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  1. This evening for your listening pleasure.... Frank Zappa.... accompanied by "Milagro" Tequila Reposado.
  2. I figure this is as good a place as any to put this. Have any of you seriously considered giving up this game? I am there right now. I have gone from a solid single digit to.... I have no idea. I can't hit a ball with anything.... driver, irons or wedges. Everything I hit is almost cut in half with the bottom of the club. This has gone on for at least the last 6 rounds I've played. This is not fun or enjoyable... at all. I have lost 30 lbs. over the Winter. I can't find a swing to save my life. The game I love has become something to despise/fear. I'm not sure how much longer I can keep going like this before I just quit. Have any of you ever been where I am? What did you do? How did you fix it?
  3. This is what keeps me from trying it. I just live with the pain.
  4. I'm right there with you. I turned 60 last September. I still feel like I'm 40, but the body isn't as willing as the mind...lol. I have junk shoulders that always hurt and a lower back that decides a couple times a year to cause problems. I just keep moving through it all. I'm sure not going to stop playing golf because things hurt...lol.
  5. John Butler this evening. Goes good with a pint of "Hazy Jane" from Brewdog.
  6. "Young" is relative to what age one is. I was a stud at 49...lol.
  7. I would never buy "refurbished" balls for just that reason. They just have a new paint job that doesn't stay on, as you have found out. I always buy recycled, which means they are left just the way they are and graded according to quality. I just purchased 4 dozen Pro V1X's for $56.00.
  8. Well.............. I would change it a lot less if it would listen to me and stay on the fairway.
  9. I play 18 at least once a week. I play 9 on league night. I prefer playing 18, but if It isn't possible, 9 works.
  10. Well.... back to hitting it poorly. It isn't the club... it's me. I haven't figured out how to swing the clubs consistently after this weight loss. I have no semblance of a repeatable swing right now.
  11. 3 - 5 gloves that are useless. 3 Pitch Fix divot tools. 100 tees. A dozen Pro VIX'es. Probably $5.00 in change. A rain suit. 3 ball caps. 2 sweat shirts. a pair of reading glasses. At least 20 pencils. Extra cleats for the shoes. A driver tool for changing settings. 2 clean towels. Advil. A flask. Plastic shot glasses. Numerous ball markers. Maybe more...lol.
  12. I was on the tee at 8:30. I waited no less than 5 minutes on every hole.
  13. I sold my boat so, fishing isn't the thing anymore. I'm a Cabinetmaker by trade, so I don't do much with woodworking outside my job...lol. I guess discovering new music at this stage of my life is kind of a hobby.
  14. I played 18 today.... alone. It took 4+ hours. I don't know how most of you are escaping this? My course is just packed.... no matter the the time of day.
  15. Irons about every 5 - 10 years. I see no reason to buy new any sooner than that. If I just wanted new stuff for the sake of having new stuff, I would probably go every 2 years...lol. I do tend to stick with Mizuno... I just get along with them.
  16. I played in league this evening. Let's just say I drank better than I played.
  17. Nothing fast about rounds at my home course. The place is packed starting at 7:00 am. No time between groups... as soon as it's safe to hit, the next group is off. It's usually a 5 minute wait or longer at every hole. It took 4 3/4 hours to play yesterday.... and that was a faster one. Usually 5 + hours. I need to find another place to play...lol.
  18. The TS3 and I are becoming friends.... finally.
  19. I used to be a Cabinetmaker. I don't don't what I am now....................... probably an almost drunk, that sits in front of the computer all day, because, well.............. you know.
  20. I need to mow...lol.
  21. I've decided that I'm going to regrip in the very near future. It's between Iomic and Lamkin. My question is about Lamkin. Does the Genesis tech. run through the whole line?
  22. Obviously, I need a new putter... mine isn't nearly that long.
  23. I know. I have a friend that tees his driver like that. Other than actually hitting down on the ball like an iron, I don't see how you could ever hit the center of the face. His drives take off and balloon way up and then fall out the sky.
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