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  1. Why can't I sign in on another computer? It always says my name or password is incorrect. It isn't.
  2. Not much to add to the rest of the comments but, it did direct me to balls that are a step down from tour balls. Most of them I have tried, and a few of them I used to game regularly. Nothing wrong with them but, I prefer to play a tour quality ball. They are simply (imo) superior around and on the greens.
  3. Those are just a winning lottery ticket away...lol. They ARE beautiful!
  4. I hear you, my man. I'm a fair weather golfer. I hate/detest wet conditions. It isn't fun and I feel no obligation to play under those conditions...lol.
  5. I guess I'll ask the dumb question. Do the letters stand for something or is SAQRA an actual name? If so, how is it pronounced?
  6. just to put it short and sweet........ I played like total s**t! I had a great time on a beautiful day with my brother. But.... with the impending end to my divorce, I just don't have my head in it. I shot 90. 90!!!
  7. That's great! I love to see dads out there with kids.
  8. I finally did it. On Sept. 25, 2013 (my birthday) I got a hole in one on a 170 yard par 3. Ironically, it was on the hole I hate the most on the course.
  9. Is there anything done to them that makes the cork durable? I love the feel of cork on a fishing rod but, it tends to chip and flake over time. What makes these grips different?
  10. I vote good for your game. Scrambles allow you to try some things you might not try when you're playing for a score. Generally, unless there is some real money to be won, scrambles are just fun. You get to play with your buddies and just drink beer and have a good time, and isn't that what golf is all about anyway; enjoying yourself and having fun? Scrambles allow lesser skilled people to contribute to the round. I've never played in a scramble where all involved didn't make a good drive, approach shot, chip or putt that pulled our ass out of the fire. Even fairly bad players get to f
  11. I won't spend a lot of money. To me, clothing is just a necessary evil. I'm not exactly what you'd call a fashion plate . If it was possible, I'd play in nothing but shorts and a sleeveless T shirt. Having said that, I usually go for the lightest material I can find. I like K-Mart "Basics" stuff. It's cheap and does the job. I'll buy whatever is cheap, light weight and looks decent. I see no reason the spend outrageous amounts of money on shirts and pants. Of course, I suppose it's all relative to one's income. I'd rather be able to play golf than be the GQ guy on the tee box .
  12. Not only that, he holds on to the ball way too long and his O line sucks. He's a tough SOB, but I don't see his career lasting too much longer with the way he plays and his lack of protection.
  13. My local course has blue, white and red tee boxes.Blue being the farthest and red the closest. I play from the white tees most of the time because that's where most of the guys I play with are comfortable and my league plays from those, also. I would rather play the blues and I usually do when I play alone. Ironically, I score better from the farther tees. I find myself between clubs from the closer tees a lot of times.
  14. I second the suggestion of Lagavulin 16. Even better, in my opinion, is the Lagavulin 12 cask strength. Also, if you favor the peaty Islay offerings, try Laphroaig and Ardbeg.
  15. Ok....... I'm thinking I should just go to bed now. I've indulged in more than a couple of glasses of Buffalo Trace Bourbon this evening. Kind of a bad evening for me. you all take care.
  16. Lol..... listen to RP and RB. They are giving you good advice. I listened to both of them..... and a few more.
  17. I'd be interested, but I really don't have much time to invest in it. I love football, but in the past, I've struggled to keep up with what needs done to be competitive in FF.
  18. I actually did make a very cool shot today. It was a dumb shot, but.......... I was 100 or so yards out and behind a tree. In order to get to the green, I had to make a very severe fade..... call it a slice if you want. I opened my stance and took a week grip. I just swung the club and it went 3 ft. on to the green. I was kinda happy with the result, but then, I remembered Apprenti's words........... "hit the shot you know you can hit". I guess I need to learn to heed that advice. I just got lucky. It was not a smart shot.
  19. I went with the Dynamic Gold shafts. I'm thinking I should have got the Spinner shafts, but I'm really not unhappy with the DG shafts.
  20. I wouldn't be interested. Like someone said, I play one ball. I'm really not interested in a sleeve or two of something different for that kind of money unless they are tour balls...... which I doubt they are. I don't care about club brushes, etc......
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