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  1. We had the same round... 38/40 for me also...lol.
  2. Being a Raiders fan, I understand about stress.
  3. My group usually gives putts shorter than two ft. It speeds up play and 9 times out of ten no one is missing a very short putt. If we are playing for a little $$$.... no gimmies...lol.
  4. The same team won both halves of league, so they are the league champs. Tonight would have usually been a knock down round. We all played a sort of scramble format............. first three hole was a two man scramble. Second three holes was alternate shot. Third three holes was best ball. My brother and I won first place! We won $30.00 a piece. It paid for cart and beer... and then some...lol.
  5. Thanks. So I would need the +6 for 1/2"?
  6. This might be a dumb question, but I'm not a club builder/tinkerer...lol. I have a couple of shafts I want to try in my TS3. I want to see what happens if shorten the shafts by 1/2" and 1". What weights do I need to keep the swing weight where it is now with a 45.5" shaft. I'm confused when I look at the numbers for the weights from Titleist. As I understand it, 12 grams is the standard weight? So do I order weights that say +??? Why don't they just say how many grams they are instead of + whatever? If I shorten one of the shafts by .5" I would need a +3 to regain the swing weight? +6 for one inch?
  7. I'm the same... I don't trust my wedges. I blade them too often. My 54* is my go to for all chip shots around the green.
  8. I knew there was no way I was going to keep scoring in the 70's for the rest of the year. My brother and I played a different course today that was 6200 yards from the white tees. I shot 39 and 44 for an 83. I missed a few putts that might have netted me a 79 or 80 even. I'll take that every time. It was a good day, and the score wasn't terrible...lol.
  9. I'm going to renege on my earlier post a bit. If I could be relatively certain that 300 yard drives would be playable most of the time, I would probably opt for the distance. 300 yard drives are useless if you have to punch out of the trees or are in a hazard..... or playing from the adjacent fairway over trees. For me, I think no 3 putts would lead to better scores... unless I could be fairly accurate with 300 yard drives.
  10. I bought the TS3 this year. I struggled hard for while. I adjusted the weight to the rear of the club and set it one click toward draw. I have been playing it there for most of the year. I don't bother with the settings once I find one that works... most of the time...lol.
  11. I just quit worrying about making shots and scoring. I got the mind set to just enjoy playing and not get so serious about my score. It's amazing how much better you do if you stop putting so much pressure on yourself to play well.
  12. I used to hit my 7 160/5 (34*). Now I'm lucky to get it 150.... usually 140...lol.junk shoulders and a touchy back.... and getting old..lol.
  13. If it is a scuff mark, I use tooth paste. If it is scratched through, it will need painted.
  14. My brother loves those things. I'm like.... why???
  15. My driver SS was never more than that when I was young...lol.
  16. How do you guys hit a 7 iron 195 yards??? You must be freaks...lol. I would never need a driver if I could hit irons that far!
  17. 39/41 today. Couldn't get the putter to cooperate...lol. Sometimes it just isn't your day. So many lipped out and burned edges. Oh well..... there is always another day.
  18. I missed at least 5 easy puts for birdie. 3 of those ended up as bogies.... Sometimes it's just not your day. I shot 80 even... 39/41.
  19. True, but I would hope you wouldn't turn those types of rounds in for HC. Just out playing for a good time... cool. Not a round to turn in for HC...IMO.
  20. Sun up is cool if you like to play on a wet course. I hate it.
  21. After my putter let me down the other evening, we became friends again today...lol. 38/36 for a 74 today.
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