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  1. I've been interested in this since viewing a vlog several months ago. I'd be happy to be a part of the test. Over the past couple of years my work in the gym has actually slowed me down a bit in the swing. I was at a range of about 170 ballspeed the harder i train in the weight room, for build and not for speed, the more the old "snap" seems to turned slow but powerful subdued "wooosh". The only extra thing I can say that I would be able to bring to the table is the stats. I recently sold my soul and purchased a gc2 with HMT. I'm a committed player and avid golf nerd and would be excited to add this to my routine. I play at home three times a week and on the course at least once a week. I would be able to provide solid data for the " before", which i've gathered over the past two months, and of course the progress and eventual end results. Velocity Delta Deviation "Consistency" Delta Dispersoin changes Etc. Your first name : Adam Home state/province : Missouri Current driver/shaft/shaft weight : AD IZ 60s Current swing speed: 109-112 on HMT ,Radar based report around 114 This is and average playing shot
  2. For sale, Like new SKYtrak golf monitor. Comes with oringinal packaging and instructions work perfectly Just need a phone or computer, a matt and a hitting net and yoru are ready to go 1490 shipped OBO Contact me via cell text 816 759 9307
  3. Well, I understand your concern but how does equipment in mint condition not meet that standard. Surely the rule isn't stipulating that equipment in immaculate condition cannot be sold. Must the equiment used by the infividual that purchased it , not for resale, show signs of significant wear?...I doubt that. My understanding is that MGS as a company is prohibiting the sale of new equipment by businesses and "other" entities on the classified forum. I'll take your comment in to consideration. If rewording is required I'll be happy to speak with the mods about it.
  4. For sale Paypal only. Item is located in the Kansas city area and will ship within one business day USPS priority. No trades at the moment. Rogue Fairway wood 15 degree loft Head only *comes with headcover of course Perfect Condition and headcover was never used ! 215.00 shipped 2 day priority -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Edel E3 Torque balanced putter like New condition show no signs of use 35" Round edelputter grip Black finish with a single line up line on the flange 330 retail price *pics tocome tonight...for some reason they aren't uplaoding on the computer Asking 270 shipped ------------------------------------------------------------------- Fujikura Atmos Blue Tour spec Fairway shaft Std trimming 3 wood fairway shaft PXG fairway adapter measures 43 inches but of grip to tip of adapter* if tip is removed it will be about 42.7" MCC Align grip Mint conditoin built by Will Peoples 150 shipped ------------------------------------------------------------------------ For sale Callaway 2108 X forged utility 18 degree loft 1 degree flat Std length Project x 5.5 shaft Multi compound grip New condition - hit on good matts one session...hit the crap out of it with this thing but jit doesnt fill the gap i need Asking 180 shipped
  5. 1. AGE: 36 2. SWING SPEED: 108-112 3. HANDICAP: 0 4. ROUNDS PER YEAR: 60 5. CURRENT DRIVER: Epic Sub zero 6. HAVE YOU EVER BEEN FIT FOR A DRIVER IN THE PAST YEAR: N 7. AVERAGE DRIVER DISTANCE: 290 give or take on course... Closed data (Trackman - Over 300)
  6. Hzrdus Yellow Handcrafted 70 6.0 flex driver shaft no tipping played 44.5 in Ping G400 driver MCC plus 4 align grip spine aligned with grip mint shape tip has been pulled 199.00 shipped ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Graphite design Tour AD TP 7s stiff Driver shaft Ping G400 tip playing 44.5" ( can trim to your spec) no tipping MCC mid size grip * new mint shaft 220 shipped ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Superb condition 716 CB 3 iron std length std loft std lie S300 AMT shaft std trimming 100.00 shipped
  7. Yes Please! First Name - ADAM Home State/Province/Country - MISSOURI Current Handicap - 2.1 Current Iron Set - NIKE VAPOR PRO
  8. Adam Huckeby Kansas City, KS Handicap 3 I'd be interested in this type of product not only for myself but on the occasion I give a lesson. Heard quite a bit about them and would be excited to give them a shot and report what I find. Been a while for me on the forum..*( divorce, job loss, dog died from caner, I was diagnosed with Systic Fibrosis) Been an interesting few months. But...its golf season now so all is good . anyway hope all is well with you guys
  9. Handicap: +1.1 What does the name Ben Hogan mean to me? The name represents a feeling, a nostalgia, a mystique. A "Feild of Dreams" representation of where golf came from and what golf used to be. Very interested to see how that name makes its reentrance. Would be excited to try them but even if i'm not chosen I hope they do well.
