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  1. LMAFO It only took less than 5 minutes to get to the bottom of your link (thread). I think looked pretty darn empty at the end when my wife looked at me and said "do you need to go to washroom or something?" answered right back "No, I already s*** myself....." I thought the thread would be 20 pages long but oh well It also took me around 3 months to figure out which putter was the best for me. Thus I chose to play Odyssey ProType PT10. And I did spend some time over the winter and early part of March out on the practice green putting away much of my weekend morning. I alway
  2. I just turned on my study/research mode! Reading begins~ Thanks for the great links. ah~~~~~ joy of doing what I love. Hope my wife is busy doing her stuff for a while.
  3. To start with, my wife never likes when I talk about golf, play golf, shop golf clubs, and read about golf. Then again, she is a decent player who always complains about her putter and wedges. I probably had to switch my putters with her at least 3-4 times in last 5 years (which means my entire married life). Yesterday, I found only golf bags in the basement. I know I've seen it before but I only thought it would be her very old clubs (she golfed for about 11 years before she met me). Upon opening this treasure, I found her old "PUTTERS". Oh Good Lord! was my first word when I saw th
  4. In Southern most part of Ontario.... or should I say Northern most part of Michigan/Ohio. Our weather was not that bad since last week so I went to my local green to practice wedges and putting. Made a mistake bringing my 3 year old (he is now home with cold..... ). Anyway, green was quite wet thus ball didn't roll as much as I wanted yet it was nice to have my wedges and putter out on a REAL grass to spend some time. Then again today, it is raining like monsoon.....
  5. I used to play 10.5 with regular off the rack shafts for a while, which gave me a ballooning flight. Then I changed my shafts around to bring the backspin #s down. Still, I was hitting it a bit higher than I wanted to. So I traded my 10.5 head to 9.5 head (RAZR FIT). Backspin #s linger around low 2000s (2100 - 2300) and I love the low penetrating flight. I recently tried Ping I20 which I loved but in that driver, I would get myself 10.5 loft. Tried all three lofts and (with Black Tie Stiff) 9.5 was a bit lower than my likings. Back spin #s are around 2200 - 2500 rpm and it was the mo
  6. LMAO I didn't expect these great videos from MGS but wow.... I laugh alot lately
  7. Maybe on PGA and European PGA tournaments, but even that is pushing it. Advancement of golf equipment is inevitable. Otherwise none of golf equipment companies will survive. It would not make sense to limit the use of "technologically advance golf balls" or "number of balls used" or etc for amateurs or leisure golfers. PROS not using "pro tour" type golf balls can definitely work if USGA pushes their envelope again like belly-putter ban. But why would they? They should rather limit the length of shafts or angles of irons/drivers. In order to address this issue, they have already limited
  8. I actually laughed so hard my wife told me to "shut up for our new born" ah~~~~ Golf Boys are awesome!
  9. WOW This is one beautiful putter indeed. Such great milled face!
  10. Great analysis and good points everywhere. As per your saying, grip and posture was the top priority to be changed in last three days. I was a bit slouched but not too much. Yet that caused my right elbow to depart further out from my core which caused earlier opening of my belt (body). But that was not too bad of change. I had to change all my clubs to mid-sized grip to start with. Then I was gripping too hard (bad habit). Learning how to almost let go~ was the hardest which caused my follow swing to lose itself around Andromeda. Anyway, it is slowly getting better yet I still ca
  11. wow. Just came back from a lesson. This was my third session with local CPGA Pro who showed me the "smooth" tempo. Like R.P. Jacobs II mentioned, I thought about going through lessons (its been 6 years since I actually had a swing lesson from a pro) and it worked out great. Only to find out that my swing speed is down ........ to the point where I had to change my shafts from X to S. As per jmiller065's post, I am slowly but surely finding comfort from smooth swing tempo yet not patient enough to get myself used to this "smooth" swing. The moment of Impact has changed significantly
  12. You know you're a club Ho..... when you are reading this and say "that's normal.... isn't it?" My excuse is I have two backup sets ready for guests and friends. First backup set with Callaway X prototype, jaw wedges, odyssey putter and Ping K15 Driver. Second backup set with Mizuno MP 57, SM3 wedges, odyssey putter and R9 Supertri. Now I know I am either a collector or ho....... or golf club hoarder in progress.....
  13. I laughed so loud my new born baby was awake from his sweet dreams~ ah~ the second video was even better as soon as I saw the lady hiding behind the podium. priceless salute~
  14. Good day everyone. I am pretty new to this forum but I would like to share my story to get some help from you experts out there~ (basically everyone except me) Recently I have changed my swing mechanics from "somewhat" forceful to more of "smooth" swing. This caused slower clubhead speed but so does it lessen burden on my left shoulder which I had surgery not too long ago. Driver clubhead speed went from 110-115 down to 95-100 but I no longer have pain on my left shoulder from extending it fully. I had to go get fitted again for my driver shaft since it didn't work for me with ch
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