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  1. I shot 80 yesterday with two double bogeys. I lipped out 3 birdies. That is extremely frustrating.
  2. You guys are the best. I learn a lot from reading what you guys post. I'm one of those mid cappers that is going to make a very conscious effort to take this advice to heart:
  3. I hear ya. My right eye has a cataract, severe astigmatism and maybe a tear in the retina. I basically live one eyed. I struggle with putts. But I've learned to do what you said.... I have no choice...lol.
  4. Those look great. I play Mizzies...... have for years, but I'll keep my Rife Ausie, thank you.
  5. I missed this thread, so................ I'm 53 (closer to 54 at this point )and I'm a Cabinetmaker. I've worked in the trade show industry for the last 21 years. Before that, I built pipe organs, kitchens and bath's and furniture of all kinds.
  6. For $48.00 a dozen, it better be the best ball ever made.
  7. I took off work early yesterday with a buddy and played a round. I shot 78. I'm not in the least upset with that, but I could have dropped 4 strokes off that score if I could only put. I shot 79 today with my brother. Again, I could have easily dropped 4-5 strokes if I could only get the ball in the hole. I seem to just burn the edges or lip them out. You'd think sooner or later they would start to drop, but that hasn't been the case this year. Oh well, I'll just have to keep on playing I guess.
  8. I game last year's Penta. I love this ball. Never been a fan of the Pro V1. I played the new TaylorMade RocketBallz Tour (urethane cover) today. I'm pretty impressed with it.
  9. Four Roses is excellent bourbon. Jim Rutledge is a master distiller. The Single Barrel and Small Batch are some fine offerings. I'm not particularly fond of the Yellow Label 80 proof, but I seem to be in the minority on that one. Their Limited Editions are also great, although a bit pricey.
  10. Just to clarify.... all Scotch, Bourbon, Rye and Irish is "whisk(e)y" The Scot's don't use an "E" in the spelling, everyone else does, with the exception of George Dickel Tennessee Whisky. Jack Daniel's is also Tennessee Whiskey. All Bourbon is whiskey.... all whiskey is not Bourbon.
  11. Whisk(e)y is a hobby of mine. I'm always going to be partial to Scotch, but I love Bourbon and Irish too.... as well as Japanese and Indian. As far as Scotch, I'm a big fan of anything Islay. I love the peat! I like all the different region's offerings, though.
  12. Awsome f***in' post! I used to think I could reach around 260 on most drives. I did what you said and measured it off when I thought I was hitting good. It ends up that my "average" drive is about 240 - 250. Like you said, most golfers really need to get their heads out of the clouds... and their asses.
  13. Awsome f***in' post! I used to think I could reach around 260 on most drives. I did what you said and measured it off when
  14. Awsome f***in' post! I used to think I could reach around 260 on most drives. I did what you said and measured it off when
  15. My home course will not allow carts out when it is that wet. Pull carts or carry only.
  16. I can't add anything more to what's already been said. Just have fun with your dad.
  17. Well, if I'm honest, I'm very inconsistent. I haven't shot 90 yet, but it may happen. I've been anywhere from 78 to 88. On a good note, my chipping seems to have taken a step up from last year. Unfortunately, my putter has gone missing. I have a lot on my mind right now, and golf is an animal of a different color for me this year. I thank the good Lord for this great game... and some pretty good friends.
  18. The other factor that contributes to slow play and having to wait 10 minutes on every tee box is that courses (at least in my area) put way too many groups on the course at the same time. Common sense tells you that there is going to be a log jam with so many out there at once.
  19. Exactly. Pace of play rules are definitely a reason I don't go back to certain courses, though. I'm not a "good" player, but I can get around a golf course without too much trouble. I play with a few other guys that, to be kind, aren't what you would call even fair players..... they kinda suck. It takes us a little over 4 hours to play 18 holes. I think that's about average for "most" foursomes that play once a week (I play more). You'd think we were killing people out there the way the marshal hounds us! That is the kind of thing that keeps people from playing. Why would you want to spe
  20. I played Waterway Hills and Burning Ridge. I know I've played others, but I don't remember which ones...lol.
  21. I've learned to put work on the back burner over the past 6 months. It was too late, as I'm going through a divorce over it, but I'm a lot happier now that I really don't give a sh*t about work any more. I work in the trade show industry. We work anywhere from 55-80 hours a week for 6 months out of every year. I've been doing it for the last 20 years. The stress is almost unbearable. Ya know what?................ fu** it!
  22. Tiger rocks. So does Rory. Honestly, all I care about is how either one of them plays. Nothing they do or don't do influences me one way or the other as far as buying merchandise. I just want to see them play well and challenge each other and the rest of the field .
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