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  1. Which is standard, tapered? If i ordered PX 6.0's for example.
  2. Whats the difference between a PX 6.0 tapered and flighted shaft?!
  3. Haha, thanks a lot guys!!! Will get in contact with some american golf shops ASAP.. THANKS!
  4. Narrowed it down and got prices.. Titleist AP2 at £500 Taylormade MB at £450 Mizuno MP63 at £500
  5. I just got an R11 but havent tinkered really.. only have it half a degree more loft and switched the weights to draw(but I'm going to change them back to 10 in the toe and 1 in the heel to try get a slight draw). Other than that I don't see how it could make a difference tbh.
  6. Im going to test them its just I dont want to hit like 6 irons as I dont buy in the shops because I get discount through a friend who works in the warehouse at direct golf.
  7. Thats awesome! Sergio Garcia hits his 2-iron 235 yards!??
  8. yeah, but i've narrowed it down to what i'm looking at.
  9. Testing is a great pain for me as I get large amounts of discount at direct golf so I dont buy clubs direct. I'm an 11 handicapper and hit the ball steady and think upgrading to stiff shafts will help. Just wondering which irons you guys think will suit me best with a high ball flight. Titleist AP2 Adams Idea Pro A12 Taylormade MC Mizuno MP63 Mizuno MP53 Nike VR Pro Combo Thanks again
  10. Is there much difference in flights? 6 iron SS is 84 mph would just like to know if there will be much of a difference performance wise. Thanks
  11. I have an 18* 5 wood an 19* 3 hybrid and the distance difference for me is probably 10 yards. The shaft is shorter and for me the larger head seems to give more distance so I woudlnt worry about it.
  12. I game golf pride multi compounds in practically all colours available. Really like the Winn DSI's but not sure whether to splash the cash although I think they make swinging easier as they are slightly larger and make me relax grip pressure but I do suffer from quite sweaty hands on hot days :/.... What grips do you use?
  13. cool, just got r11 driver but the 910 woods look sleek just didnt like the driver, really like the look of the ap2s but im not sure whether to wait for the 712s if i go for them..
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