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  1. The AD333 is the ball I go to at this time of year. In Ohio, you can lose a ball on every tee shot... in plain sight in the Fall. The AD333 works well for me for distance and feel. It's cheap enough not to worry about losing in the leaves and glare.
  2. I just pulled off an 88 . It was 47* and windy. I played well... until I was on the green. Bogey and double most of the round, with a few pars thrown in. The greens were faster than I've ever played on my home course in 25 years. I just couldn't get the feel for them. A missed putt would go 10-15 feet passed the hole. It was a great day other than the score!
  3. I would fix them and use them. For what you paid, it's still a deal. If you don't like them after fixing them, donate them to The First Tee or other worthy organization.
  4. I'm in Massillon, and I change to a cheaper ball starting in the Fall, just because I lose so many in the leaves and glare of the sun. Like you, I really don't see much difference in distance because of the temp. I do notice a difference in swinging freely because of bulkier clothing.
  5. Make mine strong and black, straight up.
  6. I agree. I wish the focus was more on this than distance.
  7. "If" things are kept just as they are... what good is new equipment if there is nothing to gain from it? What will manufacturers of golf equipment market new product on if things are kept just as they are? I have no problem with it as far as distance goes. That only leaves dispersion/accuracy as the only "improvements" for equipment manufacturers, as far as I can see. Am I missing something? Thoughts?
  8. Nice to hear from you Nifty. I hope you are doing well. I didn't watch the game... I played golf...lol. I'm not really into pro sports at all this year... too much of everything going on for me. I figured the Raiders would lose... too many key injuries to overcome. Congrats on the win.
  9. It was an interesting day today...lol. On Thursday, I bent over to pick up a tennis ball for my dog. I felt my left quad muscle pop. I have been nursing it since. I played today with my brother. The first drive was agony. I thought I was going to die! I tried to swing easy and within myself for the remaining 17 holes. My brother beat me by a stroke..................... that has only happened twice in the last 5 years...lol. No excuses on my part.... I missed putts that I shouldn't have. I shot 85 and he shot 84. It was a great day and I bought him a beer at the end of the round for bea
  10. I'm a huge Ohio State fan, but I'll pass on this season. If they can play 6 games, why can't they play 12? Does the virus know the difference??? High school football in my state is playing 6 games. Again... if they can play 6, why not 10??? I'm must be really dumb or, I'm just missing something.
  11. All true, but............ pros can well afford lessons. Clubs don't make you better at golf, but they make feel better because they are new and they are your's...lol.
  12. I practice every Sunday with my brother (just playing golf). Sometimes practice is good.... sometimes not...lol. I/we have arrived at "expert" status for drinking beer.
  13. Could not make a putt this evening. I shot 43 for 9 holes.
  14. We had the same round... 38/40 for me also...lol.
  15. Being a Raiders fan, I understand about stress.
  16. My group usually gives putts shorter than two ft. It speeds up play and 9 times out of ten no one is missing a very short putt. If we are playing for a little $$$.... no gimmies...lol.
  17. The same team won both halves of league, so they are the league champs. Tonight would have usually been a knock down round. We all played a sort of scramble format............. first three hole was a two man scramble. Second three holes was alternate shot. Third three holes was best ball. My brother and I won first place! We won $30.00 a piece. It paid for cart and beer... and then some...lol.
  18. Thanks. So I would need the +6 for 1/2"?
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