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  1. This seems like the place to post anything, so........... What the hell is the deal with the price of razor blades?! My wife usually just gets them for me when she goes grocery shopping. Lately she's been coming back with a brand new razor every time I tell her I need blades. She says the price of blades for my razor are around $16 bucks and it's cheaper to just get a new razor that comes with another blade. I use the Gillette Mach 3. I went to get blades myself this morning, thinking there is no way they can cost that much. Bull$hit! $15 bucks for 5 blades! Ridiculous!
  2. Good to hear you are doing good with the drink. I think all of us in the colder states are antsy to get out and hit em'.
  3. LOL.... I must have been editing my post as you were answering. Thanks for the insight.
  4. Has anyone played the Penta TP5 and Calloway Hex Black Tour? If so, what did you think? edit: I should have worded that better. Has anyone compared the two around the green? If so, do you prefer one over the other, and why? I'm only asking because I can get a killer deal on either ball, but I have never tried either one.
  5. I like it quite a bit. I was looking for a bag with individual tubes because I hate when my grips get stuck on each other, and fighting to get a club in the bag. The pockets hold a lot of stuff and the putter well is deep enough to keep your irons from smacking the putter head, at least in my case (33"). The putter well will accept the new jumbo grips, as well. It's a well made bag. I'll probably keep this one a while. edit: I'm sorry, I have the S-One, not the 7 way.
  6. Hmmm......... I usually just wear cargo shorts and a decent polo shirt. Unfortunately, I don't have much hair on top, which necessitates wearing a hat during the Summer......... and I HATE hats!
  7. Uphill shot every time. I guess that means that any location is a correct vote, depending on the slope of the green.
  8. First round of the year for me, today. I shot 82 with 3 penalties. Much better than I expected since I haven't played since the first week of Dec. I'll take it. .
  9. I played the first round of the year, today. I had my 913 set at 10* and used the RIP Phenom shaft. I averaged around 255 yds. I kept 11 of 12 driving holes in the fairway. Next time out I'm going to set it for 9.25 *. I also have the original RIP 60 shaft, which I love. I will try that in the next few rounds to see if I like the Phenom over it. So far, I'm really liking the Phenom.
  10. That's great.... someone older than me . Welcome.....again. I wish I understood the rules of hockey, it would give me something to watch until baseball season gets here . I'm an avid football fan, but baseball fills the void until Fall .
  11. You might be surprised at how many golfers play the way you do. I'm somewhat the same way. I was blessed with very good hand/eye coordination. I was into martial arts for many years, and competed regularly. I played tennis at an above average level for a good portion of my youth. I've been told that there is no way I can hit a muscleback type iron, but I seem to hit them just fine. Having said that, I'm intrigued by the technical side of the game. I love to read about the new stuff and the why's and wherefor's of things. It's all good. As long as you are enjoying playing and striving to get better, that's really all that matters.
  12. Thread drift happens on any forum, no matter the topic. It doesn't bother me at all. To me, it's just natural to inject a little small talk along with the topic at hand. Sometimes the thread will just take another direction for a while. No biggie...... at least to me.
  13. I play a Titleist 913 D3 at 10*. I've played it as low as 8.5*. I don't have any trouble getting the ball up, so I tend to play with the loft a bit. I like the higher loft in Spring and early Summer. I take it down a bit in July and August for a little more roll out.
  14. I was definitely a fan of Steve Wisnieski..... All Raiders fans were/are. I'm a big fan of Stefen too. He's a solid player. Been a Raiders fans for 45 years. Hopefully they can get back to their winning ways of the past. This last decade has been miserable.
  15. Being a poor Cabinetmaker of modest means, I will never see a course like those.
  16. Alright, I've been doing some thinking on this wedge purchase. If I were to consider Mizuno MPT4's, I don't see a lot of bounce options. I am still more than likely going with 4 wedges. Again, my PW is 46*. In the MPT4 line the 50* is 6* bounce. the 54* is 9* bounce. The 58* is 10*. Keeping a 4* gap between clubs, the bounce between the 54* and the 58* doesn't seem right. Does the soul grind on the Mizzys have something to do with it? I really don't want to spend a chunk of change like this on something that isn't going to work for me.
  17. I didn't buy the wisdom tooth excuse for a minute. Jack was being a gentleman with his commentary, but he didn't buy it either. Rory is a very talented player. He's used to playing at a certain level. Since his switch to the Swoosh, he has struggled. It doesn't take a rocket surgeon to know that he was just fed up and decided to quit. Hopefully, Rory knows how bad this looks, feels awful about it, and gets back to playing like he, and the rest of us, know he is capable of. I'm not going to hold this one incident against him. He's still very much a youngster, and will make mistakes and bad judgments....... just like most of us old farts did at that age.
  18. I noticed the tool in the link says "groove sharpener". Is it possible to sharpen the grooves with such a tool, and is it legal to sharpen the grooves?
  19. Thank you all for your input. I think I'm going to stay with 4 wedges and go 46*, 50*, 54* and 58*. The bounce #'s jmiller065 and Paul S suggested are what I was also thinking of. Those SCOR wedges definitely sound intriguing. What is so different about them compared to traditional wedges?
  20. Great thread and research. I've played Titleist NXT Tour and Bridgestone e6 for the past 3 years. My brother (3 hc) gave me a sleeve of Pro V1's to try. He said my short game was paying the price for the balls I was using. I ended up finishing last season playing Pro V1's and knocking off around 3 strokes a round. I'm going to give the Penta TP5 a fair shake as soon as this fickle Ohio weather will allow.
  21. Not sure I meet Ho status, but I just got a new set of MP64's and I don't plan on selling my MX25's.
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