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  1. Tiger rocks. So does Rory. Honestly, all I care about is how either one of them plays. Nothing they do or don't do influences me one way or the other as far as buying merchandise. I just want to see them play well and challenge each other and the rest of the field .
  2. Nice. I wonder what grind on the wedge it takes to do that?
  3. I played with a few guys from work on Saturday. I'm going through a divorce after 27 years of marriage. They thought keeping a full beer in my hands was a good thing. It was, except........... it does nothing for a good score... lol. I ended up shooting an 85. Not that that is a terrible score, but I usually keep it in the high 70's to low 80's on my home course. I never could play and drink.
  4. I did consider putting new shafts in them. I would have done that had my brother not taken up the game. I promised him I would give him the MX-25's when his game progressed a bit further. Right now he's shooting anywhere from 106 to sometimes 120. I definitely didn't outgrow them. I just got a case of the "I want new irons", so I went and hit the MP-59's, MP-64's and the 825 pro's. I ended up with the MP-64's because I loved the look and I hit them fairly well. So far, I'm loving them. That said, I'd still play the MX-25's any day.
  5. I played them for 3 years. I liked the feel and forgiveness of them. They launched a bit high for me, but that may be because I was playing R flex shafts and I really need S flex. They are solid set of irons.
  6. I played 27 with my brother today. I shot 38, 39, and 36. I'm pretty happy with 77 for the first 18.
  7. Had I won, I would have fronted you all the money for your venture. As it turns out, I'll be heading in to work on Monday.
  8. Welcome to the best golf site on the net................... even if you are probably a Chargers fan.
  9. Hello and welcome............... fellow addict.
  10. Am I the only one that doesn't give two s**ts about this?
  11. I use the same club only with the Phenom shaft. I have the RIP Alpha and I'm going to give it a shot soon.
  12. Ah, Scotch. So many flavor profiles. Start with small sample bottles and try as many as you can. Speyside, Isla, Highlands, Lowlands, Campbelltown, Islands...... many regions to choose from. Here's a link to get you started. Happy hunting. http://www.scotchwhisky.net/ As for beer......... Arrogant Bastard was in the glass last night.
  13. I played a round with my brother on Sunday and shot 79. Needless to say, I was/am quite happy with that. I'm always happy when my score has a 7 in front of it.
  14. Replies like this is what makes this the best damned golf forum I have ever seen.
  15. Since I switched to a tour ball for this season, I have not noticed any appreciable difference in performance off the driver. The real difference has been from 100 yds. and closer. Maybe it's the new wedges (SM4's),I don't know, but I sure like the way I can get the ball to check up on the greens. I was previously playing Bridgestone E6's and Titleist NXT Tours. I liked both equally well..... with a slight nod to the NXT's. I was intrigued with the Penta TP5 so, I decided to give it a try this season. I'm convinced that it is a superior ball to the other two. I realize I'm a mid capper. I
  16. Thank you. When I try to really rip a drive, I usually hook it. This would be because my arms are so far ahead of my body?
  17. I see your point, and after thinking about it, I agree with you. For the record, I'm not a Tiger hater at all. I love to watch him play. I'm not a fan of the man so much, but I don't watch him because he's a great guy!
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