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  1. Michigan 16.4 Hamilton f2 half mallet with Super stroke grip left hand low right handed putter I would love to try these out, I have always preferred a softer feeling putter. I use feel as much as I do visual cues.
  2. Glenn Bowers Grand Rapids Mi. Handicap 11.5 Serious golf addict and equipment junkie.
  3. Glenn Bowers 15.2 Handicap. 5 iron is as high as I like to hit comfortably. I carry 2-3 hybrids depending on the course and the playing conditions.
  4. Glenn B. Hamilton half mallet right handed 34" Common miss is left. Putt left hand low and I use Superstroke oversized grip. Tour MAllet is my first choice
  5. Glenn Bowers Grand Rapids, Mi. Hamilton F2 half mallet with Super Stroke size 3 (not the fatso) non-tapered grip. I also putt left hand low right handed.
  6. Glenn Bowers Michigan 13.6 Handicap 35-40 rounds per year I buy balls online or at golf specialty stores.
  7. Glenn Bowers Michigan 13.6 35-40 rounds per year I buy balls online or at golf specialty stores.
  8. Dru, I went through a similar process a few years back. I used to be an avid tennis player and really messed up my left arch when I stepped on a ball at full speed, that ultimately helped exacerbate my plantar fasciitis, it got so bad I could hardly walk, especially on concrete. I saw several doctors and poured hundreds of dollars into different orthotics that would offer me some measure of relief, but never really cured my ailing left foot. I fully agree with the stretching aspect of it. I have lost so much flexibility as I have aged. I watched one of those walk fit orthotics infomercials and
  9. Sophia Loren, Elena Santorelli and Monica Bellucci are all three stunningly beautiful examples if exquisite Italian craftsmanship. Ferrari automobiles would be another prime example
  10. Must be trying to market those to Green Bay Packers fans I guess. They are not pleasing to the eye at all.
  11. I have definitely done the foot wedge and the mulligan. I look for wayward balls and occasionally do not go back as far as where they crossed to drop. I have done the no worse than triple before, not for a while though. If it is a casual round or "customer golf" then I look the other way sometimes.
  12. I went to Treetops last year for the first time, it was truly amazing. I really loved all the different types of courses. I am giong to make a trip there every summer mandatory.
  13. Grand Rapids. Mi. But I want to move to a warmer climate! Off season is too long up here. The one advantage to living up here is that I can golf til about 10 pm in June.
  14. I downloaded this app to my smartphone last season for free. It seemed to work very well as I was tired of carrying my phone and my Golf Buddy pro to the course all the time. I found this to be almost as good and it was free, only annoyance is the reminder to upgrade to the annual fee version each time you click on the app. Gives you a nice overhead view of the holes and the course is searchable easily. I use GPS mainly to get proper distances to hazards, OB, and green portions, it handled that quite well. I was wondering if anyone else has tried this app. I try to play as much golf as I can,
  15. I am in the same boat as you. I got new irons last season and was left with too much of a loft gap between my AW and my SW. I won a vokey sm4 in a closest to the pin scramble. I tried it for several rounds and it just was not the best feeling club to me. I am very much a feel player. I have been going to Golf Galaxy and trying out wedges lately, I live in MI. so I can only hit simulators for now. I have tried several and I am leaning towards the Cleveland 588 RTX. My spin on 1/2 shots is better and I seem to hit them purer than I do the Vokey wedges. Definitely try before you buy, preferably i
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