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  1. Tod - MN Because the season is so short, concentrated golfing is the name of the game up here in Minnesota. It is also an excellent place to test and evaluate performance across the ENTIRE spectrum of conditions that folks are playing in. Yes, people here consider showers and 39 degrees "decent" weather to golf in. Over the years, I have found significant performance anomalies in equipment based entirely on the temperature. This driver seems to appeal to a broader spectrum of player due to its price and the claimed performance. Therefore, I feel it appeals to the type of golfer we grow u
  2. Tod / MN 8 Handi Mizzy MP 59's (DG Tour S400) - yes still.... C300 Forged - Righty I have unlimited access to an "About Golf" Simulator with full data processing capability, plus...as soon as the snow melts (which you guys are familiar with) I will be on the range/course every day through June.
  3. Tod: Minnesota 9 Callaway Big Bertha Alpha Double...blah...blah...blah (longest driver name in history...) Rogue Black 60 stiff 102 - 260 Daniel Berger...(if only because they always seem to catch him spitooning )
  4. Tod Plymouth,MN 9.6 Mizuno Mp 59's DG s400 I need more "wiggle for my waggle!"
  5. Tod Minnesota Current Handi: 9 Current Irons: Mizuno MP 59 (DG S400 Tour stiff) Strength: Ball striking- long irons Weakness: distance control with short irons
  6. Shortly before your original article on the EVNRoll came out, I went in to be fitted for a new flatstick. I brought 3 others with me and walked out with a beautiful Bettinardi...and then I read about EVNRoll's accuracy on mishits and I thought..."Timing...life is funny that way." I'd like to test it against a professionally "fitted" putter that garners fairly high reviews by those who use them. Annual Average Rounds: 25 - 35 Current Handi: 9.6 Current Putter: Bettinardi Queen Bee #7
  7. Tod Minnesota / Southern Ontario... Current Handi: 9 As a steadfast Mizuno guy, I value the craftsmanship associated with blending materials. The MP 59's set a standard by which all blended forgings should and have been compared. I still play my 59's even though MP 23's are the upgrade...Since Hogan became a legitimate player a few years ago, I've been intrigued. Good luck all!
  8. Hmmmm. Always loved my Mizzy irons! Just moved from my MP69's to MP59's (C-Tapers stiff) Love to see how the JPX line has evolved, curious if they find a place in my bag! Great job again MGS!!! Tod Minnesota 106 915 D2 8.5* Fujikura Fuel Stiff
  9. My Current (GRINT in MN) Handicap is 7.9 ....(see how I threw that in from a previous forum...) Current Fairway: 913F 15* set at 15* (I'd love it bonded) with the Diamana D+ 82. Past "tinkerings"....Tour Edge XCG6 13.5, Tour Edge CB5 17.5 and 15. Favorite past "tinkering" (and one I wish I kept) Idea Super Black 15* (2) Hybrid....played to equal or better length than any fairway I have ever owned...
  10. This is (by far) one of my favorite posts about the TM ad machine. In some ways, their focus on reaching out to golfers whose ball striking is poor enough (I know "the majority") to require an equipment change for distance is both brilliant and infuriating at the same time. I was thinking about this in the same context the other day after seeing that exact commercial with Sergio commenting about 200+ distance with a club that, most of us (again, "the majority" ) should realistically hit between 155 - 175. Who really wants a 9 iron that goes 177? Have TM and SCORE wedges conspired against all
  11. +1 "newbie" from MSP (Plymouth) It is in quotes because I have been a subscriber for 2 years, but somehow my account got messed up....maybe it happened when I signed up for the "Ultimate Contest" through Facecrack... anyways...good to be back on! Can't wait for the snow to melt. Heading to TX for a 5 day (8 round) outing on 3/20. Funny thing, looking at my GHIN, the first score I entered last season was on 3/19 (I think it was at Ridges at Sand Creek) ! What a difference a year makes! So, two questions for a few of you: 1) hckymeyer are you an Ole? 2) BK have you ventu
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