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  1. Did not know KBS was just down the highway from me. Might have to go and tour the place
  2. Oh believe me if I was there I would be staring haha. And possibly ask him for an sutograph.
  3. Speaking of golfing in Colorado my dad was at a dinner with his new CEO at Castle Pines Country Club and you would never guess who sat at the table next to him. Jack Nicklaus, his wife and kids. My dad was antsy and also made because he had to act professional around his CEO and couldn't go and ask for an autograph or anything. It wouldn't have been that bad since my dad's table and Jack's table were the only people there. So jealous of my dad.
  4. ya my dad says its the best course he has ever played, behind Whistling Straits
  5. Are you talking about The Sanctuary. If you got to play that I hate you more than anything My dad has played that course a few times and I am so jealous. Such a gorgeous course.
  6. Fossil Trace is a good course but it is usually packed full and the rounds take forever. If you get lucky and get a day where not many people are playing then it is a great course. You should check out Riverdale Dunes and Colorado National next time you are out there. Or if you are down to pay for it play Arrowhead Golf Club down in Littleton.
  7. Oliva's are really good especially since you pay so little for them. Oliva Serie V and G and another one of my favorites is a My Father
  8. ya I get that. and the swing change wouldn't be major either. just some adjustments to make it more on plane.
  9. I need to film my swing next time I'm at the range so I can show you guys. I am more than willing to change it up to make it smoother and more than welcome to slow it down.
  10. Thanks a lot man. Ya I saw the Trackman day is coming up and I'm going to try as hard as possible to be there. I really need all the help I can get. Getting fitted of a driver shaft could possible have me buy a new driver head which isn't a bad thing since I'm still using a Nike 460 Tour.
  11. Alright well I'm bringing this thread back because I am curious about fittings. First question I have is I have my driver, that is 8.5 degree, with a V2 High Launch X-Flex shaft. My swing speed is 115-125 but pretty smooth. Working to smooth it out a little more but I always feel comfortable with my swing. I just hate how the club feels. I was at the PGA Superstore this past week and they said my launch angle was something like 18 and spin was insanely high. My irons, I just found out the flex today and they were bought off the rack, are uniflex. My iron swing is slower and very
  12. Played Arrowhead Golf Club in Colorado back in October. One of the best times I've had while playing golf. Course is beautiful. These are a few pictures I took.
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