  10. Had an opportunity to test on outdoor flightscope at a Ping Demo Day over the weekend. Interesting to put numbers with visual feedback For those of you who might prefer that sort of data I was pleasantly surprised to find I had more ballspeed, 167 average, less spin 1650 avg, and similar if not slightly lower launch 14 degrees. Best results were still seen with the 9 degree head with the Tour 65 Stiff shaft. Dispersion was almost identical to what I saw on Foresight. They were very busy and i was trying all of the shaft weights and configurations so I didn't get a chance to hit more than 15 shots or so with my preferred setup and wasn't able to tune up the head to 10 degrees ( which would probably have gotten me in to the 1800-2000 spin with 15 or so launch range ) I also spent more time with the G30 hybrid (19*) and Fairway (14.5*) both in tour shafts. I would say both feel just like you would expect after hitting the driver. They both had very good numbers compared to my current setups, dispersion in particular was outstanding. I dont know about the larger footprint on these just yet. I'm currently playing the i25 hybrid and an SLDR tp fairway. Both of these clubs have fairly small footprints so looking over the G30's would take some adjustment. I had no issue with this off the matt but in a tight lie situation. well..I would just have to test to see.
  11. Nice pics Zinger! These clubs are beautiful. "classic prestigious beauty". I hit a few MB irons at a local builders shop. Interesting feel. Really nice. But I cant justify the cost personally.
  12. Revkev, I'll be interested to see this as well. I can tell you that I have personally seen four guys with pretty different swings attempt the club so far. Overall I was very impressed that It held up the way it did with the variety approaches/swings. Of all the clubs we hit together today G30 performed best on average. There was one exception, a friend that produces consistent 180-185 ballspeed that simply couldn't get the spin to come down to any acceptable level with the Tour Stiff shaft. Understandable I would say. Just in case you are wondering now, yes, the club survived. One of the higher spin players that I spend a lot of time testing equipment with was able to get quite a few shots producing 2000-2500 spin. High spin or low the thing that was consistent was well, the consistency. Very accurate and very straight. I still say you have to try any club yourself. These are just the experiences of a few, and all of us are very used to testing a lot of different clubs. Not having seen any of the new offerings from any other company I hesitate to make a prediction about next years "Most Wanted Driver". But I'll say this right now. The competition has their work cut out for them. I just don't know how it could get much better than this for me. Hopefully we get a lot more members sharing on this thread.
  13. hhhaa heemmm....I've missed em, oh...i've missed them
  14. If I'm ever there I'll ask if they could move them up just for me 20 to 60 yards? Over the fence or rolling up against it I'm pumped about this club.
  15. Todays numbers with the loft adjusted down to 8 degrees. Not quite as tight today. But great numbers for me anyway. Seems pointless to post these now that X shared his experience. How'd it perform for you....meh..."over the Bubba fence"... Enough said.
  16. Ok everyone this is a draft that i will be editing/"fluffing" a bit tomorrow but I'm throwing it out here tonight. I think we should start this thread sooner rather than later. For those of you that haven't made your late summer trip to the local golf store thinking there will be nothing new to see you might want to give it a shot. Here in the KC metro the Ping reps are making their rounds and setting up the fitting carts with all the new G30 equipment for preorders on the late July official release. In other words the demo's are out. ///Things I've learned so far//// //////////////////////// Things are a changin at Ping. New releases with more adjustability Better performance and with, in my opinion, better looks with each release. "Well done PING!" Seems as though that is the theme around here lately but that praise is pretty undeniably well deserved. Ping has a strong reputation for doing things right, sticking to their core beliefs as a company, and generally being pretty damned impressive. I hear it everywhere , believe it, yet I only have a two Ping products in my bag. That doesn't mean I don't like their product I just use whatever best fits my needs without brand consideration( as much as anyone really can). Never the less I still get excited for the next new release each time hoping the next one will be one that I can game. New releases are awesome...mostly New club releases, especially drivers, are about as good as it gets. Chatter,excitement, even arguments...We get pretty keyed up over it one way or another. All the way up to the release and even after for a while there is no bigger Buzz in the game of golf! Its awesome and one of my favorite things about this game. Of course everything has its downside and new equipmentreleases, as much as I love them, are no exception. One thing we all hate with new releases,, more specifically with the implementation of new adjustability,,,is that our collections of adapters and high end shafts become scrap that must be painstakingly parted out. New adapters must be found at what seems an extreme expense and often after a long