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  1. This. I firmly believe that if you don't like the look or sound of a certain iron/driver you aren't going to hit it well.... "well" being a subjective thing for "you"...lol. I have a bias towards Mizuno for irons and Titleist for drivers. I'm more than sure that I could play just as well....or bad with a different brand for each. I just like the sound, feel and looks of Mizuno irons. Ditto for Titleist drivers. I also play irons that I should probably not be playing (Mizzy MP-64). I love them!!! I'm not what you'd call a "player" by any means. I usually shoot in the low 80"s and occasionally I get a round or two in the high 70"s. I just love the simple beauty of the 64's (to my eye). I love the feel of them. I really don't have a lot of miss hits with them. I don't notice any difference in my scores since I started using them two years ago over the CB's I used to play. I always gravitate to Titleist drivers for the same reason.... I love the sound and classic good looks. Would I do better with a different brand? I really don't know!
  2. I just watched Shiels test the 913 D3 against the 915 D3 using the Rogue Silver shaft with both heads. Interesting results.
  3. I strated using the "a" ball toward the end of the season. I love it! It will be my ball going into next season.
  4. One word describes what GolfSpy X had to say: F**KIN AWESOME! Ok..... maybe it was two words.
  5. I couldn't care less about the box. Just give me the balls in a mesh potato type bag and drop the price. I'm just fine with it! As far as I'm concerned, there isn't a golf ball on the planet that is worth $45+ a dozen.
  6. Unfortunately, my current situation dictates that there will be no new equipment. Fortunately, I have quality equipment to play with that performs well. If I could, I would love to replace my Vokey wedges with the Scors/Hogans.
  7. I'm going to hang that passage in my tool cabinet at work so I can read it every day. I'm still dealing with "issues" from the last two years, and this will help when I start the pity party for myself every other month or so. Thanks for posting that.
  8. I have both the original RIP and the Phenom. I prefer the RIP.
  9. It sounds like I need this gizmo. Most of my strokes are due to very poor putting......I suck!
  10. If the surface the stick is on isn't level, how will the ball stay on the stick anyway?
  11. I'm thinking we've all posed for that pic a few times...lol.
  12. It was so nice when I got up today...52* at 8:00 am. I was on the course by 9:30 am and played the back 9. I shot 39 (+4). If I could have made the 2 very makeable birdies I had on 15 and 17 It would have been better! I really need to put some serious effort into becoming a better putter. It just kills my scores.
  13. I would love to see him kick ass next season. I miss it.
  14. I feel your pain. I've had a couple of birdie opportunities on that hole and always found a way to get par instead.
  15. Like Mark, I'm a digger with irons. I hit off a mat for a whole Winter one year. When it was time to play for real, I made wheelbarrow worthy divots...lol. It took several outings before I stopped that and started hitting the ball correctly. Well...... more correctly.
  16. Nope. I get nothing from it. I can miss just fine without plumb bobbing.
  17. I play a course where there are low hanging power lines 100 yards off the tee box all the way across it. I don't know what the course rule is on it, but we just re-tee if we hit them.
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