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  1. 1. Why do you visit online forums in general, golf-related or otherwise? I am mostly interested in clubmaking, building, and repair topics . 3. What are some of your favorite forums, golf-related or otherwise? Wishon and ICG. 4. What do they do well that appeals to you? Clubmaking, building and repair topics. Ideas to promote and improve my clubmaking business.
  2. handicap: 8 56* Eidolon V-sole wedge...fantastic from all lies and turf conditions. 43°,47°,51°,55°,59° is my recommendation.
  3. PGA driving distance and accuracy in the past 10 years: http://bobsailergolf.blogspot.ca/2012/12/pga-driving-distance-and-accuracy-in.html
  4. Yes, robots don't golf...although Duval came close when he was #1. You're missing my point. Maybe I'll just be a viewer regarding this thread. I look forward to the results. Thank you.
  5. As most of you know: When a golfer hits one driver better then another it is because it simply fits him/her better in regards to length, loft, face angel, swing weight/moi, total weight, shaft flex, shaft bend profile, grip size and texture. Not because there is something magical about the 460cc head as all heads are pushing the .830 COR and are all quite good on off center hit performance. There will never be one driver that 100% of golfers will hit better then all others because all golfers are different in their strength, athletic ability, swing speed, tempo, and where they release the clu
  6. I measured a Callaway XHot 9.5 to day and the actual measured loft is 11.5. This is why I suggest all drivers be measured so it is a fair fight. Real lofts need to be known to account for trajectory differences and the subsequent rollout differences between clubs with the same "stamped" loft.
  7. I suggest that the length, loft, and face angle be measured for all drivers so the tester's know what they are hitting and therefore why one driver may be out performing another due to the tester's swing characteristics. For example, if a tester has a descending angle of attack and is therefore a low ball hitter, and he is comparing several drivers all stamped 10.5 degrees, then it really isn't a fair comparison if he is hitting one farther when that particular driver is actually a 13* driver and therefore a better fit for his swing. I suggest all measured loft drivers be grouped together fo
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