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  1. I use these: https://www.amazon.com/Mava-Sports-Reflexology-Circulation-Compression/dp/B07419QLGD/ref=sr_1_50?crid=3QYHQMCLBD16K&dchild=1&keywords=compression+knee+sleeve+men&qid=1618861815&sprefix=compression+knee+%2Caps%2C181&sr=8-50 I am a few years older and canceled TNR (right knee, osteo-arthritis, bone on bone) last year. These help me walk 9 3 to 5 times per week. Simple and easy to keep clean, good compression.
  2. I found the bag fabric durable for my half set. And, with the solid bottom, it rode well on a Clic-Gear 3.5 (Don't judge me, arthritic knees). The woven fabric grab strap at the bottom of the bag frayed and came apart. I trimmed it carefully at the stitching and used the sturdy bottom of the bag for loading/carrying until Ping replaced with a Hoofer-Lite. Love that company!
  3. "I kind of want a Sun Mountain 2.5 or a smaller bag as my range bag."

    I lucked out on a 2.5+ at the end of last season in Maine for a great price. I normally carry 7 clubs in a MacKenzie Sunday walker, but with all the rain we've had, the 2.5+ has been my primary bag. The light stand is sturdy and operates flawlessly. It is a great bag, and a huge improvement over the original 2.5.

  4. Ed/Virginia Beach, VA Cobra Max 11.5*/Matrix Ozik MFS 55X$ White Tie 75-80 MPH/180 yds No documented HC, "bogey-ish" golfer
  5. Law of Unintended Consequences--increases pace of play. Need to play it along the ground? Grab C. Play it through the air? S is the answer. #easypeasy
  6. I'll take one for the team! 1. Ed from Virginia Beach, VA USA 2. No official handicap, "bogey-ish" walking golfer; 75 - 80 mph clubbed speed, deceptively short 3. Cobra Max 11.5 degree 4. PING G400 SFT 10 degree SR Flex will change my life
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