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  1. Mike Jessup, MD I walk about 50% of my rounds, basically all the rounds that don't come with the cart via Golfnow/Teeoff I have one of the orginal sun mountain 3 wheel pushcarts but do also carry some rounds.
  2. Mike, Jessup, MD Shoe Size, 10 Current Shoe Worn, Sketchers Go Golf Elite V3 What's The Most Important Thing in Your Shoe Selection: As a walker, comfort. I'll walk 36 on a weekend day and you got to have comfortable feet to be able to do it.
  3. Mike, Jessup MD Right Handed 1st choice 18* Hybrid - Recoil ES 95 F5 X-Stiff 2nd choice 18* Driving Iron- KBS Tour V-X-Stiff 9.2 handicap Currently have a Tour Exotics Hybrid in the bag
  4. Mike, Jessup MD Currently I practice on carpet in the living room. I've had those 8 to 10 foot skinny rugs with the hole on a ramp at the end. Those never worked well because they carpet comes rolled up, but when you unroll it it always has bumps and never really rolls true. I'd be happy with a medium or faster speed to test. As when you're working at home more about grooving technique/routine so I'm happy with anytnig as i'll be better then house carpet.
  5. Mike /Jessup, MD / USA Edel E-2 Well really I'd be intrested in trying any of them as sometimes you just don't know what will work for you until you try it (spent 2 years side saddle putting). Looking over their website if I had to pick I'd say Ketsch, Fetch, or Piper Armlock. I've had issues with putts inside of 10 feet as of late.
  6. Mike, Jessup MD 11 Handicap Current Irons are Hogan FTX
  7. Mike Maryland stx sync tour putter Elevado Single Bend, 34"
  8. LOL, I hope I get something better then a hat.
  9. Just like to add that I'm having the same issues with Krank. I ordered my driver on the 21st of December, and at that time they told me 4-6 weeks to get my new driver. At the 9 week mark I sent them an email asking what the story was as they were already 3 weeks late and had not contacted me about it. They told me they were waiting on shafts but that they were getting the shafts that weekend. Contacted them again yesterday at the 11 week mark and they claim that the shafts have still not arrived, but are due on Tuesday March 12th. I just can't see how you do business this way, keep your customers in the dark, don't inform them of delays, it's just unprofessional. Has anyone heard if they are going to offer anything to make up for the this 6 plus week delay they are having in filling there orders?
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