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  1. Overrated in what way? Wins? Talent? If wins is the criteria, he certainly has won enough in his career. He hasn't won recently, but he's always "in the game." If Talent is the criteria, he sure doesn't lack in that category either. So..... overrated?.... nope. I agree with the guy in the video. Sergio would be my pick for overrated. So much talent, so little to show for it.
  2. So.... I have to move these things every time someone wants in or out?
  3. A glass of Islay Scotch, (neat...of course) a recliner and a football game.
  4. Don't know how I missed this...lol. Congratulations to you gentlemen. MGS has four good guys to help make it better than it already is!
  5. I have poor circulation in my hands and feet. I freeze out there. I hate the cold! I played Sunday and on the back 9 it got to 38*. I couldn't wait to be done. I'll play at around 40*... much less than that and I just can't take it.
  6. I really sorry for your loss. Your post made me get all teary eyed. Dogs are the best. I love mine more than a lot of people I know.
  7. Hmmm......... me thinks this doesn't work in all cases. I am Major Eagle...lol. Should be more like Major Bogey.
  8. If I was starting a golf company today, I would choose Rory. To me, who to choose is relevant to the times. Rory is the hot commodity today and likely to bring the most people to the game, just as Tiger did 25 years ago.
  9. There is nothing trivial about it! I'm going to have to make the same choice some years down the road. I can't even think about it without tearing up. "My boy" has been mine since he was a a pup. He's a 150 lb. baby. He got me through a very hard time in my life. I'm sure you feel the same way about your boy. I'm sorry you have to do this. I feel for you.
  10. I don't see anything changing, no matter what the data says. You are always going to have the group of guys who can't even hit the ball 150 yds. off the tee playing from the blues..... because "they paid their money and they can play from what ever tees they want." You also have "most" of the municipal courses trying to get their courses as full as possible in this economy. My home course has people going off as soon as the group in front is almost to the green. I have reconciled myself to the fact that it will take 5 hrs, to play a round on the weekend.
  11. I haven't played in over a month. My brother called and wanted to play.... so, naturally, me being the caring guy I am, I indulged his wishes I shot 79 and really could have/should have shot 76. If I could only putt well. .
  12. I don't want to know what happened, nor do I think it is any of my business. I just don't want to see sides being taken or dissension among the members here. I miss RP too. Hopefully he will be back soon and continue posting.
  13. Mine is #8 on my home course. It is an all uphill par 3. It's the one hole on the course that almost always guarantees me a bogie... and sometimes worse. to make my disdain for this hole worse?...... I aced it on my birthday last year. Now I have to maintain a love/hate relationship with it!
  14. I agree with RR. Stay put and let a clearer head make that decision later.... if it still needs made. You are a wonderful poster and you bring much to the forums.
  15. It could be that. I will usually hit one or two off the toe during a round, sending the ball right. Would having a toe heavy putter have something to do with it?
  16. Great topic. I used to think I could drive the ball 280. Mostly because according to the yardage marked on the tee signs at my home course, I WAS hitting it around 280. I'm mid way through my 50's and I figured it had to be wrong. It was. I've since found out that all the yardages are incorrect on the tee signs. The owner is correcting it next season. I average about 250 with the driver. Some days I get quite a few around 260. The problem isn't distance for me, it's accuracy. I'm too often out of the fairway. My other major hole is putting. I don't know why because I have very good hand/ey
  17. I work way too much during the Winter to work on golf. I average 60 - 70 hrs. a week from November to April/May. Any time I have is spent doing house work and necessary things...lol.
  18. I don't know much about the techinicalities of his swing changes over the years but, I do know that he's a mess. I don't care about his personal life or what he does/doesn't do off the course. I enjoyed watching what is arguably the greatest golf talent we have ever seen play the game. I still do. I think he has enough left to surpass Jack if he can get straightened out. Time will tell.
  19. A bit off topic but, does anyone else feel that fantasy football is ruining "real" football? I hate all the rules changes in the NFL. Defenses aren't allowed to play anymore. This year they are going to get even more ticky tac with the pass coverage and defensive holding rules. All these new rules are seemingly geared toward higher scores for the benefit of the fantasy football craze. I'm a child of the 70's........ I want football back!
  20. I play on a fairly decent scramble team in a few events a year. We usually come in around 10 - 12. It never fails that another team always posts 18 - 20. If it weren't for the fun factor and charities, I wouldn't bother.
  21. As I've Said before... the youths are the future. Golf has to accommodate them at some point or it is going to cut it's own throat.
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