wait for their already loyal customers. The price we pay for progress I suppose but at times it would appear they aren't exactly trying to make it easier for us. Ping it seems is addressing this, at least in part, and making the transition a little smoother. Yes the new ping adapters are different and no you cant use your old tips in the new equipment. We wanted more adjustability and now we are going to get it. But this time however I am happy to share with you that Ping will now offer components for its new clubs in the G30 line including adapters and even shafts. Shaftoids get your epoxy ready! That's right no waiting 6 months for them to be available. You can call ping customer service right now for pricing.....or read it below. Adapters- $20/pc (must be purchased in three pack so your retailer may ask you to buy all of them ...maybe not ) Shafts- I cant speak for aftermarket ( which i know went up from last year) but the stock shafts very reasonable as well 30 dollar upgrade for this shaft with the club but only 60 for a second shaft in a different flex *tfc tour price To me this is news. Tinkerers like myself are not only getting the extra adjustability and wiggle room for an ever changing poor swing, we are getting access to more options at a better price and So whether this makes you want to run right out and demo all the new Pings....I dunno. But for me its just another factor in my consideration for "whose club do I choose" and for me the options any club affords me has always been a factor. ///My First Demo/// /////////////////////// I was able to get my hands on the G30 yesterday at a local Golfsmith. I was hitting my own Prov1x balls and using a brand new Foresight Gc2 monitor to test. *Thanks as always to my friends at GS* THE PING G30 PING G30 9 degree head set in std for this test....with the TFC Tour 65 in Stiff *would have preferred to demo the x but they hadn't' received that option for their cart as of yet. Pings Tour shafts come cut to a shorter length of 45.25 vs the 45.75 of the Tfcd shafts Adjustability as you know by now is up or down +/-.6 or +/-1.0 degrees. Double the adjustability of previous models *I will come back later and update with further images of my own Looks "Trekky gets Trekkier" I once saw a video review about the Ping Anser that called the crescent alignment aid, and I quote, "Klingon-Esq". This was a reference that I recognized but could not fully appreciate. Alright, I technically appreciated, yes I watched it but I was around 8 years. Cut me some slack. Anyway as soon as I saw this club I was instantly reminded of that review and I cant deny it this time, these clubs look star trek inspired. I'm not saying it looks bad I just posing the possibility that star trek has a fan in the design department in Arizona.....anyway..back to the review First, I really actually do like the look of this club in person. This is one, that for me, was tough to appreciate in the online shots. The Turbulators are not nearly as pronounced as i thought they would be in seeing the sneak peek images online and elsewhere. They do, as i've heard others say, frame the ball extremely well. I'm sure that purists will probably shy away from its razorbacked appearance but that is some the price you pay for being different. Colors are back in ping and this time its bold, blue, and awesome.The blue is really cool mixed with matte and gloss. Putting all that together this might be the best looking club from Ping in quite some time. The 460 head seems big and friendly down by the ball. Nothing new here from the the G25. It sits nice and square just like I like it and I have always been a fan of the matte finish. One other thing the turbulators do for me visually, which is an improvment over the G25, is that they draw my focus away from the large foot print of the club. Generally I dont do well with large heads and for whatever reason my misses generally tend to get bigger as "cc's" increase. Not the case here I do feel like I have to tee it up a bit further so that i can get my usual angle of attack but other than that probably unnecessary adjustment I felt very comfortable addressing the ball. The TFC Tour optional shaft is a metallic pewter color that look great with this head. I might prefer the blue but only slightly and because I'm starting to like louder flashier colors personally, and because it matches the head. Feel I base this experience on my test of the G25. The G25 for one is very loud even on the best struck shots, very firm feeling, and has a "touch" that tells you that you missed but doesn't feel abysmal like one off the hosel of a bladed iron. The G30's feel is very similar but seems softer, in my opinion, because of the lower sound. It certainly isn't muted and it is still very metalic "clack".... but it is noticeable quieter and subdued. I would say the overall sound and feel for me, a person who prefers much softer dull sounding clubs, are down from obnoxious to the tolerable. At least my ears weren't ringing. WORTH A MENTION Very often with all there is to talk about in a new release there are inevitably details that get left out or set aside. One luxury I have in this format is not having to care about space, how many words are in the review, or am I going to lose a reader at any given point. Basically I can blather on for ever, ie see this paragraph, and nobody can say "boo" about it. So with that lets spend a minute on a little spoken of aspect of this new line and what