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  1. Alec/Houston, Texas Vokey SM6 S grind 54, Vokey SM7 K grind 58 I would choose a 54 Mid satin
  2. Your first name: Alec Your home state/province/country: Texas, Houston, US Your handicap: 18 Your current irons set/shaft: Callaway Apex Project X 6.0 Your PING choice - i500
  3. 1. Alec Nguyen - Texas 2. 18 handicap 3. NXT Tour - S 4. 4-5 rounds a month on avg
  4. Your handicap: 18 What grip you are currently playing: Sharpro dual grips How often you regrip your clubs: about every 1.5 years Why you would be an awesome grip tester: because I'm ASIAN ! You need diversity on your panel of testers, I'm an equipment ***** so I will test anything and give excellent feedback. I've worked in retail golf and at the PGA tour in the past. And for petes sake, you you don't think I know how to use a camera effectively? One of my relatives probably built the thing!
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