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  1. You all have a great day! I'll be at my brother's drinking copious amounts of Budweiser in red, white and blue cans. Brats, pork shoulder steaks and burgers are for dinner.... along with whatever else my sis in law decides to have...lol.
  2. LOL... try turning 60 and knowing you used to be able hit the ball that far. I'm down to 240 average, with a really good day being 250 +.The good part of that is my short game is getting better because it has to...lol Enjoy the length while you have it! I teed that up for you older guys to chime in and tell me the same thing.
  3. Driver and fairway metals are Titleist. Irons are Mizuno.... and likely always will be. Putter is EVNRoll.
  4. Well................ my brother and I just killed an 18 pack and a few shots afterward for 18 holes...lol. It was 90+ * today and the beer was flowing.
  5. I have scored very well at times, but I have NEVER had a bogey free round.
  6. Yea... I don't see how this is going to happen
  7. I don't find Sam 76 good at any time of the year.
  8. silver & black


    Because I don't hate myself enough in my normal, everyday life.
  9. All three of them are no more than 185 yds. One is 135 yds..... the other two are roughly the same distance... one down hill and the other up hill. Those two are the worst...lol. The course only has four par 4's. I was told the three in a row on the front was due to land available at the time the course was built and it was necessary to get all nine holes on the front. It is a short course with no sand... 6000 yds. from the tips. It is very tight and requires decent accuracy off the tee. There is trouble on both sides of every hole on the course. There are 5 lakes/ponds to deal with, one being on 18 which is considered the hardest finishing hole in the county. Greens are generally small with lots of breaks and slopes. Despite is short yardage and lack of sand, it takes an accurate player and a good putter to score well.
  10. silver & black


    I don't care how they play. I generally prefer to play with people that are at least somewhat at my level, but I really like playing with much better players than myself.... it keeps me "thinking" and focused. I don't mind playing with people that are not accomplished at the game or just out for a good time.... I just hate when they want advice and lessons that I am in no way qualified to give...lol.
  11. This might be a dumb question, but how do you 3D print a "forged" iron? I'm not a tech savvy guy, so I don't understand how this stuff works...lol.
  12. I have the same issue at my home course. There are 3 par 3's in a row on the front 9. The greens are small to medium size. If you don't hit somewhere in the middle of the green/s, there is no way the ball will stay on the green/s. They slope away from the middle on 3 sides. If the pin is in the front, you don't want to be on the green because, if you don't sink the downhill, breaking putt, it is almost certainly a bogey... if not, double or triple. Those 3 holes will make or break a round.... and I've experienced both over the years...lol.
  13. What is this retirement?
  14. I'd be happy with either. But if I had to pick, I'd take par on every hole.
  15. Definitely alcohol. I was a better player 10 years ago than I am now. Age, pain, divorce and not playing near as much as I used to is detrimental to playing well. These days I just have fun take it in stride. I have good rounds and bad rounds, but alcohol is the biggest contributor as to why I don't score well..... and I don't really care...lol.
  16. It's stuff like this that makes this place so great.... always something to learn.
  17. I don't really care about "loft jacking" as it's called. I look at it more as knowledge gained over the course of the last couple of decades or so in the development and technology of club making and fitting. I have no opinions, strong or otherwise, about anyone that cares about the topic, and vice versa.
  18. I'm 60. I used to legit hit my driver 250 -60 yards... with the occasional lucky, almost 300 yards on a roll. I average about 230 these days. Look at it this way..... 260 out of play is worthless...lol.
  19. Interesting. Is the metal just as strong as forged or cast? What is durability like? This opens up a whole new avenue for technology in clubs.
  20. My biggest concern has nothing to do with actual loft or what's stamped on the iron.... it's can I play decent with them and enjoy my time playing. I'm not sure why there is any concern at all about lofts and numbers stamped on a club. I suppose that's why I just stay out this topic...lol.
  21. After struggling so far this season to hit the ball consistently, I finally had a decent round. I decided not to drink beer this particular round...only water. I made a conscience effort to take more club than I though necessary and to keep timing and tempo at the front of my brain. The result was a 38 - 41 for a 79 total. That's the first time this years I've had a 7 in front of my score. It could have been better, but I just burned the edge of three birdie attempts. I'm learning I can still play decent.... if I just allow myself to do so.
  22. If only my PW was as long as his 53*...lol.
  23. Yup! Normally, no. But.... those are the rules right now. I have to make an amendment to my reply.............. I personally wouldn't count it if it was more than a foot from the cup.
  24. I keep my eyes on the ball, and I try to keep them there through the stroke. I can't not look after I hit the ball, but I do try to stare at the spot after hitting it. Not always successful...lol.
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