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  1. 16 minutes ago, Getoffmylawn said:

    So after just making this drive 10 days ago, the wife and I are back on 1-80 for 15 hours heading back to Erie, PA.  Her step-brother has been battling cancer for a year and he’s lost the battle…in hospice care now and hours/days left.  Racing back to hopefully say goodbye before we can’t.

    I'm sorry. I hope you make it in time. 

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  2. On 6/10/2021 at 4:15 PM, Tom the Golf Nut said:

    Ok young buck, your thinking to much. Next week I turn 62 and my handicap has gone down from around a 5 to it's current 1.6 over the last 4 years. Your never to old to get better. My driving distance has increased, my long and short game is good. Most importantly I do not know what a gym is! Never been inside one. I am not a range rat either. The key to maintaining your level of play as you get older is maintaining flexibility and play golf. This summer my plan is to improve my middle game accuracy. Then I hope to see my handicap drop even more. Always set a goal and try to achieve it. 

    I will be 62 in 8 weeks. I would agree that flexibility and playing are key to maintaining and/or improving as we age. I need to start a flexibility program, as I am losing distance with all clubs. Nothing major, but I do notice it.... and I don't like it! 😠

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  3. 36 minutes ago, Jmikecpa said:

    Dear Lord I hit it poorly today and thanks to 80 yard wide fairways it didn’t cost me too bad. Played the front in 2 over and the back in -1 for 73. Piped a tee ball on 18 and promptly rinsed a SW in the pond to make a smooth double after I got it to -3 for the back. The ball striking got better after a few holes but fought the driver all damn day. I hit two good tee balls all round and wasted the one I hit on 18. 

    Golf is an equal opportunity hater. 🤣

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  4. 22 hours ago, bens197 said:

    I'm trending upwards and that's OK.  Days of shooting 73/74 are in my rearview...and to be honest, it's kind of cool to just accept it and play, regardless of what I shoot.

    I think my days of shooting in the 70's are are mostly in the past, also. It still happens occasionally, but not nearly as often as I'd like. I still have a blast playing... I just don't worry over the score these days.

    I don't practice any more and I don't play as much as I used to. As long as I still love to play, it's all good.

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  5. 9 hours ago, Kenny B said:

    Which is better?  This or Jefferson's Ocean Rye?  

    I have only tasted one rye (can't remember the name, but it was Canadian).  Not to my liking.  I might have to have a more extended taste.

    I like the Jefferson's better. I get a green apple note in it.

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  6. 33 minutes ago, chisag said:


    ... So sorry for your loss. It truly is amazing how attached you become. We had a rescue mutt and decided to hedge our loss and picked up another rescue mutt when she was 7. We figured when we lost Casey, Buddy would be around to console us and we him for at least another 7 years. After it was Casey's time to lay to rest, Buddy had developed a brain tumor and we layed him to rest only 2 months later. It was a devastating time for all of us so I understand your pain and loss. My son rescued Giz, a Pit Mix that turned out to be a pure bred Stafford Terrier a year later and although we still miss Casey and Buddy, Giz has become a wonderful addition to the family. I hope you and Moose have many happy years together. 

    Thank you for sharing that. Animals are great.... sometimes better than people... well, most times...lol.

    I miss my two boys a great deal, but I have Moose. He's an awesome dog. We will have many good years together, God willing.

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  7. 7 hours ago, RickyBobby_PR said:

    You probably don’t need a 60 and there’s been multiple teaching pros who say that beginner golfers don’t need lob wedges.

    But since you are taking lessons talk to your pro and see what he thinks. He will be able to tell you 1) if you should play a lob wedge or not 2) what type of grind and bounce 3) how to properly use the wedge 

    I'm not a beginner.... and I sure as hell don't need a lob wedge! 😂

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  8. 2 hours ago, McGolf said:

    A lot of bourbon folks here. I represent the other side for single malts.

    Took an anniversary trip to Scotland. Got practiced in the art of Scotch prior to going. Learned a little too while I was there.

