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  1. I am asking $170 CONUS paypaled. I can provide pics if need be?
  2. James can you notch out the back of a squareback? In effect make it a notchback? BTW I am not complaining but the candy is coming off a bit on the sharp edges of my squareback? Thanks man. That Napa is awesome you did for my bro!
  3. It has a more muted feeling than the Superfast 1.0. The ball flies of with a mute to it. The regular 2.0 non TP feels more tin like than the TP. In terms of flying farther than previous models, I would say the same. No magical 10 yards, This driver is just SOLID and a low spinner for sure. It will stay in bag for a while. Once again the white actually looks great at address seems natural to me. I have my tour issue R11 3 wood coming end of week and will do a better review for you guys.
  4. I just got done hitting my new SF 2.0 TP. It has been bent from 1.5 open to .5 open and ended up at 9.75. Has Project X 6c5 tipped 1 inch. This is a low spin bomber, very forgiving and will make my bag for 2011. The color was not even an issue, it was like I have been playing white drivers forever. If you have questions I am happy to answer the best I can.
  5. Putter Lounge! Go to facebook and look at there blog. My Squareback is there. They did a awesome job! My irons are there right now! Class act and easy to work with.
  6. Looking forward to my Squareback to come back in the Candy. Also talking to James to do some paintfill and stamping on my Cally X forged irons to go with my custom ferrules from Cell Parts.
  7. Does the "Candy" on the face effect the feel of the putter? I noticed some faces did not have it? I wondered if it was for this reason? If this is the case can you have a totally different finish on the face like a black Ox?
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