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  1. Everything except straight and in the air is in play these days.
  2. Sippin some shine and diggin on Mahogany Rush.
  3. Home made moonshine.... and it is good!
  4. As bad as the last 4 weeks have been... I shot 38 in league tonight. I'll take a 3 in front of my score any time! Hopefully it continues.
  5. One of my brothers is right handed and plays left handed.
  6. Good stuff. I hope the bride and groom will have many happy years together. Penny looks great!
  7. I doubt that anyone needs 14 clubs. I bet I don't use more than 10 of them in a round.
  8. Yes, for a ball that can't be found because it's embedded.
  9. Well.... I only shot +11 today on the same 9...lol. Maybe I'll be able to squeak out a bogey round the next time...lol. I know what the problem is. I just can't make myself fix it. I'm raising up at the moment of impact and just cutting the ball in half with every club. I need to stay down in the shot. Why is this so hard when you know what you're doing wrong?
  10. Thanks to russtopherb, I ended up here. I love this band.
  11. Hell yea! Kings X is a great band and Taybor is a very under rated Guitar player.
  12. Back in time this evening. I was fortunate to them in their prime... 1977. One of my favorite Tull songs. ....and.....................
  13. I used to exclusively use my PW for everything. I'm not sure I know why I quit doing that. I got to where I could put it to pretty close proximity from 100 yards to right at the green. Maybe I should go back to it...lol.
  14. I use a 50* from 75 - 65 yards and 54* for everything else. I'll use 58* for high shots close to the green.
  15. Finding myself bored... and depressed over my golf game... drinking Tequila. So............. I figured a little Frank Zappa would help a bit...lol. Zappa was a genius.
  16. If you want to learn about chef knives, check out Burrfection on You Tube. His name is RykyTran. You will watch everything...lol. I ended up purchasing a Yaxel Dragon. Not cheap, but not nearly as expensive as they can get.
  17. This pretty much the way my group does it. We also give a free drop (if agreed on beforehand) for plugged balls when it's really wet and muddy.
  18. Use a scotch brite pad and Westley's Bleach White.
  19. It seems like such a long time ago.
  20. I'm still thinking about getting one, but you would consider me old...lol. I don't think anyone looks at it that way. I see plenty of people out there of all ages with push carts. I'm not sure why anyone would want to carry a bag when you can push/pull them and still walk. If you actually enjoy carrying your bag, have at it!
  21. If you could see my game right now................
  22. Right now.... just be able to hit the ball again.
  23. Easily...lol. That's why I sold mine.
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