is actually a noteworthy change. The new grip. The Ping 5L - From the website "The 5L grip features a firmer texture in the upper portion to help control direction and a softer texture in the lower portion for enhanced feel. It is available in two versions - round for clubs with PING's Trajectory Tuning+ Technology, and ribbed for the hybrids and irons." I actually heard this was a new after demoing the club, or I should say I confirmed that it was because going in I had no idea. Anyway I noticed it. That is probably the most important thing to takeaway because everything else I tell you about the grip is strictly subjective. I was probably three swings in when I actually took a look at the grip. . Usually I have a hard time with demo clubs because I normally use mid sized grips and secondly because they are usually dirty, cheap, and impossible to hold on to without going white knuckle on them. Yes, these demos were brand new and practically unhit giving the 5L's a definite unfair advantage but regardless of that I really liked the feel. For those of us that refuse stock grips as an option I encourage you to give the 5L a shot. Performance Performance of course is where it all comes together. The G25 for my swing was never ideal. It would produce spins and launch combinations outside my personal range of "acceptable loss". I would have more shots than not that would produce spins that would were too high and would have to be in lofts that were lower than I wanted to play in order to keep them in check. The G25 always produced great ballspeed with supreme accuracy and forgiveness but the spin rates where simply not acceptable. For the G30 something changed, whether it is due to the stock Tour shaft option, the head design itself, my swing changes over the past year, or it could be something else I haven't considered. Regardless all those problems seemed to have gone away. As I mentioned I was testing in the Stiff Tour 65 and that i would have preferred to use the X flex as that it what tends to work best for me in most setups. Even with the looser shaft i was able to keep my spins and launch very close to what i consider to be ideal. ballspeed average 15 shots= 165 (160 low - 168 high) Launch average 15 shots = 16.5 (14.5 -low- 17.8 high) Spin average 15 shots = 2300 - (ranging from 1900 to 2500 top to bottom) If i had taken the loft down to the -.6 or -1 degree setting, or had the Tour X flex, or better yet both I could have easily gotten those spin rates down to the 1900 to 2k range.These numbers are good but not far off from what I have seen from any other club I have been testing that is set up properly for my swing. That being said the thing that was notable, but not surprising, was the the dispersion. Two 5 to 6 shot groups would have fit in a space about as big as my driveway on group dead center of the fairway and the other just left 15 yds. The rest of the shots where misses that i over turned but kept in play.. I was having a good day but head to head with my current gamer this club was tighter. As for shape bias i think I would have to say it has one, straight, the ball started straighter and stayed straighter than probably any drive I have hit. They say the more rearward and lower COG helps to close the face and i would have to say that from what have seen that is true. My shots generally are push draws. The G30 continually produced less of a push and less of a draw . Again and Again almost right down the line ...Lot of fun to hit really. And no fear on swinging away with the large 460 footprint. Again not really a surprise considering pings performance in their G lines for accuracy. DO TURBULATORS WORK? The big question. I don't doubt that they do something. I have seen others test this and I do trust Pings word. But as of right now I cant say whether I was able to achieve any more club head speed with this over the G25. At least not in this test. I did not have a trackman or my sc100 . Even if I did have either of those units I don't have the capability of testing identical setups for a truly valid test anyway. I did average 2 mph more ballspeed with the G30 over the G25 but that could be attributed to better fitting shaft and heavier head weight. I will do further testing on another day to find out more on that. FWIW they do serve as a functional alignment aid that I grew more and more fond of them as the session progressed. ///Conclusion- a positive experience //////////////////////////////////////// To sum it up I have to say that I would consider putting this one in the bag if I got a chance to test it outdoors on the course. I'm suspect I would lose on top end distance but only marginally so, maybe 5 yds. If I scored it the way MGS does with "true distance" I don't think it would even be much of a contest combining good days and bad. So if 5yds loss meant more confidence and hitting more fairways I'm sold. I think the important thing here is that I found this club capable of producing high launch and low spins that I am looking for with very high levels of accuracy and all with better sound and feel than last years model. So what your experience? What do you think of the new blue? How about those turbulators? Lets hear what you have to say. Guests don't be shy sign in and sound off.
  17. 7/14 Update added*******************************
  18. 7/10 EDIT ADDED***************** added from this afternoons monitor test...pretty interesting results See them on the first page of this thread.
