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  1. Fran Steffler, Philadelphia HDC-17 Launcher HB Driver 9 degree strong 3 FW/ 16 and 20 degree Hybrids CBX Irons-4 thru gap wedge 52 and 56 degree wedges TFi2135 putter Z Star balls Great contest, thanks MGS and Cleveland!
  2. Fran Pennsylvania Taylor Made R11 Swing speed 90 Graffaloy Pro Launch Red Flex- S
  3. Fran-Philadelphia,Pa Taylor Made R11 Graffaloy Red Pro Launch Swing Speed-90ish Carry-210-220
  4. This is perfect, I was going to be fitted for forged Mizunos for my birthday and the only decision was JPX 850 forged with boron or the new forged EZ's with boron. Thanks for the opportunity! Fran Philadelphia 12 handicap Mizuno MX25's not custom fit stock Exar IS2 regular flex shafts
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