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  1. As a Player Assistant/Starter at a walking-only links style course, I often see a number of issues creating slower* than normal play: *"Slower than Normal" on our course is defined as 5.5-6 hours to complete 18 holes. 1. Playing from the wrong tees. If your average drive is 200 yds, and you're not consistently striking the ball from the fairway, you shouldn't be playing from the tips. 2. Not playing with intention: You've seen those foursomes who cluster around each other instead of heading for their own ball, and hit 10+ "mulligans" per round. This slows the pace substantiall
  2. Dave/Western Washington; currently wear Sun Mountain rain gear. Worst downpour I've ever played in was two years ago, when a microburst lashed the course with 35 knot winds and driving rain for 45 minutes, followed by steady, heavy rain for the rest of the round. I was wearing my best rain gear, and Nike Lunar Bandon rain boots; my feet stayed dry, but every other inch of me was drenched! When I'm not playing, I work as a caddie and on-course player assistant at Chambers Bay, where I don't have the option of hanging out in the turnstand or restaurant until the heavy stuff stops. I have n
  3. Swing speed 85-92 GHIN Index: 21.1 Currently play Wilson DUO (29 compression); would like more distance off tee. Thanks for considering me to test the VICE PRO SOFT!
  4. Hometown Steilacoom, WA, work at Chambers Bay, and play year-round here and in Arizona/Hawaii. I'm currently using a Bushnell NEO GPS watch. (I'll be caddying at Chambers Bay this season as well.) I particularly like the slope function, although it's not tournament legal, because it helps train me for club selection. Thanks in advance for considering me!
  5. Steilacoom, WA; 20 Handicap I currently use a Bushnell NEO X GPS watch, which is a bit bulky, but it's generally accurate. I work as a player assistant at Chambers Bay, and frequently refer to my GPS watch to help players who don't have either a GPS or rangefinder, especially with shot from off the fairway. (And if you've played Chambers Bay, you'll know that there are an awful lot of those!) I have the ability to perform a pretty rigorous test of this device, by checking it against the many different types and brands of rangefinders we get on the course, especially with the group of vete
  6. I hate to be a "homer", but I'm a bit surprised that Chambers Bay isn't on the list. (Maybe it's because they have a number of temporary greens in play while getting the course ready for the U.S. Open?)
  7. @RookieBlue7, thanks for the useful review! I follow the awesome Heidi on Twitter...she is a talented marketing pro as well as a fun Tweeter...but I've hesitated to download Striker Golf GPS for a couple of reasons: Potential drain on my iPhone battery and Compatibility with my iPhone 4. Can you address either or both issues? By the way, your screen shots really added a lot to your review. Those alone would convince me to buy the app! Slainte', Dave
  8. We will look forward to your report, Sluggo42! (I've been very happy with my Bushnell NEO X GPS watch, but secretly covet a laser rangefinder!)
  9. This year I changed out every club in my bag, beginning with swapping my ancient Ping Eye 2 irons for Adams A 12OS hybrid/irons. I added a Ping K-15 5-wood, then a Ping G-25 3-wood, and just a week ago traded my venerable TM R7 driver for a TM R1. I also exchanged my Odyssey 2-ball white hot putter for a $10 Nike blade on sale at the Ft Lewis PX. I'm now playing better, more consistent golf than any time in my 60 years. Sure, a lot of this improvement is due to increased practice and playing, but I finally have great confidence in ALL of my clubs. That mind-set makes a huge difference. Be
  10. When I was a kid in the early 1960s, my dad used to talk about golf being a "lifetime game" during our rounds together. He was right! I play more often now than I ever did, and while I can't say I'm a better golfer, I certainly enjoy it more. Technology also helps...my Adams "Super Game Improvement" clubs help me to keep up with the youngsters I play with. Embrace your Golf Geezerhood, and as the awesomely articulate R.P. Jacobs II says, "Fairways and Greens Forever!" Slainte'! Dave Hall
  11. And a Puget Sound "Howdy" from the New Duffer on the block! Chambers Bay is my home course, which is fortunate because with all the rain we get here, it's one of the few dry places around. I've been reading the MGS postings for a while now, and have been impressed with the shared golf knowledge being dispensed, mostly with wicked humor included at no extra charge! Slainte' to you all! Dave "The Fighting Leprechaun" Hall
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