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  1. Si, Inverness Scotland Cobra ZL Encore, stiff Motore F1 100 average swingspeed 245 average carry measured on GC2
  2. adidas and stuburt make similar boots... we sell loads of both in the highlands of Scotland!
  3. Yo, Si from Inverness here... I work for american golf up here, saw you wanting a Cobra ZL... We have them on offer at £149 just now... www.americangolf.co.uk or pop into one of our stores...
  4. When I started working for american golf in the UK, Callaway drivers were cramming the stand... As it stands just now, my shop has 2 Octanes, 1 FTi-Z and a few old Diablos... T/Made on the other hand, we have 8 Burner '09 Drivers, 8 Superfasts, 4 R11's (because we have sold loads) and 10 Superfast 2.0's... To me this shows that Callaway can't compete, not just in the market in general, but seem unwilling to do the deals which T/Made are obviously doing to push their technology... I was always a Callaway man, from the GBB's to the VFT etc, but I wouldn't touch them now, composites are not the way forward, ask T/Made, Nike, Titleist and Cobra if the adjustability factor is going away anytime soon... Right now I'd have an R11, and not just because its pretty, but because its easy to set up, awesome to hit and increibly innovative... Everything the Octane is not...
  5. I drove past it a year ago... Should have been amazing, not sure it'll ever happen now!!!
  6. another pointless rule change that has little effect on the tour golfer, but will have an effect on the consumer who will have to shell out once the rule comes in...
  7. Done... Gotta have one of these, my fave driver of 2010...
  8. theres 1 problem with this driver... its 10.5 reg only. and, its not selling over here at all, mainly due to the crazy low prices of TM, Callaway, Nike etc...
  9. How is this going to work for us guys over the pond???
  10. We were told by a Callaway Rep that they were scrapping the X range... Glad they aren't tho, they look so much better than the 22's
  11. is that possible in a 460 head??? Or do they have a cunning way of getting round it? lol
  12. Srixon Z-Star Tour Yellow - No matter the colour, still better than a Pro V1... Srixon Z-Star Tour Yellow - More spin than a lemon!!! Srixon Z-Star Tour Yellow - Why not? Its just a colour!!!
  13. Just on the launch monitor so far, courses are still under snow here in Scotland so not had a chance to play with it outside...
  14. We got our Demo Club of this last week and I must say it was.... disappointing! Looks awesome, feels average at best. Maybe its because there are so many good drivers around at the moment, but its behind the Cobra ZL, the R9 SuperTri, the Nike VR and the Ping i15 as far as I am concerned...
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