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  1. As I'm playing golf last weekend I noticed the greens aren't in good shape with scuff marks on them, similar to the days of steel spikes. Of course we can't use the steel ones now and I believe the original reason for changing to plastic spikes was to reduce the damage on the greens. Presuming I am correct in my understanding while and staring at greens with drag marks why can't the USGA drop the plastic and go to the steel spikes once again?
  2. Hi Guys and maybe gals too. I tested the Vice Zeros today. Yes they do go farther, maybe 10 to 15 yds more. I tried the Drive, Tour, Tour Pros. This Zero with my swing speed had the old expected crack sound and I actually had several balls back up. Think Ill get some more before they are sold out. Have fun!
  3. I received 1 dozen Zeros today and will test them tomorrow and will re[port back here.
  4. HarryB alias magician with 7 handicap Driver TaylorMade Slider TP 12 deg Prolaunch custom 3 wd TM RBZ 17 HL with blur Fujikura R2 Flex living in so. Calif. and play 2 or 3 times a week
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