  19. Glad to hear you are still enjoying it Dave. sharing because its funny ->>My first 2 swings were in the 8.5 setting I got 169 ball speed but a whopping 800 and 900 rmps of backspin respectively Really need to come up with a phrase other than "low spin". A truly "no spin" driver. #MYBALLDONTFLY .....I'll work on it.
  20. Id say that length obviously makes a huge difference for you. I know that grip size makes it extremely difficult for me to test clubs off the rack. Congrats on the work paying off in your swing.
  21. thanks Jpc I'm sort of in the same boat . Maybe a higher launch higher spin shaft that was never an option before would work here.
  22. Thanks Steven...Look forward to your thoughts.
  23. I originally heard about this clubs release right here on MGS. Tony put out a forum post describing the features and benefits, and being the AMP Cell pro fan that he was, I thought we would surely see a review sooner than later. I also hoped there would be a demo popping up somewhere close by so I could give it a go in person. Neither, unfortunately, has happened yet. Cobra Golf-always the stepchild The trouble with this particular club, at least I am told, is that it is geared toward such a small niche that the big box stores in my area (golf smith, Edwin Watts, etc ) aren't bothering to get demos. *The bigger reason it seems to me is that it is Cobra golf . Cobra just doesn't get the play or press around here that the other big name manufacturers get. Especially when they release a club that doesn't coincide with “regular” release cylces. Of course if this were a Callaway or TMAG club with the same specs I bet I could have gotten my hands on one. For myself, and Im sure I'm not alone, I think this is a shame. From a performance standpoint the Cobra driver and fairway line this year has been a pretty big success. The Standard bio cell its a large very forgiving driver, albeit not for my swing, but nice all the same. The + was much more in the wheelhouse of what I need out of a club performance wise. Medium/High launch I would call it with very low spin. It really is a great performing club. But where it shines in performance it definitely leaves me somewhat wanting in the looks, feel, and sound department. The fairways, at least in the plus line, are superb in my opinion. “Great looking, feeling, and performing club” A rep from Cobra said they are probably the most popular in the line today and one of their best sellers. If I was in the market for a fairway the plus would definitely have a chance to be in the bag. Then came the pro line. “Line” is a stretch obviously since it is a single driver. The last minute add on and possibly what might have been a truly limited, "limited release" judging by its scarce to nonexistent presence in my area. When I asked around I was given the answers that I expected,,,,with some slight variances.,,,,but all to say basically the same thing. The Bio Cell Pro is just "Too low launching and too low spinning to put on the shelves" When I hear statements like that, yasomebody actually said it to me, I have to see it for myself. Not that I needed a lot of convincing because the Amp Cell Pro remains one of my favorite clubs to date. I have filtered dozens of club and shaft combinations in and out of my bag over the last 4 years but that particular driver stands out probably more than any other as the epitome of feel and sound perfection. Subjective opinion of course. According to one Cobra employee the “Plus” is really this year's Amp Cell Pro. Performance and target demographic are similar only they decided to lose the Pro denomination. So why not call it the Bio Cell Pro? Well I'm told that they believed that the word “PRO” had negative connotation for the greater portion of the golfing market. Their thinking was that too many golfers shied away from the ACP fearing it would be too difficult for them to use when in fact it was a very playable driver. So they came out with the “Plus” reserving the “pro” for the club you really should shy away from. Fair enough….. Anyway I still wanted to see what the new club was all about. Im not sure what sort of late release driver reviews MGS plans to do at this point. With so much to cover throughout the year and so few people to do it I'm guessing there will always be a few models that have to slip through the cracks. So boredom, curiosity, and a lot of impatients have overwhelmed me again. I placed an order a couple of weeks ago and I spent the last four days giving this players model from Cobra a go. The club arrived last Wednesday right before I left for the holiday weekend to visit my Wife's family in western Kansas. I was able to get out a little early and head over to the shop to do some quick numbers checks and get an initial feel for the performance. I switched out to a midsized grip and while the tape dried I warmed up a bit like I always do. Pro specs -black head set to 10 degrees -stock Red Tie shaft in Xflex Before I start I think it always helps others understand the performance of a club if I give a little background. Age - 33 yrs old and getting older Hanidcap - Around scratch and rising Current driver - SLDR 430 12 degree set in “standard” with 7.2 MTS X Swing speed- up and down depending on the workout day...from 110 to 115 according to Tman and SC100 AoA- Positive 3-6 degrees Swing path- In to out path bordering on extreme at times ( this causes a lot of issues for me, severe left missed from hooks occasionally but more often my miss is a push) Stock shot - My stock shot is a push draw which I chose to play due