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  1. To my 20 year old self: Stay out of the bars and quit spending all that money on that stupid race car! To my late 20's self: Don't sell that 1970 Hemi Cuda' because you are getting married! Damn..... to be 20 and know then, what I know now, at 55!...lol.
  2. Feherty is my favorite! I love his irreverant personality...lol! I would never tune in if it wasn't for him and Big Break.
  3. If thyroid medication and whisk(e)y are forbidden, I would never make it on tour. Oh.......wait,
  4. The media sucks. They care only about sensationalism....f**k the facts or the real story.
  5. Most things are better with good whisk(e)y!
  6. This might just be the Cabinetmaker in me, but.... I like and appreciate the simple elegance of their irons. I love simple lines that work and appeal to the eye. I suppose it's why I like and play Mizuno stuff.
  7. Nice! I need to talk to him about teaching me how to make the 12 footer...lol.
  8. I'm a fan of Caol Ila, myself...... and Ardbeg, Laphroaig, Talisker, Ardmore, Lagavulin, the list goes on. And then, there is Bourbon..............................
  9. I don't know.... what Scotch are you drinking?
  10. The whole PED thing in "professional" sports is taken too far, IMO. If you make a living from playing professional sports of any kind, you need your body to be as good as it can be. I personally don't care if any professional athlete, no matter the sport, takes PED's. It's their body and their decision to take the chance down the road for their own well being. I seriously doubt that there are any PED's that "dramatically" enhance performance. In golf, what would they accomplish? Swing speed? I doubt it. Putting accuracy? I seriously doubt it. Accuracy, period? I doubt it. Strength? yeah, probably. So what? Healing from an injury? Probably. Is that a bad thing? NO! The key word/s here is: PROFESSIONAL ATHLETES. Not amatures. The whole thing is becoming ridiculous, IMO.
  11. Since there is a "best ball striker" thread going on.... how does one become a good ball striker? If there is one aspect of the game that I really want to be good/better at, other than putting, it is to be a good ball striker. I have finally learned how to hit with a descending blow, after almost 2 seasons of making the effort to learn how. The problem I now have is that, I hit fat/before the ball more than I'd like. I'm fairly consistent but I tend to hit fat or thin at least a few times in a round. How do I consistently hit the ball first, and then take a divot?
  12. I started playing 15 years ago, so I guess I'm new school as far as equipmentent goes. I'm old shcool with most other aspects of my life. Jack or Tiger?.... I really don't know.
  13. You have no idea how much I want Suh to be a Raider!
  14. It's always the equipment. This year, I'm getting a new glove. That will fix my game!
  15. The NFL season is plenty long. It's 4 pre-season games and 16 regular season games, not counting playoff games. Goodell wants to expand it to 18 regular season games. The players are all but toast at the end of the regular season as it is. The players are not for the extended season at all. Most fans understand the consequences of the longer season, as well. None of the players wants to move himself and his family to another country, away from family and friends. Goodell is all about "safety", hence, the watered down game and fines.... which are nothing more than more revenue for the league. Not only that, the fines are totally ridiculous, and so inconsistent, as to be laughable. In the same breath, he wants to extend a brutal season that is already too long. He's a f***ing joke!
  16. That sounds and looks like a lot of fun. I'll have to check and see if there is a course like that in my area of Ohio.
  17. It's a very bad idea. It has nothing to do with "growing the game" as Goodell has said. It has everything to do with lining the owners' and his own pockets, and nothing else. Goodell should be relieved of his duties ASAP! He is without a doubt the worst commissioner the NFL has ever had.... and he may very well be one of the worst in all of pro sports. The game has become watered down and almost unwatchable under his tenure.
  18. I was also born in 1959. I remember my mother was quite happy that I didn't have to register.
  19. Another favorite from back in the day. Rory and his badass Strat.
  20. This is for Foz. I like CSNY too. This is a favorite of mine from Stephen Stills.
  21. I'm hoping it's a hell of a lot better!
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