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  1. I don't disagree, but if you're like me and play muni's and public courses, it will definitely take no less than 4 hours. They pack the players on and they don't really care about time... even though they make a show of caring. I find no difference in walkers vs. carters as far as time goes. I've walked my fair share in the past. I can no longer walk more than 9 due to back problems and a surgically repaired shoulder. Unless there is no one ahead of you... and the guy(s) ahead of them, it is just going to be 4 - 4.5 hours.
  2. It all depends on what you like. Scotch is the most diversified spirit that I know of. I'm a big fan of all things Islay. I love the the smoke and peat. Lagavulin.. Laphroaig.. Ardbeg.. Caolila.. Talisker.. (not Isay) same profile. Do you like sweet, smoke, grain? So much to be had with Scotch.
  3. Anything with a urethane cover will do just fine. I play Pro V's because I just do. I've played at least 3 - 4 other urethane balls over the years.... they all work pretty much the same. IMO... people/we get way too deep into this ball thing.
  4. Four Roses was the distiller for Bulleit in the beginning. Tennessee Whiskey is Bourbon by definition: at least 51% corn, stored in new, White Oak, charred barrels for no less than 2 years. The charcoal filtering ads no color or flavoring. Any Bourbon producer can do the same if they choose. Just like all bourbon is whiskey, not all whiskey is bourbon; all Tennessee Whiskey is whiskey, not all whiskey is Tennessee Whiskey. It has to go through the Lincoln County Process (maple charcoal filtering) to be called Tennessee Whiskey.
  5. My buddy puts his grill rack in the oven and uses the self clean mode. It works great.
  6. I buy all of my golf balls from them. Good prices and good service.
  7. I understand. I'm kind of there right now. Too much has happened over the last year. It's hard to get my head into golf, even though I love the game and I want to play. I have more pressing things to worry about other than how well I play golf. I just go out and try to have fun with the guys and not worry about bad shots or score. Sometimes I play well, other times not so well.... sometimes during the same round. I hope to regain my enthusiasm for the game, but right now golf is not a priority in my life.
  8. That was a tongue in cheek response from me...lol. Other than those two things... anything that works for you is good.
  9. If I could hit a 58* 125 yds. it would be the only wedge in my bag.
  10. Me too. Not golf related, but Knob Creek Bourbon pulled the same shortage stunt a few years back. Turns out there was no shortage... just a way to jack the price for a while.
  11. Today was a tale of two nines. The front nine was okay...40. The back nine was a different story. We got stuck behind a horrible foursome. We waited 10/15 minutes on every hole. The twosome behind us pushed us the whole way. We offered to let them play through and wait on the group ahead just like we were. Instead, they just kept badmouthing us and driving into us the whole nine. After the 3rd time they drove into us, I confronted them and told them I'd gladly shove my driver up their ass if it happened again. I'm old, but I'll stand with anyone if it comes to it. We ended up calling the club house because they just wouldn't let up. We waited for them in the parking lot and offered to settle it like men. They declined.... what a shock...lol. I ended up shooting 55 on the back because I was so pissed off. Not a good day on the course!
  12. I think a of people let hitting the ball get in the way of swinging the club. My brother makes very nice practice swings... then he let's it rip trying to hit the ball. We all know how that goes...lol. I always have tried to just swing through the ball like a practice swing. It seems to work most of the time. There are those times that golf just says "not today buddy"...lol.
  13. You can buy the mixer sticks that attach to the cartridge. Just pull the trigger and the glue is mixed when it reaches the tip.
  14. A few hot totties. My voice is strained and I can barely talk. It feels good on the throat... especially when made with extra bourbon (Ezra Brooks)...lol.
  15. Lifetime ban for getting pissed off on the golf course? Seems like there wouldn't be very many people playing if that was the punishment for getting angry during a round.
  16. All of them??? Without thread topics, there is nothing to talk about. I don't get rattled by repeat topics. If I don't want to read them, I don't click on them. If a forum has any longevity, there are going to be many repeat topics, because, well.... there are only so many things to post about...lol. Yea, doing a search to find a topic is referable, but most will post a new one. Life is too short to get my undies in a bunch over it.
  17. My boy (dog) will be two on May 18. So far in the 6 months I've had him, he's eaten my sectional down to the wood frame, tore the back off of my recliner...twice, chewed up 2 TV remotes, 3 bed comforters and an entire trash can... along with random books, one shoe, and the toilet paper holder. If he wasn't such a loving, loyal dog, I would have taken him back!
  18. I'm sorry for your loss. Losing a parent is hard.
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