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  1. Great thread and research.


    I've played Titleist NXT Tour and Bridgestone e6 for the past 3 years. My brother (3 hc) gave me a sleeve of Pro V1's to try. He said my short game was paying the price for the balls I was using. I ended up finishing last season playing Pro V1's and knocking off around 3 strokes a round.


    I'm going to give the Penta TP5 a fair shake as soon as this fickle Ohio weather will allow.

  2. I

    f you wanted to go with 4 wedges still

    ~ 46*, 50*, 54*, 58* (4* gaps each)

    ~ 46*, 52*, 58*, 64* (6* gaps eac


    You guys are great.


    I was going to ask what you thought of going 46*, 50*, 54* and 58*.


    If I go this way, would my normal SW be the 54*? If so, I would still stay with 11*-12* of bounce in that club. What bounce in the 58*?


    Which grind for the 54*, assuming it would be my bunker wedge.... full or medium?

  3. Good evening gentlemen. I enjoyed a couple of Sierra Nevada Bigfoot Ales (Barleywine style) while watching the Honda Classic today. I'm having a nice pour of Talisker 18 (Scotch) while perusing this fine forum at the moment.


    I hope you all had some great pours on your last weekend day. :)

  4. Thank you very much for the input.


    My PW in my new set is 46*. I was thinking of getting the GW in 52* as that is what I'm used to. My SW is 56* with 12* of bounce. I can get the Vokey with a medium soul grind that has a bit of heel and toe relief. The GW is available in 8* of bounce. I have a Ray Cook 60* that I rarely use and was thinking of just eliminating from my bag.


    I usually just open up the 56* for flop type shots or higher trajectory shots.


    And yes.... I'm sticking with Vokey because of familiarity.

  5. I'm looking to get new wedges. I've always used Titleist Vokeys. My current SW is 10 years old and needs replaced. I'm thinking of getting a GW because my new irons didn't come with one.


    My question is..... what bounce? My current SW is 12 deg. I don't know what my GW is. I use the GW quite a bit from the fairway. I also chip with it a lot. What is the rule of thumb for bounce for a wedge that is used mainly for full and chip shots?


    Also, what grind for the SW in the Vokey line? I have no idea what my current SW has for grind. I will be staying with 11-12 deg. of bounce in the SW.


    Does the finish have any effect on the club? I really like the black nickel and oil can finishes. Are they purely aesthetic?

  6. This might be a dumb question, but how do I go about getting a handicap?


    I've never had one or even thought about it. I guess it's just never been that important to me. I think I'd like to know where I stand at this point. ;)

  7. A quick turn in the discussion. Some of you guys might not believe this, but I have quit drinking, since the beginning of February. This is pretty big for me, since I have been drinking since age 15 I think. Now by no means was I drinking everyday, most of my life, it was only weekends, golf, trips, vacations, etc, but lately, I have done some nights drinking that were just way too much. I looked at myself on video chugging a glass of bourbon and I was appalled at myself. Throwing up blood the next morning and 2 day hang overs and a tendency to black out sometimes and not remember what I did convinced me to quit.


    Do I think this will last forever, no, but I can assure you at the very least, I am slipping into a strictly social drink at worst.


    Almost 1 month down!!


    That's great! Sometimes you have to take a break from something and assess what's going on.


    I also like my whisk(e)y. I usually have a pour or two an evening. Whisk(e)y is a hobby of mine. It's more akin to what the wine aficionados do ;) .


    There are those evenings when it does get a bit out of hand, but they are few and far between. I grew up around alcoholics (everyone on my father's side, and eventually my father, too), so I stay mindful of the fact that it runs in the family.


    Good luck to you, and I hope you can get back to enjoying your dram of choice. :)

  8. I had the same issue (shoulder surgery) and had to smooth things out. I'm up to around 105 mph. with the driver. I don't think I'll get any more speed, at this point.


    I had my shoulder repaired 5 years ago. It doesn't hurt to swing a bit harder now, but I've gotten used to a smoother swing. I think my game has actually improved because of it.

