out there to some of the guys who have already been there and done
  13. Not to revive a two year old thread but new KC area member here. I am always up for a game of golf.
  14. Slap shot with some spin (any direction). Witnessed one guy who called a sideways spin. I didn't believe him until I witnessed it. Not sure how it was still possible but amazing shot none the less.
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