to the low spin high launch it produces My tempo - if you believe a mizuno shaft optimizer, is on the smooth side. A fact that I find hard to believe but the shafts that tend to fit me best now seem representative of that general group. FIRST IMPRESSIONS I was a big fan of the Amp cell line for looks. Clean, sharp, and sleek. The looks of this club are ok. The bio cell line as a whole has been steps back in my opinion , not hold your nose and avert your eyes bad, just not quite as good. I personally don't care for the snake skin shadow or for the thin white line that traces the outline of the head. It's better than the plus by a long shot but it seems a bit toyish in comparison to last years line. Toyish might be a bit strong...how about slightly cheaper looking. Maybe I'm just so partial to the old one that i have trouble being objective about the new...I can't be sure. I do know that as I used the club through the test and even more so in the on course testing I found myself forgetting about the looks as is often the case. To be honest I ebb and wane a lot on what I like for looks, and looks are so subjective,,,I don't know. The point is who cares what I like the look of. I really think I should have gone with blue and I'm bitter that I didn't make that choice in the first place. Anyway…lets move on. "The white shaft" this part is simple. The white shaft to the head still looks “awesome”. I didn't know just how much I liked the look of the white until I used it outdoors but something about it just appeals to me. Like guys wearing white shoes to make it seem like they are running faster…I just feel like I'm getting more out of it. I can't prove that the lighter/ brighter shafts help my swing but whenever I use them I seem to feel more aware of what path my club is taking in the back swing. FEEL The first thing that i noticed in unboxing was the balance of the club. I am coming from clubs that feel to me much more head heavy ( Covert 2.0 and SLDR 430 ). By comparison the bio cell pro seems to be much more neutrally balanced. I don't feel any sort of heavy point in the club. In warming up I and taking a few practice swings I really liked the feel but I was concerned as to how this would affect my ability to sense the clubs positions in my swing and how it would affect my contact. A few swings in and I was relieved of that worry. In fact I think the balance helped me regain some control at the top of the swing. When using the heavier heads I seem to have a tendency to let the weight drag me further back than I should be and get across the line. From there its gonna be a dead pull or a push unless I can do some fancy coordinating of the club face down by the ball. This doesn't happen all the time or anything, it's more of a tendency for a miss. The bio pro feel seemed to more or less eliminate these occurrences while still maintaining enough feel to get good consistent contact. I think that feel by far the hardest thing to describe. My best description is "surprising".. but if I left it at that might as well not say anything at all. I thought or hoped that the 440 head driver would be reminiscent of the Amp cell pro in most ways. That club felt hot of the center, very connected at impact, definite feedback on a miss that you weren't dead on with enough forgiveness to keep in play and out there a ways. When you did hit it right it had a sound that too my ears equated to crushing a ball flat of the center of a wooden bat and springing off like a rocket..... The BIO CELL PRO is not the same driver. Not bad but not the same. Unlike the the Plus's composite construction it is made entirely of titanium giving it a very different sound/ feel profile. It is much better than the Plus in this regard but compared to the old Amp cell pro well I don't think it feels quite as connected, or meaty, its more of a remote soft clicky contact that feels pretty good and from anywhere on the face with much less feedback on contact. I often found myself having to check for white marks to see exactly where I had a hit any given shot. To compare it to another club i would say it's like hitting a G25 with a "springier but soft" face and more quiet sound. I would never describe it as dead it actually feels really nice. But much more like a game improvement feel than a 440cc players club. It took some getting used to but by the end of the session i was enjoying the new feel. PERFORMANCE There are some major pluses and a few definite cons when it came to the numbers on the monitor. Forgiveness - Major plus. I didn't seem to matter what i did with this club It just wanted to go straight. My usual misses where all but nonexistent and this club seemed to be "left proof". That being said if you tend to struggle missing to the right I could see this club not working out very well for you. Feel was good from almost anywhere on the face. And the ballspeed were affected as little, probably less, than anything I have ever hit and certainly any “players club” Flight / distance- As I said in the "about me" section I play a stock high push draw to kill spin on my drives. It became quickly apparent that this technique was not ideal for this club. My shots averaged good ball speed. 