  9. So.............. I know this is a cigar forum, but.... any Spirits fans in here? I'm a whisk(e)y geek. I love all things whisk(e)y.... Scotch, Irish, Bourbon, etc... I 've been known to enjoy a good Tequila, also.


    What's your poison?

  10. There are many things to love about MGS, but my favorite is probably the general lack of BS about handicaps, SS's, and other things. People on here seem pretty honest about their game, their problems, and, thus, there is great content that is actually helpful instead of a million posts saying, "I hit this too far/too high/too far left."


    MGS is the only golf forum I've registered on, for this very reason. :D

  11. I thought we were going to talk about having 1 mouth and 2 hands being our handicaps....


    Good post though.


    Yea, I was thinking the same thing. :D


    I play on a league with a few of the "sandbagger" types. I always try to play the best I can. I really don't know what my HC is, but I would guess around 11-13.

  12. I am currently using a Rife Aussie putter at 34". I'm 5'9" with a 30" inseam. When I'm comfortable with my set up, I'm holding the putter at the bottom of the grip, almost to the shaft.


    I think I'd like to cut it down to 32". My question is: can I do that without needing to add the weight I cut off, back? Also, if I just get it re-shafted with a shorter shaft, will the weight be right?

  13. Shoulda never let go of Woodson....thanks for that though

    Unfortunately, Woodson was tagged twice. He was injured during the two years he was tagged. The last year, he basically made $10 million to ride the pine. I hated to see him go, but there was no choice after that. He's still one of my favorite Raiders.


    The move was good for him. It rejuvenated his career. I enjoyed watching him with the Pack, but it was bittersweet.

  14. You're right about all of that. I was ready to kill my TV when the Raiders couldn't even get a yard.


    I never thought I would know the pain of being a Browns fan, but this last decade has been a lesson in futilty for Raiders fans. :(

  15. Well, I did it. I ordered the MP-64's I went with the KBS Tour stiff shaft.


    I'm a boring customer for the fitter... I'm standard length and lie :) .


    I'll be the proud owner of the nicest irons I've ever had, in a couple of weeks. I sure hope my enthusiasm for the feel of these irons translates to the course.

  16. November 17, 1968 NBC cut away from the ending of the Jets at the Raiders game. The allotted time was up and the Jets were winning 32-29 with less than 2 minutes to go so that they could broadcast the TV Movie of the week, Heidi. This became known as the Heidi Game. The Raiders scored two touchdowns and won 43-32 therefore no network will leave a game in progress. The viewers were very mad about this. On Sundays, they will not leave the golf tournament until play is finished for the day. Golf is a bit different on Thursday-Saturday because it does not matter who does what on those days, a winner is not declared until Sunday.


    I am not sure if they have to do it contractually now or not but no network will cut away from a game now.


    You get one guess who remembers that game..... even though he was only 9 years old. :D

  17. I'm a Titleist guy when it comes to drivers. I've played the 910 D3 for the last two years. I love it. I tried the 913 D3 just for s**ts and giggles. I ended up taking it home. I have the Aldila RIP Alpha in the 910. I went with the Phenom in the 913. It felt great, but we will see if I like it as well as the Alpha.

  18. Ok, I just got back from demoing some irons.


    I tried the 825's (really nice feeling iron), the 59's and the 64's. The 59 is a pretty club! I was really hoping to hit it well, but my launch angle was just a little to low for my liking (12-15 deg. with a #6) I hit the 825's and the 64's about equally well.


    I hit them both with a R and S Dynamic Gold and KBS Tour. KBS Stiff is the shaft for me in either club.


    I was able to get an average of 182-185 yards with roll out.I managed to get two out to 190. Carry averaged around 174 yards. I was able to very launch angles between 14-20 deg. with the 64's. with my regular set up and swing, launch with the #6 was 16-18 deg.


    I'm leaning toward the 64's... I love the feel. I might just go back and pull the trigger on them. Now to figure out how to get this little purchase approved by the wife. :D

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