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  1. Ryan / CA 18 hdcp 60 Taylormade High Toe 55 Edel Driver grind 50 Edel Driver grind Tight lie low launch high spinning pitch shots are my favorite
  2. Ryan Los Altos/CA 103mph / 17hdcp 3w(13.5) / Baffler 4-5w(18.5) / 4 hybrid(23)
  3. Just played one of my best rounds ever with MP18 Fli-Hi/SC/MB combo. Not changing anytime soon, but Mizuno is definitely upping their game!
  4. I love my ShotScope V2, where I completely trust it to capture my shots accurately. However, I think for new users it would be great if user tips are provided on their website as discussed in this forum. Here are my tips. 1. Carry the club in opposite hand to your watch. 2. If you make a practice swing and change mind to a different club, note it so that you can edit it later. Shotscope actually is able to capture these cases pretty accurately, but sometimes does ask to confirm the club when editing. My most common issue was when I was teeing off and was trying to decide between 3W
  5. Ryan California, USA 14 Mizuno MP18 FliHi 5i, SC 6i-8i, Blade 9i - pw, MRC Oti 100 stiff i210
  6. - Ryan - California, USA - Mizuno MP18 SC / MRC OTi 100 Stiff - 7i - 165 yds
  7. 1. Dustin Johnson 2. Tommy Fleetwood 3. Francisco Molinari 4. Si Woo Kim 5. Byung Hun An Winning score -6
  8. What an opportunity...! Ryan / CA Ping G400 Max / Kuro Kage Dual Core 60g Stiff 102-106mph / 14 hdcp 9.5 degree / CK Blue 60 Stiff
  9. First name: Ryan Home State/Province/Country: California Do you use performance tracking?: Yes Do you use a GPS watch?: No Which ones?: Game Golf original
  10. Tier 1: Tiger Woods Tier 2: Thomas Pieters Tier 3: Si Woo Kim Tier 4: Webb Simpson Tier 5: Cameron Smith Winning Score: -9 Low AM: +4
  11. Awesome opportunity. 1. Ryan, CA 2. 17 hdcp, 102mph 3. Cobra King LTD 4. G400 Max 9 degree
  12. - Your first name and home state/province: Ryan, CA - Your current handicap: 14 - Your current golf ball: Snell MTB previous version, Bridgestone B330 - Do you feel you're a "high spin" or a "low spin" player: high spin player
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