164 ish ( a little low but i was hitting everything in my bag that way on this particular day), good launch but lower than I am used to @12-14 degrees, but the spin of sub 1500 rmps . Basically hitting knuckle balls out there resulting in a big loss of carry. I either needed higher launch, higher spin, but most likely both. The number on foresight Gc2 look OK but I know that this system tends to be overly forgiving on low spin. If you take these numbers and plug them in to Flightscopes trajectory optimizer you will see that the carry is not what it could be. Dispersion - This is the part of the club test that I could not ignore and what pushed me to give it a shot on the course in my weekend rounds. The screen shot above represents a single group of data points with out a single dropped shot. They are actually a bit hard to see but there are 4 or so that are almost right on the line. --a statement I have never been able to make about any test off the tee before now No club I have ever tested that can match this grouping ( especially without any outliers) . The best part is that I did this several times deleting a group and starting over. I have had longer clubs but nothing with this accuracy. The largest factor in the dispersion was the short shot and the two longest that for some reason got cut off of the screen. The longest two were the last two that I tried hitting a cut. The shortest was a complete miss that was forgiven almost to the point of being unfair. CONCLUSIONS- if any Honestly it is still to soon to draw any real conclusion on a whole. The results of this session were not ideal but they certainly warranted more testing. My theory was that I could work on changing my setup to play a cut to add the needed spin and play the stock push draw in to the wind. So I packed the club up with my things to play it for three rounds over the weekend. FIELD TESTING Friday came and it was time to for some real world trials. They have a small narrow range at this course so I had some time for a short warm up. I tried my stock shot on the range first just to confirm. The ball launched a little higher than I expected but as I saw on foresight it more or less dove for the ground. A few setup tweaks and I was hitting some pretty decent highish, straight to straight-cut shots. The range hits in to trees at about 270 so i couldn't tell much about distance. It's funny how hard it is to line up for a shot you haven't been playing at all. My first few drives were right of the fairway but in play. After that I fought every instinct and aimed it down the left center and at that point things really started looking up. Once I got in the groove I was right in the middle as many or more times than I can remember on that course. Distance with cross wind was great using the cut shot, again not the longest ever but the extremely consistent. Distance in to the wind was outstanding several shots dead in to the western Kansas wind were out there 290 plus. By my third round I was getting longer and more confident playing the straight shot. I think my stock shot caused a lot of stock misses that I didn't really seem to have to fear with this club. Going after it usually meant a duck hook for me and by then end of the second round i was getting out to some spots I cant remember being in on that course actually ended up shooting the lowest round I have ever managed. I swung this club 10 times in that round which is actually a lot for me compared to my home course. I know I have to make a lot of other shots but I cant deny that that low round was due in part to the Bio Cell Pro. WRAP-UP Its not that I didn't believe the hype on this club but after testing it I'm still surprised at just how "not for everyone" this club really is. It truly deserves the “PRO” name they have given it. The fact of the matter is I'm still not sure its going to work out for me. I will probably invest some time and money in testing some higher launching higher spinning shafts and see if I can keep up the accuracy that I have seen while regaining some of the carry that I lost. Regardless of that loss it is still plenty long and I know that I can hit more fairways with this club than my SLDR. As for anyone else considering this club I think the BCP could actually benefit players with decent club head speed that don't have problems getting the ball in the air, but need help controlling spin. "It is without a doubt the lowest spinning driver I have hit to date and probably the most forgiving for its size" If you are like me and are generally a lower spin player already be prepared to have to make some adjustments either in the way you swing or the shaft this club comes in I hope this sheds a little light on the Bio cell pro. I plan to continue to post on this thread as my testing continues and will answer any questions you might have regarding my experience or comparisons to other clubs out there today. 7/9 UPDATE********************************** Had another round with this driver last night. Great warm up on the range but i kept missing right when a target was involved on my home course. I have points on that course that I am so used to lining up with that I found it extremely difficult to adjust. I dont know how well I will be able to handle playing a draw with every other club but the driver at this point. Basically it was just a bad day. I had one driver on the first hole that I'm fairly certain carried past where I normally hit as it smacked in to a fence that runs perpendicular to the fairway at about 290 out. Great shot except that it was 20 yds right of the fairway. The fun continued from there I missed right on all of the 5 holes I used it on. I just wasn't lining up correctly. For now I am still very much enjoying the feel of this club but I am still concerned the low spin is taking its toll on distance as well as the type of shot I am forced to hit to make it functional. I may get another session on the monitor tonight so I'll come back with more numbers when I get them. Hopefully I can get out of my own way when I play again this weekend. 