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  1. I see no clear advantage to being tied to one particular manufacturer. Finding the right combination of clubhead design and shaft to fit your eye and game trump all other concerns.
  2. I am using a Scotty Kombi (heavy version) at 35" with a jumbo grip to offset some of the weight. I received it to try from my partner in a tournament over 18 months ago. We won the two man tournament with a record score and I putted very well. I think this is the longest I have stayed with a putter in years.
  3. I would think adding additional technical data would provide a better basis on which to judge the reviews. Especially testing the standard shafts in different flexes for a particular model (not everyone will go to a third party shaft or pay to upgrade). Having said that, a variety of testers is required as each will have their own swing characteristics that will affect the data. It would be good to know the testers swing particulars and the data relating to that swing. On the subject of perfection, I would say it is a club that will optimize the swing of a particular person. If I swing at 100mph with a driver, I want a club that helps me achieve a launch angle and ball speed that is optimal for that swing speed. This probably is not the best head (as the post above says) for a 130mph swing. The Ultimate Reviews I have read so far are quite excellent and pointed to products that don't receive as much hype as worthy items to try. Keep up the good work!!!!
  4. Any chance Scratch is going to offer a discount through MGS???
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