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  1. It was an amazing idea, the marketing group already had run with it before this contest was announced. We're gonna send him a few sleeves tho!
  2. When I click that link it takes me directly to the USGA Grooves Rule summary video on CGTV. Anyone else have issues?
  3. WHY ULTRALITE? The concept is simple. The club is lighter so you can swing it faster. A faster swing means longer distance. HOW THE CHALLENGE WORKS Using the in-store launch monitor, swing your current driver or any competitor's driver. Then swing the Launcher DST Driver. Compare the best shot from each. WHERE CAN YOU TAKE THE CHALLENGE? Go to any authorized Cleveland Golf retailer or pro shop and ask to take the Launcher Ultralite Challenge. Or stop by one of our Demo Days near you! SUB 300g ULTRALITE TECHNOLOGY Making it our Lightest Driver ever: 25 grams lighter overall club
  4. We also have a video explaining the rules changes. CGTV - USGA Groove Rule Summary
  5. Great review Blaine! Also something to add, The NIBLICK-9 (37 degree) is best suited for slower greens, short rough, and desert courses. The lower loft improves consistency on chips and is ideal for punching out of trouble. 9 iron distance on full-shots. The NIBLICK-10 (42 degree) is best suited for faster greens and undulating terrain. The higher loft increases trajectory and spin for better control on pitches and approach shots. PW distance on full-shots.
  6. Not sure of what Cleveland wedges might be right for you? Well we have a wedge fitting system that can help you decide! Bounce, lofts, and style all in one place. You can check it out. Cleveland Golf's Wedge Fitting System
  7. Awesome to hear! We hope they're going to be a big hit.
  8. Wow what a tough decision to be made on the best slogans, all of them are awesome! Thanks guys for all the submissions. A very fun contest. I think the winners will be announced today.
  9. Don't forget the Srixon Z-Star series of balls! There is a tour prototype version that a few staffers play called the Diamond, otherwise known as the XV. Ryo Ishikawa
  10. We invite EVERYONE to test the new Launcher DST driver and take the Launcher Ultralite Challenge to compare it to your current driver. The challenge is simple: Hit 3 shots with your own driver (or any competitor's driver) and then hit 3 shots with the Launcher DST. Take the best shot of each and we're confident you will see ballspeed, swing speed, and distance gains with our club. Most players see 1.5 - 4 MPH increases in ballspeed with the Launcher DST, which typically translates to 3-8 yards of extra distance… sometimes it's much more. So take the Launcher Ultralite Challenge today and fin
  11. You guessed correctly! Glad to be a part of MyGolfSpy's new forum launch and I'll be here to stay to post great things from CG/Srixon & help CG/Srixon forum members with whatever I can. The '09 Launcher hybrids are pretty money!
  12. Great contest for everyone! We hope a lot of people will enter. These balls are in such high demand, and this is your chance to get your hands on these before they come out. Have fun with the slogans everyone, can't wait to read all of them.
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