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  1. VP brought one by the other day for testing. Felt great as all Exotics do. I really liked it, but the ball flight was too high for me personally. BUT having said that it will be great for A LOT of people. One problem with the CB models are they launch very low for the "average" golfer. This might be a great option for those people that can't handle the square, deep face, low launching CB head.
  2. Spent two hours down there with Kia. Very good and was a great experience
  3. Haha. Anything you guys want just let me know. Miura, Kyeoi, Epon, Oban, Mitsubishi, etc. etc. etc. Shoot me a PM or an email and we will take care of it for you. Whether you would like something raw or built up. Thank you for the kind greeting!
  4. Hello all. I posted an introduction a few weeks ago. I've been anxiously awaiting the deals that I'll be able to give everyone on the site. As the official club builder of MGS I'm giving every member 10% on any purchase.... This means any shaft, grip, club, shoes, shirts etc. you get 10% off! I have accounts with EVERY major and most "smaller" companies. Japanese or American product we have it all. We offer Tour Quality (since all of my guys have worked on Tour Vans and depts.) builds and equipment. Give us your CPM desires or any custom build/ grind you can think of and we will build it up for you. Looking forward to working with all of you!
  5. Weight distribution on the back looks like the Adams irons and an MX 200 combined. Take the cut back cavity design of the MX200 from Mizuno and then the Cavity of the Adams irons and there you have the new R9 iron... Although I agree that I don't hate it.
  6. I guess I've just fallen into some good jobs in the golf industry. Working on Tour Vans and designing golf clubs you just come across stuff a lot....
  7. lol. I think this is what the client was trying to avoid. He didn't see much good in the above unfolding....
  8. The tech finished the club and handed it to my client. My client looked at the club and kind of chuckled. At first he said "you forgot to turn the ferrule" So the tech took the club and that is when he took the sandpaper to the hosel and the uneven ferrule. Needless to say that when he returned with the club my client almost cried. He held back any bad words because he said the tech was an "older gentleman" and he didn't want to get him fired... So he just left with his driver. IT was only last week I had another driver come in with epoxy all over the head. Literally there was epoxy caked on the top of the crown and the face. So apparently they hired the wrong guy to take care of their custom club department in Golfsmith. I do feel bad for the guy and I wouldn't want to get him fired. I just wouldn't take my clubs back there ha-ha.
  9. Forgot to mention this is the highest end CC in Orange County. It was $350,000 originally to join (obviously come down from there to $250,000 since the economy fell). Tiger practices here when he is in town. Anyways, How would you like to be that guy. Ha-ha. They witheld his name when they covered it on the news.
  10. Was just watching the tournament today and noticed they were a little more "chatty" than normal. I actually like seeing it. Maybe Tiger getting humbled a little bit will be a good thing for their playing relationship. I played with Phil a 3 weeks ago at The Bridges in Rancho Santa Fe. He was pretty cool. Actually talked more than I would have ever imagined. It was talking first and golf second for the entire 9 holes we were out there. I know there are mixed reveiws on his "fake" personality, but it seemed to me he is a nice guy overall.
  11. Just like we put in 8-10 hours at the office they put in the same time at the course. Remember it's their "job" ha - ha. I played the mini tours for a few years, and would put at least 8 hours in a day at the course. It was difficult at time, but you just need to remind yourself it's better than most jobs A few years back we did testing with Couples and just changing drivers took two 9 hour days of testing to get it perfect in his mind and ours.
  12. So I took the weekend to do a little conversion in the garage. It's just good to be able to tinker a little at home. At least until the wife starts yelling. Nothing to extravagant, but not too bad either. It has everything one might need.
  13. Wow. I agree with all above posts. Really like their blades and fwy woods. There is definitely something off and "yuck" about the look of this iron. Not appealing at all.
  14. Had someone bring me a driver to fix. Haha. I almost fell off my chair. He took his Ping driver into Golfsmith to have a pull out Oban Devotion installed and when he returned for the club this is what he got....The shaft is almost sideways into the hosel ha-ha. Then when the client asked if he could fix it the guy grabbed his sand paper and tore up the hosel lol. I'm not one to ever bash the work of someone so I won't. Just thought it was a bit comical to say the least. Hopefully the pics come through ok. I took them with my phone.
  15. So I was at Strawberry Farms last week and we noticed some smoke in the distance. The smoke soon developed into a large cloud hanging over both Strawberry Farms Golf Club and also Shady Canyon Country Club.... I shot a text over to one of my friends who is a member over at Shady Canyon and he quickly wrote back that there was a fire on the course! The Crazy part was the Club had been closed for 5 months for a huge renovation. So come to find out it was opening day on a Saturday and some guy was hitting his ball out of the gung. Hit a rock and the club sparked. This little spark soon became a huge blaze. Check out the pics below. Has to be the first time a fire has been started by a spark from a golf club....
  16. New Ahina is in! Did a fitting yesterday with it and the numbers were pretty impressive. I will post the Trackman numbers tomorrow when I get onto the work computer.
  17. The new next generation Whiteboard came in today. Testing it this afternoon. I'll give you some numbers with the new Diamana Ahina! Stay tuned.
  18. Danny is my guy in SLC that is working for me. I'm out in Orange County, CA. By the way everybody. Got the new Ahaina (next generation whiteboard) from Mitsubishi showing up on Monday. I'll post pictures when it comes in with test data number from Trackman! Also we are in the middle of a website update. If certain functions aren't working right now don't worry. It will be finished next week and fully updated. Thank you
  19. Here are the new Whitlam Flag Series putters. Hot off the press!! Let me know if you are interested in one as I can always ship these guys out of state. Of course there are many more flags to choose from.
  20. Well thank you MSaternus. Things being "on spec" are beyond an obsession for me ha-ha. It just makes such a big difference when they are. I might be out there in IL sooner than we both think I appreciate the kind words. Thank you.
  21. Cheymike you have the greatest quote ever at the bottom of your posts. I feel that I'm in that situation more often than I should. Thanks again for the welcome everyone.
  22. Thank you for the welcome! I'll be adding a portal on my website where you will be able to get fit even if you don't live close John We want to offer our services to everyone on the site no matter where you live. Thought I would give you a little more eye candy too.
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