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  1. Hey Guys, i want to hear about new shafts coming on the market, i want to try new feels and not sure what to try to get what i want. Im actually playing a UST axivcore Tour Green 76x and i like it a lot. I want a penetrating ball flight. The thing is, even if its written on the specs, low or mid launch, it does not really affect that much. Ive been trying the whole Diamana line from white to red and i hated it. too much spin too high. I tried the RIP 70x, that i liked the feel but was spinning too much either. i like a shaft active and a bit heavier to feel the load. I was looking for feedback to make sure i will buy one or 2 good shafts. hints: i was looking for Fubuki, Hd7 and Attas if you have tried and could talk about them. THANKS
  2. THOSE ARE SOOOOOO NICE !!!! Clean blade with a raw finish that will rust !!! so GREAT, with some KBS c-taper shafts !!!
  3. Yes, it looks more like the a7 tho not the superblack
  4. First, i dont like TM at all ! but you guys dont know what you are talking about if you bash on DEEP FACE drivers. Ive played the Cobra S9-1 PRO-D which is about the same as the Superdeep in term of head shape. They produce less spin than any other drivers when you hit it high in the face.they dont have the same forgiveness too tho. I play a lot with my ball moving in the face when i have up and down winds and those kind of drivers are the Best. I would never put a TM driver in my bags until they made THAT one. Those drivers are actually not for the regular sunday golfer which is 99% of the consumer.
  5. Im pretty sure that is going to replace the A7 line !!! almost the same look and same range of golfers
  6. sim900


    I have a set of Callaway X-forged 3-pw with project X 5.5 for sale. They have like-new grips on : tour velvet and lead tape with a swingweight of D3 and D4 for pw and 9 irons. The lead tape can be taken off and you wont even know there was some on because its tape. I also have a like-new set of NIKE forged double-cavity irons 3-pw with kbs tour stiff shafts at a swing weight of D4 and D5 (pw and 9i) with V-55 grips. I also have a Tour Edge EXOTICS 3 woods with stiff shaft in mint condition. And a Nike Vr 3 wood with a DIAMANA whiteboard 83s on it. Everything is in pristine condition, im a club asst. pro in canada and i take good care of my stuff. I can send some pictures !! send me a mail at : SIM900@HOTMAIL.COM THANKS
  7. Oh and by the way .... Iam not a fan of taylor made but the SUPERDEEP is a LOT different than the regular drivers they use to do !!! And the reasons why those players are still playing older clubs is not just because they dont want the new shinny s***, its because most of their clubs are Custom made for their needs. Why do you think they have special putters by cameron or other stuff like that. They are the elite and they are not playing the exact same clubs as we do straight up from the racks. if they feel good with their clubs, they wont change them yet, at least till they are done tho. you can still play wedges or irons with small or no grooves on them. thats why you see older putters, woods or drivers. when a company make a good mold for a club (like tiger's 3 wood) a lot of pros are sticking of those clubs because its made for them, lower spin, high GC, more penetring flight. so, again, it DOES matter. Im not telling that the companies are not pushing a little too far. But so do you !
  8. I understand your point. But the thing is, it does matter. Not the fact that you going to gain distances or straighter ball flights. First, having a more expensive shaft will prevent it from ovaling and/or getting softer after a while. You have better fibers in a more expensive shaft than a 17$ one. All the shafts doesnt feel the same either, how would you explain two shafts with the same specs not flying the same. depending of your swing, you wont look for the same pattern as i do. Some shafts will have less spin than others, some will flight higher, some will feel more active. It is maybe not worth it for you, but it is for a lot of good players. Same as the new drivers, they dont go further for everyone, companies try to help bad player from losing a lot of distances with off-center shots while they try improving players' clubs. Would you still play wood drivers when you can have the same distance with new clubs but a lot more forgiving ??!
  9. I dont understand why you guys are debating on a brand name !!! Do you actually care about that ?? as long as i like the feel/look/sound, i dont mind whats name on it
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