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  1. The 9th at my course is a par 3. Tee is elevated and green is elevated so that these are approximately on the same level. Between is a valley. To get to the front of the green requires a carry from the white tees of about 140 yards. Pin at the back needs 160 yards. Behind the green is a path for trolleys, behind this a house which you would need to carry the ball easily 175-180 yards to reach. Twice now I have connected with my 6 iron and sent the ball over the green, over the path, and into the garden behind. In a competition I'm a bit annoyed about this because all of a sudden
  2. If you want a laugh, search 'Scotty Cameron' on eBay. Then sort the results by price - highest first. Some folks go nuts for a Scotty - limited editions/ex-tour models going for the price of a 3 year old, 60,000 miles on the clock car!
  3. I've a Scotty Studio Design No. 5 that I purchased from eBay. It is a real looker; I'm pretty much in love with it. I also have an Odyssey White Ice No. 2 that was an anniversary present from my wife (picked out by me). I chop and change between these - love them both and I find it hard to say which performs better. What I do find though is that when I take one of them out and put the other into my bag, I make sure I'm at the course early enough to have a good practice session on the putting green... If I were to get a brand new Scotty, it would be the California del Mar. The honey
  4. what is an approximate retail figure for a set of these (new)? They are the most beautiful things i have ever seen and im a little bit aroused right now...
  5. Went last night for a Mizuno fitting. Playing MP clubs you're clearly a more accomplished golfer than I am. Fitting used the Mizuno fitting system - 3 swings of a club that has a number of sensors built into the shaft and a black box to record all of this. I opted then for new JPX-800 head with Project X Rifle Shaft 5.5. Ended up I was 1" longer in shaft, plus 2 degrees upright. Also went for thicker grips. After this fitting, got these clubs and took them back onto the range. I have never before hit 10 shots in a row to within 2-3 yards of each other. I was also able to fade an
  6. Yeah with blades you know before you look at the ball if you've just fired a dud or not. With game improvement irons you don't always get this and I believe that you could, over time, reduce your game to repeatedly making nearly good strikes, rather than repeatedly striking the ball good with the occasional duff (if you follow what I mean)... I tested the Ping K15 irons a week or so ago. I deliberately hit one or two off the toe. There was absolutely no feedback from the club to tell me that i'd done this and the resulting shot wasn't that bad. For me - the reason I keep coming ba
  7. Rankings system carries results over for 2 years. It also awards points based on the strength of the field - eg rank of other players teeing off that week are considered when no. of points for a win/2nd place etc are awarded For me the flaws are: - carrying across 2 years; - not enough rating for a major (these are what count). Firstly - major winners should have points for that event doubled. Majors are the benchmark of a players career; they are the one stat that everyone remembers. Tiger - everyone knows the 14 majors. Only the stattos know how many tour wins, WGC wins, Ry
  8. I have read somewhere previously (v. possibly somewhere on this site in fact) that this was going to be the next step for drivers. Making it compatible with a smartphone would be the logical step; would also be useful if it could be tied in with a GPS device such as a SkyCaddie... I am going for a club fitting session in a few hours and this will primarily be done with Mizuno club-fitting technology. When booking for this session I got a quick explanation of how it works: Basically you swing with one club (same flex, lie, length etc). This club has a black box device on the shaft just
  9. Had never heard of a tourstriker until your post. It looks to be a serious bit of kit and in principle I can see this being fairly awesome. Notion behind it seems to be: forgetting about the swing, the most important part is connection between clubface and ball. i will perhaps look to see if this is available for me to purchase - as said I live in Ireland. More on blades for practice: took the set of blades to driving range on way home from work. Also took the Titleist PT 5 wood. With the exception of the 3 iron I was hitting these really well. Distance was not great but I was c
  10. I agree wholeheartedly with your point about maximising your opportunity (excuse the non-usage of the letter 'z' in this, I'm from N. Ireland and speak the Queen's English). For a player of my ability I would be nuts to think of using blades competitively. GI clubs make the game easier, which most/all of us could do with... Incidentally I went to a fitting session/lesson with Trackman technology just last Saturday. The need for proper fitting is incredible - even being slightly off with your clubs will mean you're not connecting with the centre of the club face. Quite a tall guy who pushes
  11. Hi guys; I can see 2 basic points being made: 1) Why make golf any harder than it needs to be? 2) GI irons may slow your progress as a golfer (mask poor shots to an extent, allow you to 'get away' with a shot that isn't pure). Further to my last post (in which I was seeking some advice on the pros and cons of using blades purely for practice) I have played on the course a bit with these and had a good session at the driving range using them. On the course obviously there isnt the same opportunity to rehit a poor shot. I found however that I didnt really ever want to. On a poor
  12. I play off 22 but have only been playing approximately one year. I already can shoot well underneath this handicap and the major flaws in my game are slicing the driver when I try to hit it too hard, and putting. Iron play I would describe as solid and I have on several occasions played rounds in low-80s. Consistency is now the biggest issue (which practice will hopefully resolve) as I know that I can play well some of the time. I play with Titleist AP1s; I had a set of MD clubs that I'd inherited and once I took golf up seriously I quickly changed these to a set of TM Burner Plus irons. I
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