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  1. doweling? I've been tinkering and building clubs for years and never heard of doweling before. I have used ProSofts since they came out after a bad case of tendentious. I'm curious to learn more about doweling. I'm all for anything that will reduce vibrations. Is there a web site that has more detail about them and installation? Where would one buy the correct size dowell? What happens when you try to remove a shaft? All I can envision is a charcoal fire As far as cast vs forged, this argument will never be resolved. I've played Titleist 704 CB's that are forged with a harder metal than most forged. They would not be considered soft by any means. I've also read that no one can feel the ball contact the club since it's only in contact for a millionth part of a second(don't know the exact number off hand). What most judge a hit is by the sound.
  2. from blogs I read about this property last year, it was basically designed with a Swedish influence by Elin while they were still married. I wonder how much time Tiger will spend here.
  3. I've always thought the Ping Zings were the ugliist irons ever. The fat top line coupled with the high toe section and dull grey look made me vomit.
  4. I think what the comment is referring to is the set of irons that came out that had a very large over sized head. They were so big they were cartoonish. I think they were called the T1000 or something like that. I don't have any details other than that but you should be able find them on the net somewhere. They did not sell well and I never saw them in anyone's bag. TA has been owned by many for the last 25 years and some of the marketing schemes weren't the best. They did produce probably one of the best cavity back irons ever, the 845s in 1987.
  5. Kirk Currie designed? Wow I thought he only did putters. His last effort was for Wilson that I know of. I have a couple of his pre wilson putters and love them.
  6. I received an email today from TM and it said they will release a remarkable new piece of equipment on 9/9. Anyone have a clue?
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