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  1. Softest iron I have ever hit was custom raw Titleist 681s. Felt like melted butter.
  2. 30 points so far.

  3. has 11posts + 10pts for joining + 9fb/twit

  4. I'm trying to find a set of mint Mp33 or Srixon Pro 100. love my blades!
  5. Bethpage Black Pine Hill - down the road from Pine Valley Glen Mills Architects Club
  6. What type of equipment did you use? I'm assuming not sandpaper..
  7. If TM keeps making this stuff, I will abandon the company for good. They are trying to get too geometrical and should revolve back to classic r7 Superquad shape heads.
  8. Dream Set Driver: Callaway FT Tour 9.5 Whiteboard 83 S 3 Wood: TEE CB2 AXIVcore Red 90 S Hybrid: Adams Peanut V2 Diamana Thump Irons: Titleist 710MB Black Nickel KB Tour Wedges: Custom Scratch Black Nickel KB Tour Putter: Scotty Cameron 009 Yum.
  9. Wil get pictures up soon, but here are my clubs. Nickent 4DX 10.5 Project X 6A3 Nike SQ 15* 3 wood. Fujikura Vista Pro 90 Adams Pro Gold 20* Hybrid Syner-G First Article 100 S Nike Forged Blades 3-PW Rifle 6.0 Titleist Black Nickel 54* 60* Odyssey White Steel Rossie Simple, but they get the job done!
  10. At first, I think he will struggle for a bit, but he will come back like his old self and destroy the course. Would not be surprised if he wins a few this year, no majors though.
  11. I like the launcher and all, but when I think of Cleveland I think of the old school launcher, not these new oblong things and the Hi-Bore. I hope they revert back to their old ways and make a nice, simple all titanium driver resembling the original launcher.
  12. I am glad to see Scratch is continuing on with the putter program after the whole Gene Nead ordeal that really tanked them. These have potential, but need some refinement.
  13. Looks like an interesting design, it probably used their CYG hosel. Too bad they went under, I'm playing a 4DX with a Project X 6A3 and it is butter! RIP Nickent.
  14. It looks like a good wedge, and hopefully a good price, but I think people are not going to venture out and change wedges from their Vokey, Clevelands, TM, Scratch to a HeavyPutter brand.
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