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  1. Been laid off since mid March 2020. I played quite a bit more when the weather was nice. Not so much now, here in Ohio...lol.
  2. Speaking of Iron Maiden....................
  3. I just discovered this band. Two sisters and three brothers. The singer is a star!
  4. I'm on a 5 - 8 year cycle, usually. I've had my MP 64's since they came out. I want new irons, but I don't need them...lol. I stay with a driver for about 5 years. I upgraded to a TS3 last year, so I'm good to go for a while. Putter is ER2 and I'm happy with it. Wedges could be replaced (SM4's). But... no money...lol.
  5. Where did it come from? Was it MPG sourced? I'm betting it was/is. Bourbon isn't wine. There are a lot of "craft distillers" out there. I doubt that Woodson distilled this from any distillery he owns or is in partnership with. It might very well be a good Bourbon, but I'm betting it's very young and just on the cusp of legal to be called Bourbon. There is a reason the big boys rule this category of spirits.... they have been at it for hundreds of years. Small, craft distillers very seldom have anything aged beyond two years. Most of the new Bourbon from craft distillers is MPG sour
  6. I suppose it depends on your business. There are no golf polos that are cross over for me..... they would be full of stain, saw dust and lacquer...l
  7. Tools not jewels is the way I see it too. I love my old hand planes with the years of work and patina they have acquired. I look at them as "experienced"...lol. My MP 64's are looking experienced these days... I just embrace the patina and think of all the fun I've had with them.
  8. I don't really bother with actual "cleaning" of my clubs. I will soak them in a bucket of hot water and dish soap and wipe them dry about twice a year. Other than that.... I don't bother. They are a hunk of steel attached to a stick, used for hitting a little white ball. They are used in the dirt, sand and grass. Dirt is inevitable. I embrace it...lol.
  9. I don't hate Brady, but being a Raiders fan for 53 years.... lets just say.... I don't root for him...lol. AB is not worthy of winning anything. How many teams and team mates has he screwed over?
  10. I know. There is no denying that he is a great QB. But...... it was a fumble, dammit!
  11. F*** em' both! I hate Brady and the got damn Chiefs! I really hope Brady retires after this.... I'm tired of him!
  12. Neither. I hope they both lose.
  13. The chrome was bad if that happened. Simple Green is biodegradable and environmentally safe. I doubt it can or will harm chrome.
  14. Just leave the game alone. There are already restrictions on the equipment. I don't think there is going to be much more distance than we are seeing now. Distance gains for the foreseeable future, with equipment restrictions in tact, will only garner more distance from practice, technique, innovation and desire on the part of the player.
  15. Tap cons will do fine. Buy the bit for the size screw you are going to use. Don't try just running them in without drilling.... you will crack the block or break the screw/and or screw bit.
  16. Ha! I still play those! They aren't a true blade. Mizuno calls them a player's cavity. They do have a slight cavity, but.......................................
  17. I agree. I have been dealing with low back problems on and off for the last 35 years. It seems like after you injure your back there is no way it is ever "normal" again.... surgery or not.
  18. Well.... his "future" health is now, if I understand this discussion. Unless she was on steroids when he was doing his Green Beret??? work outs, I don't think his changes were rapid?
  19. Not that I disagree with you.... I don't. But, doesn't the same apply for carts in the fairway?
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