7/10 UPDATE********************************** Just made a quick stop in to the shop this afternoon to see if i could improve upon my outlook. Had some shots,,,OK ONE,, shot yesterday that i thought was pretty big if not right of where I wanted to go. My launch angle seemed very high compared to my first monitor test and even to my first weekend on the course so I really wanted to get some numbers to see if anything was really improving or if I really needed to make a change. Waiting all day to get out of the office I spent most of my time looking at others experiences online and talking with a few reps about Cobras product. Here is what I learned. **Rob (my boss) if you are reading this don't worry, I'm a brilliant multitask-er.*** the Plus has basically, yes "basically", the same MOI as the Pro because they didn't really move the cg forward like the SLDR , they just moved it low. The Plus sound definitely has to do with its construction and the shaft it is built for. This may seem obvious to most of you but the more hotmelt you use the less "tinny" and more quite the sound. I was inquiring about severe differences I perceived in sound between two different demos and this was the explanation..take it or leave it. WHAT I DIDNT KNOW is that If you are unhappy with the sound you can send it in, and at the expense of adding a few grams of weight to the head, you can have a different sounding driver if that is important to you. Yes for any of you that don't know by now the Plus and Pro adapters are interchangeable. You will have to do some quick converting to know what you and shape bias are but that is an easy enough adjustment to make. I was checking in to a couple of these things but it occurred to me that if my numbers didn't really change from my first session I could easily move in to the Plus head if need be. So really my intent was to go test my PRO again and give the Plus another look if it didn't' work out. I've enough words in this review at this point to require chapters already so I'll try and get to the point here. Quick warm up..quick bs with the guys at the shop...fast forward sounds... and here you go. Again no deleted shots. Not quite as accurate today but nothing crazy or unplayable. I cant say just how bad a couple misses were on the face but i basically skied one of them and it still would have been in the fairway. The better news! Launch is up several degrees in fact right where I like to be more or less Ballspeed on good contact is pretty good, not amazing but what I would expect out of a 10 degree head hit off the top of the face. More loft, more glancing blow, less ballspeed. Ballspeed isn't everything or we would all be using 4 degree drivers. Shots are starting to draw a hair more Most importantly the spin up on average from 1450 to 1650 and if you dropped the mishits its closer to 1800. One question you might be asking at this point is why the change. Well I think the answer might be in the fade bias of the head vs the draw bias in the one i had been using. As I said in the initial review my shot was a stock push draw and my misses where hook and pushes. The hook miss was the worst and the push really was more just the ball staying on the line it started with less punishment and less distance loss. Because of this the hook miss was the most feared. With at fear I learned not to release very hard through the ball. As I use this club more and more that fear goes away and I am holding off a little less and as I do that the launch increases as does ballspeed and in turn spin. At least that is my theory. For those of you that might be curious i tested my old SLDR just to see how the numbers stack up. You can pick them apart below but the synopsis was this. Cobra- More ballspeed ( if you take out the miss) , higher launch, and lower spin. Hard for me to believe but its true. If you are a numbers person you can see why I am missing right with the pro. "Azimuth", or horizontal launch, is twice as far to the right with the Pro and the spin axis is about half of what the SLDR produces. Starting too far right with less draw. Again these these are improving and I hope they will continue to do so as I practice with the club. The other thing that you might notice is that i seem to be more consistent today with the SLDR than the Pro. This is true but its only fair to say that the Pro represents my first few swings with a driver. By the time I picked up the SLDR i was getting ina bit of a groove. That being said its only one day. So that was my afternoon. I'll be back with more when the AD Di7x comes it to tell you how I fare with that. I also think that just for fun I will do a head to head on the Pro vs Plus on the same day. thanks for reading! Back with more, Adam 7/14 UPDATE Spent another weekend with the Pro. My own shortcomings aside this club is performing very well. I have managed to get some big drives out of it despite myself. Several holes I have compared directly to the SLDR 430 12degree. Is it longer? No not really in fact I would say the edge is to the SLDR but only on dead center impact shots. The average distance is better though as is the distance offline on not so great shots * and I have lots of experience with that so far. Still waiting for the AD DI 7x to come in. The "three days" I was told it would take to ship seems a lot more like 2 weeks by my calendar but what do I know. More on that soon hopefully
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