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  1. TAD thank u. very much. i hadn't come across them yet. They had exactly what i needed MODS please closse
  2. TAD thank u. very much. i hadn't come across them yet. They had exactly what i needed MODS please closse
  3. hey everyone, I'm looking for an Adams CB1 5 iron. my only requirement is that it is right handed. head only is ok as well thanks LT
  4. Jmills and Rover Thank you both for your input. I truly appreciate it To answer a couple of the questions you put up Jmills I decided on the MB2 over the MP69 based on feel of the head and spin numbers alone. I'm hitting into firmer faster greens now than ever before and I was literally spinning the MB2 8i as much as the MP69 PW with the same shafts. The feel of the MB2 is hands down amazing, I've hit A LOT of blades and this blew the rest of the field out of the water in that dept. I do agree that the PX line plays harsher than the KBS tour but i feel the rifle series plays similar. P
  5. glws i just built up Vegas new driver (the model escapes me) for a customer and for those of you that have not seen these in person let me be the first to say They are possibly the prettiest club out there imo.
  6. I have recently been toying with "SPINE" locations and have been having GREAT success and feedback with placing the spine of the shaft facing the ground while at address. The first set I tried this on was a set of older mizzy's that I reshafted with OBAN i083 graphite shafts which actually have 2 spines on the shaft opposing one another. One happens to be stronger than the other but they def. have 2. I proceeded with this build with the STRONGER of the spines nearest the ground. Going this route the freqs were 100% spot on and the feel of the club at impact was incredible. I have sense built 5
  7. RP and Whiskey I agree with you both it's just one of those situations where hearing it from others helps in the decision making process haha. Now i just need to decide what to bag, my SCOR 49 or the MB2 P that will be 48 after my loft adjustments are made when I go in to work tomorrow. LT
  8. I actually used to have the Moto ACTV but sadly the one I had was in the group that had the faulty GPS unit in the body and wouldn't pick up squat it was GREAT while it worked though. My only hesitation to buying one again is that I really think that wearing a watch would irritate me while swinging. As far as the range finder goes I really feel it's a more useful tool for me on the range to shoot distances to flags while warming up to make sure i'm hitting my normal distances. On the course I feel it slowed my play down and complicated the game for me. I feel the Neo + would be a great optio
  9. i must say Experience is KEY and the mind set of playing YOUR best game on the day of the tournament and trusting it to be better than the field. I've won tournaments while shooting mid 80's due to conditions and been beaten when shooting under par. Tournament golf is SO mental it's crazy, I actually just recently pulled myself from a tournament sheet as I wasn't mentally prepared. I was un-aware I was registered, hadn't looked at the course, didn't set up a yardage book, and hadn't gone through my tournament prep the week leading up. If i'm not mentally prepped for tournament golf I'm rea
  10. Hey everyone, I went through an equipment change over the winter by switching from my TM RAC MB TP irons with rifle 6.5's to Adams MB2 with KBS tour x. I played the TaylorMades for literally 10 years and KNEW 100% what club to grab from what yardage and committed and took a confident stroke. However with my MB2's the lofts are 2* stronger from the 6i through the PW and I am now hitting my clubs further than I have for the past decade by about 10 yards a club. So far I feel this has created confusion in my game on the mental side as before when I walked up to a ball that was 150 from the pin I
  11. ok so i have been using a bushnell 1500 pinseeker for the last few months and I was out the other day and the eye piece broke off of the body (not real sure how it happened but it did) I played the remainder of the round chosing my clubs of what I "felt" was the right club to play. I must say I enjoyed my round much more going back to my roots of feeling the shot and pulling a club as opposed to shooting a laser to a particular spot and chosing my club based off of the number i got on my read out. I feel I was complicating the game too much for me to get in a rhythm when using the laser ra
  12. thanks man...i think the rickie iomic was a good touch to it
  13. whats up everyone...i had a short fling with a backstryke last season but could never find one locally so I decided to go out and pick up an odyssey #7 on friday and low and behold sitting in the corner of the putting green was a backstryke 2 ball. I picked it up to reminisce a bit and we hit it off as if we had never spent a day apart since. It was on sale so I pulled the trigger on the backstryke 2 ball over the #7 which is what I 100% planned on buying. I removed the stock odyssey grip and replaced it with an Iomic orange putter grip. The only down side is that the guy at the shop c
  14. shaft no longer for sale...had to use it in a pinch but dont worry you didn't miss out on much it tested out SUPER weak
  15. considering perusing club building as a career over playing pro...

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      Bullshit. You can make this next shot. It is not like they are shooting at you.

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