    Now its the glass of choice for happy hour. 

    The Daily drinker switches between


    Glen Fiddich 18


    most recently Macallen 


    I love Scotch. It was my go to for years. It got too expensive so, I made the plunge into Bourbon. Now, I love them both. I'm an Islay junky...lol.

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  9. On 7/10/2021 at 10:36 AM, Riverboat said:

    I would like to say I'm shocked at how many people on here are fine with a 4.5 hour or longer round, but I'm not.  It explains why so many rounds take so unbearably long.  Golf should NEVER take longer than 4 hours--3 to 3.5 is actually far more reasonable and the standard in most of the rest of the world.

    1. Even though you have a cart, it's not illegal to do some walking. Drop one guy off at his ball and go to the other to prepare to hit.  Your buddy can then walk to the cart after hitting his shot.

    2. Do not wait until it is your turn to even begin thinking about your shot. You should be ready to hit when it's your turn.

    3. One practice swing.

    4. Stop standing over the ball forever before your swing.  You are not Jack Nicklaus.

    5. Save the jokes and stories for when it's not someone's turn to hit.  There is nothing more aggravating than being behind a group that is already two holes behind and they are all standing on the tee listening to one guy tell his hilariously funny anecdote.

    I coached golf for 25 years and have helped many friends improve their game.  One of the biggest tips I've given for improvement is "Play faster."  I have never gotten someone to speed up and not seen their scores improve.  Rhythm gets better and they stop hitting horrible shots caused by "paralysis through analysis."  

    Final thought--Slow play is very much like smoking.  It's bad for you, but even more egregious is that it negatively affects all the innocent people stuck being around you.

    I don't disagree,  but if you're like me and play muni's and public courses, it will definitely take no less than 4 hours. They pack the players on and they don't really care about time... even though they make a show of caring.

    I find no difference in walkers vs. carters as far as time goes. I've walked my fair share in the past. I can no longer walk more than 9 due to back problems and a surgically repaired shoulder. 

    Unless there is no one ahead of you... and the guy(s) ahead of them, it is just going to be 4 - 4.5 hours.


  10. 3 hours ago, RyanJohnson_Official said:

    Ok so I have been I fan of Scotland for as long as I can remember. All my favorite bands are from there and I used to work for an agency based in Edinburgh, even made it out to St. Andrews on one business trip! BUT I am a real NOOB when it comes to scotch. Any seasoned vets have a path they can send me down to reefyne me auld pawllaht and begin my journey to glory? Looking for introductory recommendations! Cheers!

    It all depends on what you like. Scotch is the most diversified spirit that I know of. I'm a big fan of all things Islay. I love the the smoke and peat. Lagavulin.. Laphroaig.. Ardbeg.. Caolila.. Talisker.. (not Isay) same profile.

    Do you like sweet, smoke, grain?

    So much to be had with Scotch.

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  11. Anything with a urethane cover will do just fine. I play Pro V's because I just do. I've played at least 3 - 4 other urethane balls over the years.... they all work pretty much the same. 

    IMO... people/we get way too deep into this ball thing.

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  12. 2 hours ago, tommc23 said:

    I have a hard time believing the 95% MGP is what was in Bulleit bourbon for years and is still their rye and MGP is made outside of Kentucky. I honestly have never researched where most bourbon is made. I also find it funny how JD is a bourbon by definition of the mash but because of the charcoal filter process it makes it their own kind. 

    Four Roses was the distiller for Bulleit in the beginning. 

    Tennessee Whiskey is Bourbon by definition: at least 51% corn, stored in new, White Oak, charred barrels for no less than 2 years. The charcoal filtering ads no color or flavoring. Any Bourbon producer can do the same if they choose.

    Just like all bourbon is whiskey, not all whiskey is bourbon; all Tennessee Whiskey is whiskey, not all whiskey is Tennessee Whiskey. It has to go through the Lincoln County Process (maple charcoal filtering) to be called Tennessee Whiskey.

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