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  1. 4" of 1/2" wide lead tape = + 1 SW point. Out of an abundance of caution, I wear nitrile gloves when handling lead tape. Another way to adjust SW is to go with a lighter grip. Each 4 grams lighter = + 1 SW point. Product descriptions at grips4less.com list grip weights--a handy reference. End of geek-out. Best of luck
  2. One hot summer tournament in the past, Boo Weekly was wearing a fishing shirt. If memory serves the course had a stocked lake, it was Sunday, he was out of the running, and he had a rod&reel in his bag. But I digress ... I found Columbia PFG (Performance Fishing Gear) Slack Tide shirts, primarily on Amazon. Unfortunately, Columbia discontinued them, but there are still some floating around if you are the right size. They are button up, spread/button collar, straight untucked tail, 50 UPF. They are simple, just one chest pocket, with good venting and air flow. I found a few long sleeve, and I wear UPF sleeves with short sleeved ones. If anyone asks, I tell them PFG stands for "Possibly Fair Golf." I alternate 2 wide brimmed Coolibar hats, and use a UPF Umbrella on my ClicGear trolley to create my own microclimate. I use 50 SPF zinc oxide-based sun screen, and slather up the back side of the un-gloved hand. My dermatologist is a sometimes golfer who points out the need to take the time and effort, even if it is a PIA. Her criteria for a successful exam is, "Welp, nothing to cut off today." Like many, I was "Too young foolish" on skin care and sun damage. Hopefully, I won't be "Too late wise."
  3. I use these: https://www.amazon.com/Mava-Sports-Reflexology-Circulation-Compression/dp/B07419QLGD/ref=sr_1_50?crid=3QYHQMCLBD16K&dchild=1&keywords=compression+knee+sleeve+men&qid=1618861815&sprefix=compression+knee+%2Caps%2C181&sr=8-50 I am a few years older and canceled TNR (right knee, osteo-arthritis, bone on bone) last year. These help me walk 9 3 to 5 times per week. Simple and easy to keep clean, good compression.
  4. I found the bag fabric durable for my half set. And, with the solid bottom, it rode well on a Clic-Gear 3.5 (Don't judge me, arthritic knees). The woven fabric grab strap at the bottom of the bag frayed and came apart. I trimmed it carefully at the stitching and used the sturdy bottom of the bag for loading/carrying until Ping replaced with a Hoofer-Lite. Love that company!
  5. "I kind of want a Sun Mountain 2.5 or a smaller bag as my range bag."

    I lucked out on a 2.5+ at the end of last season in Maine for a great price. I normally carry 7 clubs in a MacKenzie Sunday walker, but with all the rain we've had, the 2.5+ has been my primary bag. The light stand is sturdy and operates flawlessly. It is a great bag, and a huge improvement over the original 2.5.

  6. Ed/Virginia Beach, VA Cobra Max 11.5*/Matrix Ozik MFS 55X$ White Tie 75-80 MPH/180 yds No documented HC, "bogey-ish" golfer
  7. Law of Unintended Consequences--increases pace of play. Need to play it along the ground? Grab C. Play it through the air? S is the answer. #easypeasy
  8. I'll take one for the team! 1. Ed from Virginia Beach, VA USA 2. No official handicap, "bogey-ish" walking golfer; 75 - 80 mph clubbed speed, deceptively short 3. Cobra Max 11.5 degree 4. PING G400 SFT 10 degree SR Flex will change my life
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