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  1. sold how do I close the add thanks Dave
  2. Price drop $300 shipped or of to the Bay
  3. Price drop $275.00 shipped
  4. sorry no papers I bought it of a member of WRX not sure who did the work but it looks so good, it still has SC shaft band on it I can get you some extra photos if interested dave
  5. Scotty Cameron Newport 2 Notch back custom paint job Bought from a fellow WRX member just doesn't s work for me It was 34 had professional club maker in golf digest top 100 extend I inch and put on Super stroke lite 3.0 on will also include the Scotty grip that was pulled Has 15 gram weight in Looks real cool no dings or anything $325.00
  6. Leupold GX4i range finder One month old used on course for 4 holes and range once like new haven't registered it yet ,just prefer my skycaddy $300.00
  7. hi just saw this if anyone has one for sale please let me know can just be head no problem djrees@comcast.net thanks in advance Dave
  8. I went to the Golf Expo in Boston, as I saw on line that Aline was there and like Golf Spy Matt, I made a bee line for them, they had some very helpful staff, and like Matt I got fitted, it was a great insight , during my life I played semi Pro Rugby in the UK and my body has taken a lot of bangs especially my knees and feet, I did know that I need something, so she gave me what I needed and Paid, I did not put them in right away , wanted to do that at home, yes they are more $$ that you get at the drug store, but I have now used for two weeks and all I can say is im going to buy a pair just for me golf shoes And as a side note, I get upset by the golf shoe manufactures selling $200 + shoes with insoles worth at most $5 its a blatant rip off
  9. I got a pair last year and just never used , but then one day 2 gloves got wet, so I pulled it out, WOW its so good even in the rain, so good that every one whom I play with have all bought at least one try it great product
  10. New member here just wanted to say Hi, wish all this white stuff on the floor would go as cabin has set in and need to put the clubs in the car soon, went to the Golf expo in Boston last weekend and that did not help Dave
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