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  1. On my third pour of Wild Turkey Rare Breed. Not sure I can do a fourth...lol.
  2. 37/41 for a 78. We played the last four holes in a down pour...lol. I had a good round going and didn't want to quit. My brother wasn't happy, lol.
  3. When this CV thing is "behind us" and I get back to work. I'm seriously looking at the Mizuno JPX 921 forged. I was looking at the Mizuno SC18 MMC's.... and then the Mizuno MP 20 MMC's. I think the 921 forged is what I'm looking for in an iron. I will need to hit them, of course.
  4. silver & black

    Bigg Golf ?

    I found one of those last week and I played the rest of my round and a whole round the next day with it. I really liked it. Too bad I lost it on the first tee the next time out...lol.
  5. I'm sorry you are having to deal with all that.... it sucks. My mother is 83 and she has Pancreatic cancer. She has been on Chemo for 3 years. She was in an auto accident 2 weeks ago.... sprained wrist, deep tissue bruise on her repaired hip and a broken #1 cervical bone in her neck. Between worrying about her and trying to survive through this CV19 thing, there isn't much to be happy about...lol. I just hand it over to God with the faith that He will provide.... even though it's hard to do.
  6. I hear ya brother! I started working for a guy on my golf league for cash under the table. Not a lot of money, but I'm not sitting at home watching bad news on TV all day...lol.
  7. They are the new Zima...lol.
  8. I'm very interested in the 921 forged. Have to see how things play out in the next few months. New clubs aren't in the mix right now.
  9. This guy is way too smart for me!
  10. Steve Marriott...... greatest front man ever!
  11. Been listening to this guy for the past few evenings. I have eclectic taste in music.... I can listen to anything that is "good". This qualifies as good... and then some.
  12. As one who talked about giving up the game, (no way I would ever do that...lol) it is definitely about attitude and perseverance (mental). Everyone struggles with this game at times. Ya just gotta keep slogging through it.
  13. I am also a huge fan of TXG... best there is on You Tube. There are a few others I enjoy, but TXG is the bar for knowledge, truth and honesty IMO.
  14. Jon Daly - Miguel Angel Jimenez - David Feherty (even though he technically doesn't play...lol) After reading through this, I see I missed a lot of guys/gals I would like to play with...lol.
  15. .... And maybe you are what he asked if you were/are?
  16. I've seen Ted at least a dozen times...lol. I saw him come on stage swinging from a rope, in a loin cloth, with nothing left to the imagination . I saw him in '76 when he was touring his first solo album at the Richfield Coliseum (Cleveland) .... I've been a fan ever since.
  17. A little Ted..... and a little Scotch.
  18. Good stuff! They have a Saxon vibe with their attitude and topic.
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