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  1. 3 hours ago, LICC said:

    People seem to overlook that Tiger’s problems were mainly caused by his own reckless attitude. With all his money he should have never been driving himself while exhausted and medicated. He likely fell asleep at the wheel and could have killed someone. Going back even more, if he was more responsible with his life we could have seen over 20 major wins and over 100 victories. 

    I won't argue with that, but I'm sure we can all say the same about ourselves at times. I know my own reckless attitude has caused me a lot of physical and mental anguish over the years.... and some of it is on-going to this day.

    I'm sure Tiger would like to take some of his mistakes back... we all would. I try to remind myself that there was only one perfect man to ever walk on this Earth, and it wasn't/isn't any of us.

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  2. 3 hours ago, vandyland said:

    Also, we have to remember that most of the rest of the world is not as concerned with what Saudi Arabia is doing. We feel it more acutely here. 

    Really? Who says? How do you know this? What makes "us" so special and sensitive to what Saudi Arabia is doing compared to the rest of the world?

    Also.... growing the game is just a bunch of bunk... across the board.

    I won't go any further with this because I already went where we aren't supposed to go because my questions will be/are considered politics. MODS... feel free to remove my post and reprimand me if you must. 

  3. My hands dry out badly in the Winter... crack and peel the whole season. I work in a cabinet shop and I'm always in dust, stripper, stain and chemicals of different kinds on a daily basis. I use a product called Working Hands. It is not greasy at all and it works wonders when used every day.


  4. I look at it this way... this is my home course. It's where I play 90% of the time. I take care of it and do my part to keep it in playable condition.... fix ball marks, fill divots, don't run the cart through wet areas, etc... normal common sense things.  I know I'm not the smartest knife in the drawer, but this aint rocket surgery! 😉

    I need to add.... I do the same on any course I/we play on... common courtesy for someone elses home course.

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  5. I must be the only one that doesn't care??? A new professional league?... cool! Will it succeed? I guess we'll see. 

    Politics aside... I see nothing wrong with another professional tour. If it wasn't Saudi, would it be as big a deal???



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  6. My league has a one time $1.00 mulligan off the tee on any hole you choose to use it. If putts are given, it is your opponent's decision to give it to you or make you putt it out. If your ball is against a tree or other obstacle, you can move it a club length no closer to the hole. That's about it.

  7. 7 hours ago, Goober said:

    For some reason he doesn’t feel like he fits in with the sport 

    I completely understand how he feels. I'm a Cabinetmaker by trade. I don't wear $80.00 polo shirts and $60.00 shorts/pants to play golf in. I've been told I'm not the kind of guy that should be playing this game. I've been playing for about 25 years. It is better now than it was when I started playing.

    My home course is a family owned public course that caters to anyone that wants to play. Most times you'd be hard pressed to find any "business types" out there. It's mostly guys like me. We have a city muni where I live, that I flat out refuse to play. The city was sold a bill of goods and lies in order to get it passed and built... along with the citizens. It costs way too much and the snobbery is off the hook. I played there 3 times... all 3 times I almost got into it the "business snobs" that thought my kind souldn't be allowed to play on "their" course. Fine... I don't! I still play nicer courses but, I don't care what anyone has to say to me, I just tell them to f*** off!..... you get the respect you give.

    Find a small public course that caters to "working" people. Your buddy will have a much better time.

    I find it funny that Golf still has this problem... perceived or otherwise. Without "us" the wealthy players could not sustain the game.

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  8. This time of year.... I lose more than I would like to. Plugged.... middle of the fairway... no where to be found...lol. I can go for 50+ holes and never lose a ball; then, I will lose 3-5 balls in a round for no reason. This game hates at every opportunity...lol.

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  9. 1 hour ago, PMookie said:

    Logo UP across the board! Grip included.

    How do you decide which way the logo goes on the grip? Logos are printed/embossed/cut into the grip one way? How do you get to choose? Inquiring minds want to know! 😉

  10. 3 hours ago, DStar said:

    They finished 15 and I teed off, hit it to 6' whilst they watched. They then proceeded to follow each other to their balls to play...I lost the will to live and my flow evaporated. Doubled 16 and waited around a lot..Teed off on 17, waited some more then thought 'f*** it' and walked in. They apologised for holding me up in the car park and, when I asked why they didn't let me through, said they didn't think they had to let single players through 🤬

    I feel ya brother! They didn't let you play through because they didn't thing they had to??? These are the people that Chisag was talking about up thread... inconsiderate... and don't care.

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