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  1. I'm a big Jason Day fan. I see a few Majors in his future.
  2. Those are nice looking irons. I like the SG-02's.
  3. I haven't hit the 915 yet. I was hoping it was an improvement over the 913 in some way. It sounds like I'll just stay with my 913.... like I should have stayed with my 910. At this point, it is going to take some kind of amazing technological breakthrough to really make much more difference in driver performance, IMO.
  4. It's a two fold deal for me. Reason 1: I started playing at age 40 because literally all the guys I work/ed with played. I made fun of them for chasing a little white ball around what amounted to football fields of grass...lol. One day, one of the guys took me after work to play 9 holes. Let's just say, I was hooked! After I started playing regularly and joined a league, I became obsessed with getting as good as I could. Being a competitive athlete in and out of school for many years, all things athletic were more or less doable for me. Then came Golf! I am convinced it is THE hardest sport/game on earth to be good at! I love the challenge. I love that it makes me work for everything.... and what worked the day before, probably won't work today. I love that it isn't easy just because I am/was a good athlete.To this day, I am no where near as good as I would like to be. That's ok..... I can get around a golf course just fine, and I have a ball doing it! The other reason I love golf: I've had a lot of trouble, heartache and sorrow in my life, the last two years. Golf has been a God send for me. The golf course is a beautiful, tranquil place to be when I play alone. I talk with God a lot out there.... about a lot of things. I cherish my time on the course alone with God and my thoughts. When I play alone, it isn't about the score..... it's way more important than that. Through these last two years, My buddies have played with me, drank beer and whiskey with me, and cried with me on the golf course. You know who your friends are through times like these.... and who they aren't. I love golf because golf can be many things and mean different things at different times in your life.
  5. Kinda like the Raiders. Come to Oakland, get paid and quit halfway through the season..... coaches, owner, GM don't care.... continue next season.
  6. I'm certainly not lucky, Scotch nor Irish but, I certainly do enjoy my whisk(e)y also!.
  7. Feherty is a favorite. His humor and irreverance is much appreciated by me. I always watch his show. 40+? That seems a long time ago...lol.
  8. Agree. I think he will give it one more shot. If it doesn't go well, I think he's done and will call it a career, until he is old enough for the Senior's Tour.
  9. Help an uneducated guy out. With the sharpie method, what are you looking for, after you hit the ball?
  10. I love Avacados!.......... especially with a healthy pour of good Scotch or Bourbon.
  11. No matter how ugly it is, if it works, is it bad? Trevino and Furyic sure aint pretty. Who is going to argue with the results? Like Arnie says... swing your swing!
  12. I'm sure his head isn't right, but I think he really is having serious physical issues.
  13. I've always been a Jason Day fan, so..............
  14. I don't know as I've ever heard a bad thing said about him.
  15. I'm definitely not what I would call a "better" player but, I have a lot of confidence in Titleist drivers. I have an 909 F 3 wood that I wouldn't even consider taking out of the bag. I've always played Vokey wedges, so I can't say if I like another brand better or not. I think Titleist, like Mizuno, is about quality, while leaving the distance hype, racing stripes, fins, and garish paint themes to the others................... and I like it.
  16. I know it's cool to make fun and throw barbs... especially if you don't like him, but I know first hand how much a bad back hinders EVERYTHING you try to do. Just sayin'.
  17. That's a nice looking bag. I have a Sun Mountain cart bag that is not bad, but the Ogio could possibly kick it to the curb.
  18. I like it. I'm a big drag racing fan, and Funny Cars are my favorite.
  19. I played tennis for many years. I competed in martial arts for 20+ years. The tennis taught me to keep my eye on the ball. The martial arts taught me to keep a level head.... and that getting kicked in the head hurts... and so does broken bones.
  20. Feherty is one of my most favorite people in golf. He's a one of kind! My dad..... I miss him every day. I feel ya on that!
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