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  1. They look a lot like the radars I have. I guess they are just an upgrade. I like the new button to remove the lens but the nose piece looks the same as the radars. I've had nothing but trouble with those rubber nose pieces coming off during play especially. I've bought new ones but they still don't last long. I even super glued them to the frames but they still came off. So if this new model, has the same nose piece I'm going to pass on these.


    On a side note did any watch the 60 minute report on sunglasses? Luxottica is huge conglomerate that owns just about all brands of sunglasses like Oakley and Rayban, they also own Lencrafters and Pearl Vision. talk about a monopoly, Now you know why these new Oakleys are $300.

  2. This booth was jammed on friday. I found out why, they were selling what stock they had for $100 so I was lucky to find my size and took home a pair. I have been looking for a Freddy Couples like shoe for awhile and these are great. They have a roomy toe box so they should fit more people than those Ecco's which don't fit me.

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